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Tiemco Vises & Tools

Vices by Tiemco. Think in the field.
TMC_vice_SM Tiemco Vise II !
This is the most advanced true rotary vise. This vise will give you the feeling that the jaw alone is floating in the air by itself.

umpqua_adjustable_bobbin_SM Tiemco Adjustable Double Arm Bobbin !
Tiemco's Adjustable Double Arm Bobbins have vertically adjustable ceramic tubes and two arms on each side to stabilize.

umpqua_adjustablemag_bobbin_SM Tiemco Adjustable Magnetic Bobbin !
A vertically adjustable ceramic tube, thread keeper and send standing design round out this ultimate bobbin.

tiemco_debarb_pliers.jpg Tiemco De-barb Pliers
Palm sized, smooth-nose pliers. The back part of the jaws cut the heaviest monos. Stainless steel with comfortable plastic handles.

tiemco_retractable_dubbing_brush Tiemco Retractable Dubbing Brush !
A great tool to control the "bugginess" of your fly bodies. Simply twist the collar to extend or retract the dubbing brush.

tiemco_bobbin_ceramic_sraight_heavy_sm.jpg Tiemco Straight Ceramic Bobbin - Heavy
The heavy version of the Tiemco Ceramic Bobbin has a larger ceramic tube that can be better suited to flosses, wire, lead, wool, or any other thicker materials you may choose to use your bobbin for.

tiemco_bobbin_ceramic_sraight_std_sm.jpg Tiemco Straight Ceramic Bobbin - Standard
Our bobbins with ceramic tubes ensure smooth winding of fly tying thread for years. They last many times more than conventional steel bobbins.

tiemco_scissor_straight_sm Tiemco Straight Scissors
Extraordinarily sharp, finely serrated blades
Silver Finish w/Blue Handles