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Tiemco Vises & Tools

Vices by Tiemco. Think in the field.
TMC_vice_SM Tiemco Vise II !
This is the most advanced true rotary vise. This vise will give you the feeling that the jaw alone is floating in the air by itself.

tiemco_adjustablemag_bobbin Tiemco Adjustable Double Arm Bobbin
Tiemco's Adjustable Double Arm Bobbins have vertically adjustable ceramic tubes and two arms on each side to stabilize.

tiemco_adjustable_bobbin Tiemco Adjustable Magnetic Bobbin
A vertically adjustable ceramic tube, thread keeper and send standing design round out this ultimate bobbin.

tiemco_ceramic_hook_hone.jpg Tiemco Ceramic Hook Hone
Ideal hook hone for both fresh and saltwater use. One side is serrated for large hooks and the other smooth for small dry fly hooks.

tiemco_debarb_pliers.jpg Tiemco De-barb Pliers
Palm sized, smooth-nose pliers. The back part of the jaws cut the heaviest monos. Stainless steel with comfortable plastic handles.

tiemco_bobbin_ceramic_straight_heavy Tiemco Straight Ceramic Bobbin - Heavy
The heavy version of the Tiemco Ceramic Bobbin has a larger ceramic tube that can be better suited to flosses, wire, lead, wool, or any other thicker materials you may choose to use your bobbin for.

tiemco_bobbin_ceramic_straight_std Tiemco Straight Ceramic Bobbin - Standard
Our bobbins with ceramic tubes ensure smooth winding of fly tying thread for years. They last many times more than conventional steel bobbins.

tiemco_scissor_straight_sm Tiemco Straight Scissors
Extraordinarily sharp, finely serrated blades
Silver Finish w/Blue Handles