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Introductory Fly Tying Vises

orvis_ez_rotary_vise EZ Rotary Vise
This compact rotary travel vise is ideal for the venturing angler.
Includes weighted base and C-Clamp

introductory_vise_professional_cclamp.jpg Introductory Vise - Professional C-Clamp
A popular lever operated heavy-duty vise with rotating interchangeable jaws (include midge, standard, and saltwater) on a fixed angle head. Fitted with brass and smooth black finish steel base.

introductory_vise_Supreme_cclamp.jpg Introductory Vise - Supreme C-Clamp
An excellent black anti-glare finish on a 360 degree rotating vise. This model will suit most purposes, especially with the 3 included jaws to fit most hook sizes.

introductory_vise_crown_cclamp.jpg Introductory Vise - Crown C-Clamp
The highest level of introductory vise. It securely holds various size hooks without adjustment. The head rotates 360 degrees. The side lever action does not activate to open jaws accidently.

introductory_vise_wheel_cclamp.jpg Introductory Vise - Wheel C-Clamp
Chrome plated vise with single chuck-wheel suitable for general fly tying.

introductory_vise_terra_silverado.jpg Introductory Vise - Terra Silverado
Excellent vise for beginner through advanced fly tier. The design allows quick change of the jaw. Includes one extra jaw, and both jaws have a hole near the tip, to grip hooks firmly.
Stem-extender included, allows vise to be extended up or down. Use hook sizes 6, 8, and 10 on the heavy jaw and use hook sizes 12 to 20 on the fine jaw.