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Phoenix Silk Fly Lines

Phoenix Silk has a long established reputation for making the best silk fly lines in the world. All of their lines are individually produced and lovingly handcrafted to maintain their reputation for superior quality and performance. Each line is a precision built fly line made of the finest quality pure Chinese silk with tapers built-in by braiding.

Technical Details
The special ‘proofing’ of the braid gives no ‘reel’ memory and only minimum stretch to aid better hooking.
The oils and varnishes ensure that the line is waterproof and supple. The Phoenix Line is so stable so that it does not leach linseed oil and become tacky with age.
The special finish produces a line that shoots well, with the minimum of flash and maximises the added advantage of silk, which gives a smaller diameter for a given weight.
A double tapered profile enables reversal of the line for longer use.

Silk fly lines

Braided & Furled Leader

A Phoenix Silk Line is:

  • Crafted with painstaking care.
  • Fully finished and ready to use.
  • Unaffected by extreme variations in temperature.
  • Quicker and smoother lifting from the water.

    We guarantee:

  • It will not stretch or crack.
  • Will have less wind resistance.
  • It gives the correct weight for a smaller diameter.
  • You will have improved casting power in both distance and accuracy, the most delicate presentations of the smallest flies, and pleasure for years and years.

    Three options in one line:

  • Greased, the line floats high on the surface film.
  • Un-greased it acts as a ‘slow sinker’.
  • De-grease the tip and there is a ‘sink-tip’ of variable proportions.

    Long Lasting

  • A Phoenix Line will last three times as long as a synthetic line.