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Media - Maps & Charts

Waterproof Charts are designed specifically for recreational boaters, fishermen and divers. Waterproof Charts are beautifully printed on synthetic paper for use on deck in any weather, rain, or spray!

Waterproof Charts are so tear resistant you can't ruin them, and are printed on both sides so they save money! And Waterproof Charts are accurate, used by Coast Guard and Navy, and simple to use with GPS coordinates and units.

As seen in "On the Water" and "Florida Sport Fishing Magazine".

Measures ~ 36" x 25"

Standard Fold-Up: Chart is folded to ~12.5" x 6.5" and protected in a binder-style sleeve. Clearly label with number, title, and style on the outside.

Pull Chart: Picture pulling a shade down over your window. The compact design makes it simple and hassle-free to carry and store your favorite Waterproof Chart. They're so easy to open, one quick pull-and-release makes your chart appear. The same pull-and-release motion makes the chart roll neatly and effortlessly back into its case.
Each laminated chart is firm, yet pliable; and easy to hold for reading in any kind of weather. The case and mechanism are constructed and guaranteed to withstand the marine environment.

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