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Latest Offerings - Lines, Leader, Etc

orvis_hydros_bank_shot_sink_tip_line_SM Orvis Hydros Bank Shot Sink Tip Fly Line !
This fast sink tip fly line quickly gets your fly into the feeding zone.

***If Orvis.com has this product priced lower, we WILL MATCH the Orvis price!***
orvis_hydros_coldwater_intermediate_line_SM Orvis Hydros Coldwater Intermediate Fly Line !
This intermediate fly line eliminates stiffness in cold-water fishing conditions.

***If Orvis.com has this product priced lower, we WILL MATCH the Orvis price!***
sci_anglers_Amplitude_smooth_infinity_SM Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity !
The go-to line for all freshwater species.

The conventional wisdom in fly fishing is that there’s no such thing as a “do it all” freshwater line. We have something to say about that.

sci_anglers_amplitude_smooth_anadro_nymph Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Anadro/Nymph !
For Nymphing Big Rivers and Still Waters

If you’re anything like us, the allure of big fish and big rivers is intoxicating. That’s precisely why we created the Amplitude Smooth Anadro/Nymph.

sci_anglers_amplitude_smooth_bonefish Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Bonefish !
For Bonefish on the Flats.

A day of bonefishing will either be the most fun you’ve had with a fly rod or the most frustrating day of your life. Take some of the chance out of the equation with the Amplitude Bonefish.
sci_anglers_amplitude_smooth_grand_slam Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Grand Slam !
For bonefish, permit, and tarpon, all on one line

Tarpon. Bonefish. Permit. All in one day. All on one fly line. That’s the idea behind the Amplitude Grand Slam, a line designed specifically to help you achieve one of angling’s most elusive accomplishments. With a short, powerful head the Grand Slam cuts through wind and turns over crabs, shrimp, and tarpon toads with ease. We’ve got the line. You just need the fish.

sci_anglers_amplitude_smooth_titan_long Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Titan Long !
Quick-Loading Floating Taper for Big Flies
The Titan Long combines the aggressive forward taper that we all know and love from our standard Titan Floating line for delivering poppers, big streamers, and heavy crayfish/hellgramite imitations with an elongated rear taper for more help when mending.

sci_anglers_amplitude_smooth_trout Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Trout !
For Delicate Dry-Fly Deliveries to Trout.

Featuring our unparalleled AST Plus slickness additive, the Amplitude Smooth Trout is designed specifically for precise presentations and those who love dry flies.

sci_anglers_amplitude_tropical_titan Scientific Anglers Amplitude Tropical Titan !
The Perfect Line for Big Flies in Hot Places

From tarpon and permit to snook and redfish, this line is built for the harshest environments, and biggest fish, out there. Designed with a camo tip, the Tropical Titan provides power, stealth, and durability. What more could you ask for?

sci_anglers_sonar_titan_sink_tip Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Sink Tip !
For Easy Casting with Large Streamers
Sink 3: 2.5 – 3.5ips; Sink 6: 5.5 – 6.5ips
So you know where the fish are holding. You’ve done your research. But you just don’t know how deep they are. Luckily, the SONAR Titan Sink Tip fly line offers a variety of solutions for all of your depth-finding needs.

sci_anglers_mastery_bass_bug Scientific Anglers Mastery Bass Bug !
For Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass
The term conehead doesn’t refer to an old comedy sketch. We totally get it. And that’s why we designed the Mastery Bass Bug. Similar in design to our Mastery Titan Long, but with a specialized warm-weather coating built to withstand hot temperatures.

sci_anglers_mastery_jungle_titan Scientific Anglers Mastery Jungle Titan Line !
For throwing Big Flies Deep in the Jungle
When you’re knee-deep in a clear jungle stream somewhere in South America, you need the finest tools available in order to chase down the fish of your dreams. Whether it’s a radiant golden dorado or wickedly powerful peacock bass, the Mastery Jungle Titan fly line will get the job done. Built for the harsh jungle environments, and designed to turn over the largest flies possible, this fly line just might make you King or Queen of the jungle.

sci_anglers_sonar_titan_jungle_clear_tip Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Jungle Clear Tip !
Sinking Clear-Tip Fly Line for Jungle Fish
The SONAR Titan Tropical Clear Tip fly line provides all the advantages of our Titan taper—easy loading and effortless turnover to name a few—and tops it off with an intermediate sinking clear head.

rio_it_skagit_max_gamechanger RIO InTouch Skagit Max GameChanger !
Easy ID Loops; Front-End + Back-End Welded Loops
~ 425gr - 725gr
~ Length: 23-25'
~ Color:
Dark Aqua/Light Aqua/Orange for Float/1ips/2ips; Brown/Dark Aqua/Light Aqua/Orange for Float/1ips/2ips/3ips; Brown/Dark Aqua/Orange for Float/2ips/3ips/5ips
EASY CASTING, MULTIPLE DENSITY SKAGIT HEADS for large flies and sink tips—offering perfect depth and casting control
Powerful tapers to easily cast sink tips and large flies
Multi Density Control for maximum casting & fishing performance
Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore

rio_intouch_big_nasty_sink_tip RIO InTouch Big Nasty Sink Tip Line !
Front-End + Back-End Welded Loops
~ Length: 90' (5wt); 100' (6-10wt)
~ Color:
Gray/Green/Orange for Float/1ips/2ips; Blck/Gry/Green/Orange for Float/1ips/2ips/3ips; Blck/Gry/Lt. Gry/Ornge for Float/2ips/3ips/5ips
Front loaded to cast large flies with ease
Multi Density Control for maximum casting & fishing performance
Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore

winston_energy_trout_SM Winston Trout Energy Fly Line !
Weight: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
Hi-Vis Line with Stealth Camo Tip
Welded Loops Front and Back
Made in USA

OPST_commando_smooth_SM OPST Commando Smooth (Integrated) Line !
Commando Head and a thin, slick coated running line integrated into one with a smooth, gradual taper.

opst_lazar_line_green_SM OPST Pure Skagit Lazar Line - Green !
OPST Pure Skagit Lazar Line epitomizes everything people love about monofilament running lines: slickness, easy shooting, and thinness. Even better, it lacks memory, the main drawback common in mono.

rio_directcore_jungle RIO DirectCore Jungle SeriesLines
Front-End + Back-End Welded Loops
Specifically designed for anglers fishing in tropical heat
~ Length: 100'
~ Head: 30'
Available in: ~ Floating WF7 - WF10 (Green/Pale Orange)
~ Float/Intermediate WF7 - WF10 (Clear/Blue/Pale Orange)
~ Float/Sink 3 WF8 - WF10 (Brown/Pale Orange)
~ Float/Sink 6 WF8 - WF10 (Black/Pale Orange)
RIO’s JUNGLE SERIES of fly lines are designed to withstand the heat of tropical and jungle destinations.
Powerful front taper that delivers larger flies with exceptional ease
Perfect for “jungle” species such as Peacock Bass, Dorado and Pacu
Easy annealing, low-memory core that lays perfectly straight
Hard, tropical coating that will not wilt in the heat

rio_creek RIO Creek Fly Line
Front-End + Back-End Welded Loops;Dualtone
~ Weight Forward Floating
~ Length: 75'
~ Color: Green/Yellow
Designed to load at close range
Perfect for small creeks, streams, and brooks
Ideal for nymphs, dries, and small streamers
Supple coldwater core for tangle-free performance

paranix_vt_tippet_SM Paranix Multi-Polymer Fluorocarbon Tippet !
Paranix is completely new fly tippet material that has never existed in fishing before.
Available in sizes 10X to 13X
33yd spools