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Latest Offerings - Packs & Bags

fishpond_green_river_gear_bag_SM Fishpond Green River Gear Bag !
Keep your gear organized so you can grab it quickly
25 L (1,159 cu. in.)
17 x 8 x 10

simms_freestone_fishing_backpack_SM Simms Freestone Fishing Backpack !
Essential gear storage joins a hiking backpack chassis for padded comfort during full-day or weekend-long fishing missions.
Dimensions: 13″W x 22″H x 8″D
Capacity:35 L
Weight: 2.0 lb.

simms_freestone_tactical_hip_pack_SM Simms Freestone Tactical Hip Pack !
A lightweight, minimalist hip-pack for when you need to carry fishing essentials and nothing more.
Dimensions: 9.5"w x 12.75"h x 6"d

simms_freestone_ambidextrous_sling_pack_SM Simms Freestone Ambidextrous Sling Pack !
A large, full-featured ambidextrous sling-pack for the right- or left-handed angler.
Dimensions: 10″W x 18.5″H x 7.5″D
Weight: 1.5lb.

simms_freestone_hip_pack_SM Simms Freestone Hip Pack !
A full featured hip-pack to keep everything you need for a day on the water at your fingertips.
Dimensions: 9.5″W x 12.75″H x 6″D
Capacity:12 L
Weight: 1.8 lb.

Fishpond_cross_currant_chest_pack_SM Fishpond Cross-Current Chest Pack !
The Cross-Current Chest pack is designed to keep all your essentials and boxes organized, keeping them high on your body at the ready.
Dimensions - 11 x 8.5 x 5.5 - 1.7lbs