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Latest Offerings - Tying Equipment/Materials

EP_ultra_brush EP Enrico Puglisi Ultra Brush 5" !
I see more and more people using this brush to tie steelhead flies however, I created this brush for the purpose of tying a streamer pattern using just one brush. Yes, you are reading right, with this brush you can tie one fly without needing any other materials. If you are in the rush to go fishing and have very little time at the tying bench this brush definitely will open the door to a new dimension.
6 Brushes per pack.

magnum_dragon_tail F - CCT Mangum's Dragon Tail & UV2 Dragon Tail !
“Mangum’s Dragon Tail” was conceived by David Mangum from Florida. David is a top notch Fly Tier and Guide. With his knowledge and background, the “Dragon Tail” is now available. Final development and procurement was the collaborated efforts by the Orvis Company and Cascade Crest Tools. This component has been specially treated to add color fastness and durability. Using various retrieval techniques you can make it dance or swim with a snake like action.
5/ package or 6/assortment

protube_jungle_cock_hd E - Pro Jungle Cock HD !
For the past 20 years manufactures of flytying material have been trying to make a substitute for the highly desired but unfortunately red listed Jungle Cock, with limited or no success. That have changed with the introduction of the Pro Jungle cock HD. We are very proud to present the best substitute ever made.

gel_core_fritz_15mm_SM Gel Core Fritz 15mm !
Gel Core Fritz 15mm is purpose designed for fly tying – not some second rate material from the textile trade. With Gel Core fritz we addressed key problems with the vast majority of fritz – the core doesn’t accept dye and the material falls apart when tying.

veevus_mono_thread Spooled - Veevus Clear White Monofilament Thread !
Great for scuds and shrimp flies. A saltwater staple.

gamakatsu1_sl12s.gif Gamakatsu SL12S 1X Short Hooks !
Blue Water / Tube Fly and Billfish Fly
Short Shank - now 1X shorter, Black Nickel Finish

rising_stellar_scissor Rising Stellar Scissors 2.0 !
The Stellar Scissor gives you one blade with micro-serrations and one blade with a smooth cutting edge, made with a thinner tip for precision cuts. The tension knob on each pair of scissors allows you the adjust tension on the blades to your liking.

cnf_120v_biot_pliers C&F Biot Pliers !
Elastomer rubber grip to minimize risk of cutting material and 3 plate springs to hold more steadily.

umpqua_adjustable_bobbin_SM Tiemco Adjustable Double Arm Bobbin !
Tiemco's Adjustable Double Arm Bobbins have vertically adjustable ceramic tubes and two arms on each side to stabilize.

umpqua_adjustablemag_bobbin_SM Tiemco Adjustable Magnetic Bobbin !
A vertically adjustable ceramic tube, thread keeper and send standing design round out this ultimate bobbin.

tiemco_dual_finisher_whip_half_hitch Tiemco Dual Finisher - Whip / Half-Hitch !
The two most common styles of finishing a fly are now available in one fine tool. The perfect finisher for trout flies!

tiemco_retractable_dubbing_brush Tiemco Retractable Dubbing Brush !
A great tool to control the "bugginess" of your fly bodies. Simply twist the collar to extend or retract the dubbing brush.

TMC_vice_SM Tiemco Vise II !
This is the most advanced true rotary vise. This vise will give you the feeling that the jaw alone is floating in the air by itself.

regal_vise_revolution_SS.jpg Regal Revolution Vise - Stainless Steel Jaws !
Adjustment: Adjusts 220 degrees up and down
Rotation: Full 360 degree rotation - adjustable free spin or fixed position capability

Tool bar in image NOT included
stonfo_magnifying_glass Stonfo Magnifying Glass !
Fits on any 3/8” vise stem and is perfect for our aging eyes.

loon_fly_tying_kit_SM Loon Fly Tying Tool Kit !
This is an excellent choice as a gift for the first-time tyer, or the long-time tyer who wants to trick out his bench with something new.

hareline_tying_material_kit Hareline Fly Tying Material Kit !
48 different materials make this fly tying kit the ultimate for a beginner tier. All premium materials, hooks, and Veevus threads. Lets buyers assemble their own vise and tool selection. INcludes a 60 page - 20 fly pattern book with step by step instructions.

OPST_dubbing_spinner_SM OPST Dubbing Spinner !
OPST's premium dubbing spinners are the easiest to use, most enjoyable dubbing spinners on the market.

tie_hf_beaver_sm HF - Beaver Hair !
The natural warm gray underfur of Beaver is great for small dry flies. A floating dubbing.
Small Patch 2-3.5 sq.in.
Large Patch 5.5-7 sq.in.

hareline_UV2FlatwingSaddle_SM UV2 Flatwing Saddle !
Used for flatwing style flies but can also be incorporated into squid flies and other saltwater patterns

keough_flatwing.jpg Keough Rooster Flat Wing Saddles !
Made with flat-wing fanatics in mind! Super long feathers at a great price. Currently only grade 2s available.

tie_fh_half_grizzly_saddle Rooster 1/2 Grizzly Saddle Patches !
Lengthy Barred feathers. Same as the Rooster Saddle Patches, but only 1/2 to save some cash!

flash_ripple_ice_fiber Ripple Ice Fiber !
Ripple Ice Fiber is made for flashy winging and flashy dubbing loops. Please remember - less is more. If you don't want the sparkle in your brushes or loops, try the Electric Ripple Ice Fiber colors instead.

**Any color marked S.O. will take ~1 week before shipping**
pearl_a_glow_flashabou_SM F - Pearl-A-Glow Flashabou !
A Glow-in-the-dark and Pearl Flashabou blend for an extremely effective fly pattern. The glow strands catch the attention of the fish from a greater distance, while the flash and movement of the Pearl strands mimic an escaping bait fish.
1/69" wide

pearl_a_glow_flashabou_magnum_SM F - Pearl-A-Glow Magnum Flashabou !
A Glow-in-the-dark and Pearl Flashabou blend for an extremely effective fly pattern. The glow strands catch the attention of the fish from a greater distance, while the flash and movement of the Pearl strands mimic an escaping bait fish.
Twice as long, twice as wide and twice as strong as standard flashabou. But a bit smaller than Saltwater Flashabou - the nice balance right in the middle!

cct_grizzlyhair_SM Cascade Grizzly Hair !
Cascade GRIZZLY HAIR is approximately 16" in length, with barring at every 3/16". This synthetic hair is a no brainer to top any streamer fly, or to add a lateral line to any bait fish pattern.

legbod_hollow_tubing Hollow Tubing !
Great for Charleys, Nymphs and Stoneflies. 3 sizes to choose from.

legbod_wooly_bugger_antron_chenille C - Wooly Bugger Antron Chenille !
The densest antron chenille available. Pearl mylar tinsel is mixed in for just the right amount of flash. The best we have found for tying woolies. No bugger should be without it!

dubbing_slf_saltwater_package D - SLF Saltwater Dubbing !
The selected saltwater colors in a special blend of translucent and tough fibers of the SLF Saltwater Dubbing we made to take a beating.
Great for Cinder Worm patterns!

rainy_psp_popper Rainy's PSP Popper / Diver Heads !
Use face back like a Joom head for slider action, or backwards for ultimate popper action. pre-drilled

legbod_fly_enhancer_legs Fly Enhancer Legs !
A very unique mix of colors that can be incorporated into an array of fly patterns
4 skirts /package

**Any color marked S.O. will take ~1 week before shipping**
ep_crab_body_olive2_SM EP - Crab Body !
EP Crab Body is a quick and easy way to whip up a crab to feed to Bonefish or Permit.

fish_skull_shrimp_cray_tail_SM Fish Skull Shrimp and Cray Tail !
The Shrimp & Cray Tail™ is a stainless-steel weight molded in the shape of crustacean tails.

hmh_vise_cxcrossover HMH CX Crossover Vise
~ Infinite Head Angle Adjustment
~ Steel, Sure-Grip Tube Jaws
~ Brushed Stainless Chassis
~ Premium Tube Mandrels
~ Quick Change Jaw Feature
~ HMH Omni Jaw
~ HMH Bobbin Rest
~ Ultra-smooth 360 degree Rotary Action
~ Exclusive Disc Drag Rotary Tension Adjustment
~ Easy-Grip Locking Cam Lever
~ Double Spring Material Clip
~ Powder Coated Pedestal Base or C-Clamp
~ Lifetime Guarantee
~ Pro Kits available - see "Standard Accessories"

hmh_vise_cfr HMH Casting for Recovery Vices
HMH will donate $25 to CFR for every HMH/CFR vise sold.
Available for the Standard and Spartan vices
~ Pro Kits available - see "Standard Accessories"

The HMH/CFR vises are custom built to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.
Please note: C-clamps are only available in BLACK

norvise_Tube_Fly_System NorVise Tube Fly System !
Included is an easily changed brass front hub, hex wrench, collet holder and a set of three different size collets with matching mandrels along with step by step illustrated instruction on how create excellent, durable Tube Flies.

norvise_spool_arbor_SM NorVise Spool Arbor !
This clever device is used to transfer tying threads from bulk or plastic spools onto the aluminum spools for your Norvise Bobbin. It works with an electric drill, sewing machine spooler and on your Norvise.

norvise_fine_point_jaws_SM NorVise Fine Point Jaws !
The New Fine Point Norvise – Fly Tying Vise Jaw System combines the advantages of the standard, smooth free spinning straight jaws, with the access characteristics of the original Fine Point Jaw Configuration.
Fine Point Jaw System comes with all three angles (15 degree, 30 degree, and 45 degree).

Norvise_large_Jaws_SM NorVise Large Straight Jaws !
LARGE NORVISE JAWS are now being “re introduced” by popular request after being discontinued for several years.

prosport_uvthin_SM Pro Sports UV Thin/Flex Resin !
This resin works like a micro wave curing from the middle and moving towards the top and bottom. Many other resins will cure the surface leaving the middle/ bottom portions not fully cured.

loon_uv_nano_light Loon UV Nano Light !
Small enough to carry in the field, yet powerful enough to use at the bench. The nano light can be stored in a wader or shirt pocket for curing Loon’s UV Knot Sense or UV Wader Repair, but is also an excellent option as an economical light for tyers just getting started with using UV resins. One AAA battery included.

loon_uv_bench_light Loon UV Bench Light !
High intensity UV Light. Uses 1AA battery (included) for 2watt output.

loon_uv_infinity_light Loon UV Infinity Light !
Powerful enough for professional tyers and rechargeable using a standard USB cable, this is the light without limits. The UV Infiniti Light is the most powerful, most environmentally friendly light we’ve ever offered.

loon_uv_fly_tying_kit_2017 Loon UV Fly Tying Kit - 1/2oz !
With everything a tyer needs to make the move from traditional cements to UV Cure, the UV Fly Tying Kit includes UV Clear Fly Finish - Thick, UV Fly Finish - Thin, UV Fly Finish - Flow, Assorted tips & Brushes, and a UV Bench Light.

loon_uvclear_finish_sm Loon UV Fly Paint !
UV Fly Paint is the perfect way to instantly add bold or subtle details to a fly, or to change the color all together.

loon_uv_clear_fly_finish_flow_2 Loon UV Clear Fly Finish - Flow 2oz !
The thinnest UV resin available from Loon, Flow is thin enough to work as a head cement replacement, but strong enough to coat heads, bodies and midges.

solarez_syringe_cap_4oz_SM Solarez Syringe Cap Applicator !
For use with Fly Tie Thin-Hard Formula only, our other formulas will be too thick for this tip applicator.

available for 4oz bottles