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Latest Offerings - Misc.

rising_net_travel_SM Rising Travel Net !
The ONLY Net that breaks down for travel!
24" Handle breaks down into 10" Stubby Lunker Handle + 14" Net Extension

bluecreeper_lube_SM Bluecreeper Lubricant !
Take on your most challenging projects quickly and safely with Bluecreeper. 1oz

Kamado_grill_classic_3_SM Kamado Joe Classic III 18" Grill !
Our Kamado Joe® Classic III includes our newest innovation, the revolutionary SlōRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber insert.

JT_Hunter_knife_SM JT Hunter Knife !
1095 steel - 3/16 thick hunting knife with t20 removable micarta handle.

chefs_knife_1277SM Chef Knife #1277 !
1095 and 20n steel Damascus with beautiful burl wood handle.

gamakatsu_micro_split_ring_plier Gamakatsu Micro Split Ring Pliers 4.7" !
A Stainless Steel plier / braid cutter, with a micro tip for even the smallest of split rings.

gamakatsu_fishing_pliers Gamakatsu Stainless Fishing Pliers !
Gamakatsu's latest offering. Available in 2 sizes.

vedavoo_no-kink_reel_case_sm1 Vedavoo No-Kink Reel Case !

sr_bead_sizer_measuring_ruler_sm Bead Sizer And Measuring Ruler !
Simple but accurate and durable tool to measure bead diameters up to 1/4 inch and material lengths. English units on one side and metric on the other. Every tying bench needs one!

turbo-dubbing-spinner-sm Turbo Spinning Block - Dubbing Brush Maker !
The ultimate tool for making dubbing brushes, softdubs, CDC hackles and microcables. Very hot product! If you are into dubbing loops you will definitely want to have a closer look at this tool.
Step by step EASY instructions included.

rec_magna_staff_sm REC - Magna Wading Staff !
REC Components is pleased to announce the new Magna Staff, made right here in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Extremely high strength 7075 Aluminum alloy tube construction. Simple, single handed deployment, with rare earth magnet assisted ferrules for a sure lock. Collapsible design fits snug in included neoprene pouch. Attaches to your wading belt. Heavy duty military-grade retractor keeps staff close when needed. Quick-release safety strap for easy removal. Removable aluminum tip for secure grip while wading. Two styles with comfortable ergonomic grip design for all day use; cork spey or ski-pole grip. Extremely rigid and stable.

trxstle-nip-sm Trxstle Magnetic Nippers !
Our magnetic nippers, featuring LidRig technology, stay at the ready by magnetically attaching to the included steel spring clip. Put your nippers on your hat, a pocket, or the strap of your bag and always have them quickly accessible.

fly_tester_flymen_SM Fly Tester !
Take your fly tying to the next level with the complete out of the box solution for fly testing and demonstration.

White_Background_-_2_2048x2048sm Trxstle CRC System V2.0
The CRC System provides secure and convenient storage for your fully rigged fly rods with unsurpassed gear protection.

13150-015-neoprene-flyweight-sock-pewter_f20sm Simms Neoprene Flyweight Sock !
Technical wet-wading socks for use with Simms Flyweight Wet Wading Shoe.

battery_capacity_meter_SM Battery Capacity Meter
This meter will allow you to gauge your capacity %, current draw, and voltage all on one easy to use device with accurate capacity readings.

renzett-r-evolution-travel-vise-case-sm Renzetti R-Evolution Storage & Transport Vise Case !
Bag this! Or at least your valuable fly tying goods when you're on the move. Renzetti is proud to offer a virtually indestructible padded travel bag made from 1680 grade ballistic material to store your vise, tools and other essential fly tying items.


13260-001-tightlines-strap-black_f20sm Simms Tightlines Strap - 15in !
Flexible, molded utility strap to keep rod tubes and critical gear securely lashed to boats and bags.

13102-800-pro-nipper-simms-orange_f20sm Simms Pro Nipper !
Made in the USA with a magnetic spring and magnetic fly threader, this durable guide-level nipper brings together multiple angling tools for flawless activations.

korkers-laces-sm Korkers Replacement Laces !
Genuine Korkers replacement laces, 180cm long.

loon_nocturnal_headlamp_sm Loon Nocturnal Headlamp !
An element sheilded, micro USB rechargeable, headlamp that is ready to go whenever you are.

regal_vise_case_sm Regal Vise Case !
The Regal Vise Case is an elegant and intelligent tool, it is the vise case that all owners of a Regal vise have always wanted, embellished with the Regal Bulldog Bite logo patch.