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Latest Offerings - Misc.

simms_utility_leash_SM Simms Utility Leash !
Simms’ Utility Leash ensures that key tools are there. Compatible with the Guide Plier

simms_fish_whistle_SM Simms Fish Whistle !
Trusty fish whistle for nailing knots and lifting your day.

fishpond_quikshot_rod_holder Fishpond Quikshot Rod Holder 2.0 !
The closest thing to having a full time rod caddie on the water with you.
5.5" x 4.5" x .56"

rising_net_travel_SM Rising Travel Net !
The ONLY Net that breaks down for travel!
24" Handle breaks down into 10" Stubby Lunker Handle + 14" Net Extension

Simms_Rod_Cam_strap_SM Simms Rod Cam Strap !
Why leave your quiver at home when you can add Simms Rod Cam Straps to your pack or duffel and make sure you always have the right rod for the job. Pack of two.

Mad_woodworking_large_net_SM Mad Woodworking Net - Large !
-25 inches long
-12.5 inch ghost bag

mad_woodworking_small_net_SM Mad Woodworking Net - Small !
-21 inches long
-14 x 11 inch fish safe bag that is 20 inches Deep

bluecreeper_lube_SM Bluecreeper Lubricant !
Take on your most challenging projects quickly and safely with Bluecreeper. 1oz

orvis_scissor_forceps_SM Orvis Scissor Forceps !
Enjoy a tight, no-slip hold while you're on the water with our matte black Scissor Forceps.

Kamado_grill_classic_3_SM Kamado Joe Classic III 18" Grill !
Our Kamado Joeฎ Classic III includes our newest innovation, the revolutionary SlōRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber insert.

rock_grabrz_Boot_spike_SM Rock Grabrz - Extreme Grip Studs !
Rock Grabr’z boot studs are designed to provide maximum grip on the toughest surfaces – heavy surf, ice, slimy rocks or slippery cave floors.

JT_Hunter_knife_SM JT Hunter Knife !
1095 steel - 3/16 thick hunting knife with t20 removable micarta handle.

chefs_knife_SM Chef Knife !
1095 and 20n steel Damascus with beautiful burl wood handle.

loon_fly_dip Loon Fly Dip !
Anglers shouldn't have to choose between a green product and a great product. Compatible with all flies (including CDC), dries quickly, and can bring soggy flies back to life.
2 fluid oz

vedavoo_netster Vedavoo Netster !
Carry Your Landing Net Better in the Netster

vedavoo_wader_wallet Vedavoo Wader Wallet !
The Simplest Fly Storage Option in the World

vedavoo_fly_wallet Vedavoo Fly Wallet !

loon_classic_nipper_sm Loon Classic Nipper !
These nippers are the perfect blend of comfort and performance.

regal_D40_daylight_smart_lamp Regal Daylight D40 Smart Lamp !
The Regal Daylight D40 fly tying light is an ultra modern, multi-purpose LED table lamp.

abel_spyderco_knife_SM Abel Spyderco Native 5 Knife
The Abel + Spyderco Native 5 is the proud culmination of two years' research and development between two American manufacturers: Abel and Spyderco. The results are simply stunning.

gamakatsu_micro_split_ring_plier Gamakatsu Micro Split Ring Pliers 4.7" !
A Stainless Steel plier / braid cutter, with a micro tip for even the smallest of split rings.

gamakatsu_fishing_pliers Gamakatsu Stainless Fishing Pliers !
Gamakatsu's latest offering. Available in 2 sizes.

vedavoo_no-kink_reel_case_sm1 Vedavoo No-Kink Reel Case !

sr_bead_sizer_measuring_ruler_sm Bead Sizer And Measuring Ruler !
Simple but accurate and durable tool to measure bead diameters up to 1/4 inch and material lengths. English units on one side and metric on the other. Every tying bench needs one!

turbo-dubbing-spinner-sm Turbo Spinning Block - Dubbing Brush Maker !
The ultimate tool for making dubbing brushes, softdubs, CDC hackles and microcables. Very hot product! If you are into dubbing loops you will definitely want to have a closer look at this tool.
Step by step EASY instructions included.

rec_magna_staff_sm REC - Magna Wading Staff !
REC Components is pleased to announce the new Magna Staff, made right here in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Extremely high strength 7075 Aluminum alloy tube construction. Simple, single handed deployment, with rare earth magnet assisted ferrules for a sure lock. Collapsible design fits snug in included neoprene pouch. Attaches to your wading belt. Heavy duty military-grade retractor keeps staff close when needed. Quick-release safety strap for easy removal. Removable aluminum tip for secure grip while wading. Two styles with comfortable ergonomic grip design for all day use; cork spey or ski-pole grip. Extremely rigid and stable.

pen_touch_sml Water Proof Pentouch Marker !
Archival quality paint in a valve type paint marker - chemically stable, waterproof, and fade resistant. Excellent for use to color thread bright, metallic, colors for ribbing on midges.

loon_zippy_hair_stacker Loon Zippy Hair Stacker !
Available in three sizes, there is a perfect option for flies and fibers of all sizes.

rio_twist_clip_sm RIO Twist Clip !
Change flies with extreme ease and speed. 10 per pack.

loon_complete_fly_tying_tool_kit Loon Complete Fly Tying Tool Kit !
Fly Tying Tool Kit put together for anyone who wants to take their bench from zero to hero.

loon_nocturnal_headlamp_sm Loon Nocturnal Headlamp !
An element sheilded, micro USB rechargeable, headlamp that is ready to go whenever you are.

loon_core_fly_tying_tool_kit Loon Core Fly Tying Tool Kit !
This is an excellent choice as a gift for the first-time tyer, or the long-time tyer who wants to trick out his bench with something new.