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Latest Offerings - Misc.

streamworks_river_lake_kit_sm Streamworks River/Lake Kit I !
$29.99 $24.99 On Sale!
The River/lake Kit I is an ideal combination of tools that make sense for any type of fishing. It is the one kit that meets all your fishing needs. All this in a great value package - saves of $10!

simms_guide_nipper Simms Guide Nipper !
USA Made Machined-Aluminium Nipper with razor-sharp stainless steel jaw.

orvis_nipper Orvis Nipper !
These machined aluminium Orvis fly-fishing nippers boast smooth mechanical performance. Comes with lanyard made from fly line. Made in USA.

Hatch_knottenstionTool_SM Hatch Knot Tension Tool !
A knot tensioner, bottle opener & ass kicking device all rolled into one.
Each Knot Tension Tool comes with a Paracord wrist lanyard.

book_orvis_flyfishing_revised_SM Book - The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide, Revised !
Authors: Tom Rosenbauer
Paperback: 408 pages
Publisher: Lyons Press; Revised ed. edition (May 1, 2017)
ISBN: 1493025791
Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 0.7 x 11.1 inches

DVD_rio_Favorite_Fly_fishing_knots DVD - Favorite Fly Fishing Knots from Rio !
RIO's Favorite Fly Fishing Knots DVD is the ultimate instructional guide to the most popular and useful fly fishing knots. Each knot is tied in thick, highly visible material, with a contrasting background that makes very easy to see the detail of each knot tied.

DVDrunningthecoast_SM DVD - Running the Coast - by Howard Films !
Running the the Coast is the first ever film series to cover the entire striped bass migration. It spans the seasons of spring, summer and fall as the road trip intercepts migrating fish over 1000 miles of fishing adventures.
3 parts, total running time 2:44

norvice_dvd_tying_flies_with_Norm DVD - Tying Flies with Norm Norlander !
Over an hour and a half of fly tying instruction by Norm Norlander.

fishpond_nomad_emerger_net_SM Fishpond Nomad Emerger Net
New for 2017! The carbon fiber construction keeps the net light but very strong. Rubber net bag reduces stress on fish and reduces snagging of flies in the net bag.

fishpond_nomad_el_jefe_net Fishpond Nomad El Jefe Net
Nomad nets are made using a mixture of carbon fiber and fiber glass. The result is a very lightweight and durable net. Nomad nets are built for the conditions that prevail where great fishing exists; they are waterproof, UV protected, and float like a cork. All Nomad nets come standard with a clear rubber bag.

fishpond_nomad_hand_net Fishpond Nomad Hand Net
The first ever Nomad Hand Net. The basket is big enough to scoop it all, and the short handle/cord & clip combination means it's always secure behind your back until you need it.

simms_guide_lanyard_SM Simms Guide Lanyard !
Adjustable, USA made lanyard idea for keeping essential tools within reach.

fishpond_hook_jaw_river_tool_2_sm Fishpond Hook Jaw River Tool 2 !
As premier innovators of fly-fishing tools designed specifically to help anglers catch more fish, we designed and built the Hook Jaw River Tool. Integrated line cutter: not necessary for achieving goal, but included. Tippet gauge for 2x to 7X: not necessary for achieving goal, but included. Bottle opener constructed of high-tech materials: goal achieved! And included too.
3.25" x 1.5"

loon_rougequickdrawforcep_SM Loon Rogue Quickdraw Forceps !
The ultimate hemostat, thoughtfully designed from the tips to the jaws to the handle.

loon_rougescissorforcep_SM Loon Rogue Scissor Forceps !
A slightly large hemostat with a scissor in the jaw.

yeti_handle_SM Yeti Rambler Handles !
The Rambler Handles offer an alternative way to hold your 10 oz., 20 oz. and 30 oz. Tumblers to optimize portability.

Fishpond_jackalope_carry_on_rod_case_SM Fishpond Jackalope Rod Tube Case !
Feel confident your valuable rods will arrive safely no matter how you ship them. Lightweight hexagon interior walls create the greatest protection for up to six 9ft 4-piece rods.
Interior: 29.5” x 3.75” Dia

carbon_marine_line_hut Carbon Marine Custom LineHut !
The Carbon Marine LineHut offers basket-style fly line management. The LineHut is constructed from marine-grade materials. The custom LineHut can be configured up to 48" in height and 18" in diameter.

clic_compact_black CliC Readers - Compact !
Frame Width: 140 mm (5 1/2 in)

clic_reader_blonde_tort CliC Readers - Expandable XXL !
Fits large size head
Frame Width: 143 mm (5 5/8 in)
Horizontal Lens: 50mm (2 in)
Vertical Lens: 27mm (1 in)
Nose Bridge: 16mm (5/8 in)
Temple/depth: (8 to 8 3/4 in)
expandable headband

clic_original_readers_black CliC Readers - Long !
Fits large size head
Frame Width: 140 mm (5 1/2 in)
Horizontal Lens: 50mm (2 in)
Vertical Lens: 27mm (1 in)
Nose Bridge: 16mm (5/8 in)
Temple/depth: (8 to 8 3/4 in)
1" longer headband

clic_sun_readers_closed CliC Sun Readers - Regular !
Sunglass lens and reader combined with UV 380
Fits average size head
Frame Width: 140 mm (5 1/2 in)
Horizontal Lens: 50mm (2 in)
Vertical Lens: 27mm (1 in)
Nose Bridge: 16mm (5/8 in)
Temple/depth: 190mm to 209mm (7 1/2 to 8 1/4 in)

sticker_bearsden_newstickers_SM Sticker - Bears Den New Logos !
Represent with the NEW Bears Den Compass Sticker!!
or the Custom Pat Cohen Logo!
Vinyl Stickers made in the USA

bobclouserminnowbox_SM Bob Clouser Commemorative Fly Box !
Display one of the most famous flies ever developed, "The Clouser Minnow," tied by the legendary Bob Clouser.
Available in one size only, 5" x 7" box.


Metalfish_B_SM Metal Tuna Wall Art Fish #245 !
Beautiful Handmade Metal Tuna Art.
Easily fastens to wall.
This piece measures 25" x 12" and is 1.1 lbs in weight.

spool_clip Spool Clip !
Spool Clips are a new way to carry your tippet spools. Their simple and compact design keeps your spools handy yet out of the way at the same time.

orvis_silver_sonic_waterproof_pocket_SM Orvis Silver Sonic Waterproof Pocket !
This waterproof pocket will keep your valuables dry when you're wading in deeper waters.
7.5" x 7.5" TPU pouch

steelhead_pro_package_SM Steelhead Pro Package !
The ultimate Great lakes Steelhead package. Includes: Sage 4280 reel - Bronze, Ember, or none
Rio 8wt Steelhead / Salmon line
Frog Hair Indicator in Large - Bell or standard
Spro Swivel 50lb
Quick shot single
Anchor non toxic shot assortment
Froghair Tippet - 1x or 2x
Can be purchased with or without reel.

orvis_plier_SM Orvis Pliers
6⅞" Plier, Lanyard, & Sheath

gamakatsu_pliers_SM Gamakatsu Heavy Duty Aluminum Pliers !
Tungsten Carbide line cutters. Nylon sheath and lanyard

hansomepliers_SM Hansom Aluminum Pliers !
Construction:Anodized Aluminum
Jaws:Stainless Steel
Cutters:Tungsten Carbide
Sheath:Tactical Nylon

hansomplier_repCutters_SM Hansom Aluminum Plier Replacement Cutters !
Easily Replace worn out cutter with this simple kit.

orvis_tippet_tool Orvis Tippet Tool !
Keep up to seven spools organized and accessible with our lightweight Orvis tippet holder.

fishpond_nomad_river_armour_nets Fishpond Nomad River Armor Nets !
Nomad River Armor edition nets are constructed with a core of carbon fiber and fiberglass, and an outer layer of woven DuPontTM Kevlarฎ fiber and carbon fiber. The result is an extremely strong net with enhanced durability.

rio_wonder_cloth Rio Wonder Cloth !
A fly line gets dirty like anything else, and should be cleaned every few trips. RIO's new Wonder Cloth is a micro abrasive cleaning pad that strips out the deep-lying dirt without roughing the fly line.

HMH_DDmaterial_clip_SM HMH Double Donut Material Clip
'Spring within a spring" clip holds smallest material. Fits any vise.

flyagra_floatant Flyagra Floatant !
Hottest new fly floatant available! Dip and let dry. Keeps flies up all day! 2 oz

simms_bounty_hunter_mesh_pouch_SM Simms Bounty Hunter Mesh Reel Pouch !
Innovative, Quick-drying pouches in three sizes.

tenkara_usa_kit_SM Tenkara USA Kit !
Just add a tenkara rod, fishing license and water!
Kit includes 11'6" Nylon Tapered Line, keeper, flies, tippet, forceps & nippers. Rod Not included.

spro_power_swivel_sm SPRO Power Swivel !
Super Small, Super Strong. Make adding tippet and wire a breeze!
10 per pack

Norvise_large_Jaws_SM NorVise Large Straight Jaws !
LARGE NORVISE JAWS are now being “re introduced” by popular request after being discontinued for several years.

Norvice_Bamboo_Board_SM NorVise Bamboo Mounting Board !
This board is the perfect base to mount your Norvise – fly tying vise to. Our bamboo mounting boards are grown and made in America, perfectly machined from 1/2″ solid-core laminated bamboo, including a recessed cup for holding hooks, beads, etc.