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Beulah Blanks - Platinum Spey Series

This new three rod series features an 11’7” 5 weight trout spey, a 12’6” 6 weight and a 13’2” 7 weight. Vastly different from our current Spey line up, these offer a more traditional flex pattern that loads much deeper into the butt section, has a fast and terrific feeling tip recovery and is feather weight in hand. Our new Platinum series are designed around brand new mandrels and possess a Carbon scrim process, lower 28% resin count to bring the overall blank weight down and a much higher blank pressure rolling technique that insures better overall blank consistency. Now more than ever whether you prefer fast or moderate/fast action, short or long, light or strong we have an incredibly well built two hand fly rod for you at exceptional value that Beulah is known for.

Slate Grey Blank

Beulah Platinum Spey Blank - 11'7" 5wt
4 pieces
A true “trout” spey seems like a great idea. At Beulah we had a hard time wrapping our minds around the idea that a 5 weight spey rod needing 380-400 grain load was actually fun for trout. So, we created our newly released 11’7” 5 weight Platinum! You’ll find a sweet spot between 250-300 grains depending on your line choice. As Emeril would say, “BAMMM!” Now you’re definitely having fun chasing fins!!! Fish Redsides on the Deschutes employing soft hackles on a floating line or small to medium streamer patterns w/ sink tips on the Yakima, blitz down to the Rogue, Klamath and Trinity later in the season fishing Half Pounders with the possibility of mature 3-7 pound Steelies. Truly a casting dream and a blast to fish our new 5 weight Platinum makes a perfect trout spey and is ready for that surprise “trophy” fish.
Use: Half Pounders, Redside, Rainbow, Browns, Coastal Cutthroat and a light duty Steelhead rod from Alaska to Chile.

Beulah Platinum Spey Blank - 12'6" 6wt
4 pieces
If Beulah two handed rods were a baseball team, our NEW Platinum 12’6” 6 weight would be the MVP. Thanks to our carbon scrim the blank weighs only 2.85 ounces and the completed rod weighs only 6.5 ounces. What kind of 6 weight is it? Spot on! This rod features a more traditional full-flex “Spey” action that loads deep into the butt section with extremely fast tip recovery making it a joy to cast in all conditions. Don’t call us because the answer is YES! It will handle big water and big brute Steelhead while not overpowering the smallish 3-4 pound fish making them special too. All line types and styles including Scandinavian, Skagit, Mid or Long Belly will agree and excel when matched to our Platinum 12’6” 6 weight.
Use: Summer Steelhead, Half Pounders, Winter Steelhead on small and medium streams

Beulah Platinum Spey Blank - 13'2" 7wt
4 pieces
Maybe the “Sweetheart” in the series! Mainly because this rod can be fished confidently anywhere in the lower 48 and abroad for summer or winter Steelhead and will cross-over into Chinook territory. Our new 13’2” Platinum is not an 8 weight in 7 weight clothing, it is an extremely “Crisp” 7 weight that loads easily with a variety of lines and casting styles. The finished rod weighs only 6.8 ounces making it easy to fish long hard days on the water chasing “Steel”. Ridiculously light in hand this rod balances with reels as light as 8 ounces and handles reels nicely to 11 ounces. You won’t have a hard time finding a place for this rod in your two-handed quiver!
Use: Fishing variety of lines for Steelhead, Atlantic Salmon, Chinook and Sea run Browns, Chinook and Silver Salmon.