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Lamson Center Axis Reel/Rod Systems

In the past a rod designer’s vision has excluded the reel, but the fact is the reel is around twice as heavy as the rod and creates significant leverage.

There are two key elements to Center Axis. One is that we have made the reel as light as possible. The other is that instead of having the reel stand off the rod in the conventional way, we have positioned it in close alignment with the centre axis of the rod. The result is a radically different combo that eliminates much of the reel’s leverage and provides a more precise sense of what is happening with the rod.

The new reel is securely attached using an O-ring lock and stiletto pins that fit into holes in the rod’s grip. The system is currently available for pre-order in 5-weight. 4, 6 and 8 weights to follow later this year.

lamson_centeraxis5_SM Lamson Center Axis 4wt Rod
Line Weight: 4wt

lamson_centeraxis5_SM Lamson Center Axis 5wt Rod
Line Weight: 5wt

lamson_centeraxis5_SM Lamson Center Axis 6wt Rod
Line Weight: 6wt