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Fishpond Nomad Nets

fishpond_eljefenet_SM Fishpond Nomad El Jefe Net
Nomad nets are made using a mixture of carbon fiber and fiber glass. The result is a very lightweight and durable net. Nomad nets are built for the conditions that prevail where great fishing exists; they are waterproof, UV protected, and float like a cork. All Nomad nets come standard with a clear rubber bag.

fishpond_handnet_SM Fishpond Nomad Hand Net
The first ever Nomad Hand Net. The basket is big enough to scoop it all, and the short handle/cord & clip combination means it's always secure behind your back until you need it.

fishpond_nomad_emerger_net_SM Fishpond Nomad Emerger Net
New for 2017! The carbon fiber construction keeps the net light but very strong. Rubber net bag reduces stress on fish and reduces snagging of flies in the net bag.

fishpond_riverarmour_nets_SM Fishpond Nomad River Armor Nets !
Nomad River Armor edition nets are constructed with a core of carbon fiber and fiberglass, and an outer layer of woven DuPontTM Kevlarฎ fiber and carbon fiber. The result is an extremely strong net with enhanced durability.