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TFO Technical Info

Traditional Action: Finesse

Medium Action: Signature , NXT, Professional FW, Professional SW, CFR, Deer Creek Spey

Fast Action: TiCrX , Axiom, Bluewater, Mini, Deer Creek Switch

Extra Fast Action: TiCr

Blank Over Ferrule Technology
Through precision blank production we're able to manufacture each TFO rod blank to within extremely tight tolerances. This produces a perfect fit between the sections in every rod and also guarantees a perfect fit in the event that a section needs to be replaced. This technology is used on all TFO fly rods and conventional rods.

If you look at a Professional Series, TiCr, or TiCrX rod, you'll notice that there is a "gap" in the painting on the blank where the ferrules fit together. This "gap" is completely normal. Over time the female end of a ferrule wears in and will move down the rod slightly. This occurs in all rods and the difference in appearance between these rods and other TFO rods is purely cosmetic; the Professional, TiCr, and TiCrX rods are simply finished this way to show the adjustment over time.

We're proud of Blank Over Ferrule Technology because it ensures a positive fit over years of use. In terms of the warranty service we provide, this technology is invaluable to us because the ease of section replacement means we can get your rod back to you quickly. Not only this, but when you receive your repaired rod it will perform exactly the same as it did before you sent it in. With minimal down time and proper replacement, Blank Over Ferrule Technology is a big part of the TFO difference.