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Scientific Anglers Wavelength Series

If a Sharkskin and a Mastery smooth line had a bunch of fly line offspring, Wavelength lines would be the result. We’ve taken the benefits of Sharkskin texturing, scrubbed the rough edges, and created a softer surface texture for less casting effort, very little memory, and increased durability. Your fingers will rejoice.
sci_anglers_wavelength_mpx Scientific Anglers Wavelength MPX
Mastery Presentation Taper
Our best all-around taper. Your cast will thank you.
For years, the gold standard in the Scientific Anglers lineup was the GPX taper. From tossing small dries to slinging huge streamers, the GPX could do it all. But all good things must come to an end. Built a half-size heavy, the MPX taper starts where the GPX left off. Redesigned with more mass toward the front of the head, the MPX provides the same benefits of the GPX, with an added emphasis on presentation. The power is still there, only with an added bit of finesse. Meet your new best friend.

sci_anglers_wavelength_titan Scientific Anglers Wavelength Titan
Quick Loading Floating Taper for Big Flies
For big flies, big fish, and even bigger moments.
You’ve got articulated streamers hanging from the lampshade on your desk. You think in terms of black, white, or olive. The term conehead doesn’t refer to an old comedy sketch. We totally get it. And that’s why we designed the Wavelength Titan. If you have an all-encompassing need to throw big flies for big fish, then look no further. This line is made for you.

sci_anglers_wavelength_trout Scientific Anglers Wavelength Trout
All-around Trout Line
Made for early risers, late sleepers, and everyone who loves trout.
The Wavelength Trout taper is made for PMD hatches, for those cloudy afternoons when blue-winged olives come off in droves. It’s a trout fly line built to place dry flies where you need them and to keep them floating after they land. It may not be the best choice when hucking huge streamers, but for everything else trout-related, it’s very hard to beat.

sci_anglers_wavelength_nymph_indicator Scientific Anglers - Wavelength Nymph/Indicator
$84.95 $67.95 On Sale!
Extra-Strength Turnover
When fishing with nymphs, the most important thing is staying in control. The Wavelength Nymph/Indicator line will put you in the driver’s seat.

Limited to Stock on Hand
sci_anglers_wavelength_tarpon Scientific Anglers Wavelength Tarpon
For targeting Tarpon on the Flats
There is nothing like seeing a tarpon inhale you fly and leap skyward.
There is absolutely nothing in fly fishing quite like seeing a tarpon inhale your fly, leap toward the heavens, and race like a madman for the horizon. In order to make that happen, you’ll need help: the Wavelength Tarpon fly line. Designed with a stealthy color scheme, this is the perfect line for casting flies to tarpon of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. Just remember to bow to the king when it jumps.

sci_anglers_wavelength_grand_slam Scientific Anglers Wavelength Grand Slam
For Bonefish, Permit, and Tarpon
You don't get many shots at a Grand Slam. Make each one count.
Tarpon. Bonefish. Permit. All in one day. All on one fly line. That’s the idea behind the Wavelength Grand Slam, a line designed specifically to help you achieve one of angling’s most elusive accomplishments. With a short, powerful head the Grand Slam cuts through wind and turns over crabs, shrimp, and tarpon toads with ease. We’ve got the line. You just need the fish.

sci_anglers_wavelength_big_water_taper Scientific Anglers Wavelength Big Water Taper !
Floating Line for Big Game
If you have a bucket list full of huge fish, we have your fly line.
Every now and then, we come up with something in our lab that has the potential to change fly fishing forever. The Wavelength Titan Big Water Taper is one of those creations. Built on the industry’s first 100-lb. monofilament core, the Titan BWT is the world’s strongest fly line and can handle even the world’s largest game fish. Arapaima? Check. Giant Trevally? Double check. If you’ve got a bucket list full of huge fish, we’ve got your line right here.