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Abel Fishing Tools

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abel_zinger Abel Zinger
Overall Length: 1.75"
Overall Width: 1.3"
Depth: 0.59"
Multi Attachment system

abel_nipper_sm1 Abel Nipper
Overall Length: 1.75"
Width at Hinge: 0.75"
Width at Cutting Surface: 0.50"
Engineered to last a lifetime. A 3 year warranty on replacement jaws, and only $10 after that, makes these nippers the last you'll aver need to buy.

Note: Custom colors will take longer to ship. Please call for time estimate.
Colors marked with * most likely to be in stock
abel_nipper_lanyard_sm1 Abel Adjustable Nipper Lanyard
The AbeLanyard is strong, lightweight, really neat looking and a terrific addition to an angler’s arsenal.
Machined Aluminum parts

abel_knife Abel Blade Knife
Open Length: 6.75"
Cloased Length: 3.9"
Blade Length: 2.875"
Weight: 2.3 oz
Our files are filled with stories from anglers (both fly and conventional) who used a knife to get out of trouble: from the guy who stabbed a rogue bear in Canada to the fellow who tripped in a steelhead river and used his blade to cut himself free from loose flyline that had wrapped his feet. This knife will help you do it with style.

Note: Custom colors will take longer to ship. Please call for time estimate.
abel_plier_2018_SM Abel Pliers !
One size at 6.5 inches long, and weighing 4.5 ounces
Newly redesigned, the Abel Pliers now feature a more ergonomic shape, which adds grip and keeps your hands away from curious fish. A new, machined-in loop-tightening hook has has been added to help with rigging those hard-to-tie-knots.
All pliers will also now be shipping with a full-leather custom fit sheath and coiled lanyard, making for a secure and long-lasting way to carry them.

Note: Custom colors will take longer to ship. Please call for time estimate.
abel_plier_leather_sheath_SM Abel Plier Leather Sheath
100% Made in the USA from genuine America Bison leather

abel_plier_lanyard Abel Plier Lanyard
Same curled lanyard included with all Abel pliers. Will stretch 3'.

abel_spyderco_knife_SM Abel Spyderco Native 5 Knife
The Abel + Spyderco Native 5 is the proud culmination of two years' research and development between two American manufacturers: Abel and Spyderco. The results are simply stunning.