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Freedom Hawk Accessories

freedom_hawk_freedom_accessories_basic_push_pole.jpg Freedom Hawk Aliminum Push Pole
Navigate the shallows with ease with this high-quality aluminum push pole. This 12 foot, 2 piece push pole has a custom foot on one end and a blunt cap on the other to work in all bottom conditions. Stainless steel push button mechanism collapses easily and resists salt water corrosion.

freedom_hawk_freedom_accessories_delux_push_pole.jpg Freedom Hawk Composite Push Pole
Combines the durability and strength of composite materials this push pole is a must for discriminating flats fishermen. Sold as a 12 foot/2 piece break-down for convenience, this pole also durable ferrules, pointy stake end and custom wide foot to work in all water conditions. An extra 6 foot, extension section is also available for deeper flats and skiff use.

freedom_hawk_freedom_accessories_basic_paddle.jpg Freedom Hawk Aluminum Paddle
This two piece takedown economical paddle features light weight glass filled synthetic blades and a durable aluminum shaft. Standard length: 230 cm.

freedom_hawk_freedom_accessories_delux_paddle.jpg Freedom Hawk Composite Paddle
This two piece paddle features light weight glass filled synthetic blades and a ergonomic glass shaft. A step above the basic paddle, this combination is perfect for longer paddles and outings. Standard length: 230 cm.