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Kast Gear was Conceived on the banks of the Salmon River in Central Idaho, While Steelhead Fishing in a snow storm.

Our Passion for fishing and the outdoors has driven us to create superior products using state of the art textiles and technology. Our goal is to build the best gear possible , tailored for the harshest environments. Guid tested on countless rivers, in the most extreme weather, our gear is designed to keep you warm and comfortable.



So lets talk gloves, Kast Gear was basically founded on them, and it’s something we think we know a fair bit about. Mother nature has a way of adding a certain level of humility to our sport, that most of the time is just plain miserable. Whether you play the single hand, double hand, or terminal game…weather will affect your performance. We hear it all the time “You can’t fish in gloves. Gloves effect your feel and you miss fish.” I would venture that when the weather turns nasty, and your standing in the river with frozen hands, you are going to miss fish anyway. So what’s it going to be, freezing hands and miss fish, or warm hands and miss fish? Wait…I’ll take door number three Bob. Advances in textile and waterproof membrane technology have changed the game in our favor, and we now have the best of both worlds.

So what does all that tech actually mean? We think we have pretty killer technology, and we know our gloves work in real life, but we wanted to take it one step further. We recently got our hands on a military grade thermal imaging camera. This literally took two acts from congress, a pardon from the Governor, and one pawned kidney. We took a couple competitors gloves, set up a tub of ice water and proceeded to submerse away. We wanted to make sure we were comparing apples to apples here, so we made sure to take temp readings of the water, subject hand prior to submersion, and most importantly subject hand after 5 minutes of submersion in 50˚ water. You will also notice that the images are time stamped to ensure all things are equal.

We know our gloves perform better in the field, we have real world proof that they work better. Our customers tell us they are the best, and here is the proof. Bottom line, your hands are going to be warm, dry, and have the dexterity to manage running lines, feel fish, and best of all, reach your hand in the water to tail a fish in victory.