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Douglas USA

All reels Featured on this page are proudly made here in the U.S.A

Closer to the fish.

The tradition of a fine looking reel that gets you closer to the fish is a shared legacy for the longtime angler and the next, demanding generation.

On the one hand, it is a beautiful reel, and on the other, as Hemingway said, there is no undue advantage given to the angler.

This is a sporting reel for then and well into the future.

Features and Benefits
Made in upstate New York, USA
Machined bar stock 6061 aircraft aluminum
Standard arbor
Reversible click check with rim positioned adjustment
Marine brass reel foot
Type 2 annodized
Laser textured palming rim
Draw string chino twill fleeced lined reel bag
Argus 2 3/4" Reel
Line Weights: 2-3 Weight
Capacity: DT2+25; WF3+30
Weight: 3.4 oz.

Argus 2 3/4" Spare Spool

Argus 3 1/2" Reel
Line Weights: 6-7 Weight
Capacity: DT6+75; WF7+100
Weight: 5 oz.

Argus 3 1/2" Spare Spool

Argus 3 1/4" Reel
Line Weights: 5-6 Weight
Capacity: DT5+60;WF6+70
Weight: 4.2 oz.

Argus 3 1/4" Spare Spool

Argus 3 3/4" Reel
Line Weights: 8 Weight
Capacity: WF8+150
Weight: 6 oz.

Argus 3 3/4" Spare Spool

Argus 3" Reel
Line Weights: 4-5 Weight
Capacity: DT4+50; WF5+50
Weight: 3.75 oz.

Argus 3" Spare Spool