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Fly Reel Cases & Accessories

pfg_reel_case.jpg Wilderness Pro Redwood Reel Case
Padded nylon reel bag stores and transports 8+ reels. Includes 6 small Velcro dividers and a central main divider. Zippered mesh pocket in the lid. Accented with asingle business card holder and rust colored leather. Dual zipper closure.

fishpond_sweetwater_reel_case Fishpond Sweetwater Reel Case
Reels, tools, more reels, extra spools. You can let all that gear jostle around in your bag, getting misplaced and dinged as you rifle through looking for it. Or, you can use the Sweetwater Reel and Gear Cases to keep all that kit organized and safe - the padded sides and Fishpond signature molded tops and bottoms make sure of that. Your call, but we a going all-in on the latter method, before our buddies poach our favorite fishing holes.
9.75” x 4.5” x 4.5” (Holds four larger-sized reels)

bw_multi_purpose_reel_case BW Multipurpose Reel Case
Saltwater Designed
Allows complete padded storage of up to ten reels of any type (fly, spinning, bait caster, heavy tackle saltwater reels.
Totally adjustable to fit any size reel with padded internal dividers and sides and hard plastic imbedded in the lid. A mesh zipper pocket is on the inside and a zipper panel pocket on the outside. Rugged 600 denier fabric and nylon zipper glides allow for use near or on saltwater.
Dimensions: 14" x 6" x 16"

fishpond_kodiak_reel_case Fishpond Kodiak Reel Case
We hired a bison to step on these and he sprained a hoof. Our reels came through unscathed. Ok...we may be stretching the truth a little, but you get the idea. The Kodiak reel case is serious protection for your coveted hardware, available in three sizes to accommodate a wide variety of reels.

clear_creek_neoprene_reel_case.jpg Clear Creek Neoprene Reel Case
Specially designed cases will fit and protect your finest hardware!

ross_reel_combo_shield.jpg Ross Reel Combo Shield
3mm neoprene combo reel/spool bag designed to protect reels and one extra spool on and off the rod.
Color: Blue

mangrove_knuckle_heads.jpg Mangrove Knuckle Heads
No more bruised or bloody knuckles! Slip the Knuckle Head over the reel handle and pursue your favorite tackle bushing fish with no fear. Self healing foam also provides a secure grip when hands are wet or you're wearing gloves.

loon_cl_reel_lube.jpg Loon Reel Lube™
A combination of synthetic lubricant, solid lubricants and water repellent to give your fly reels protection from rust and friction. Excellend protection for firearms as well.
1/2 oz.

tibor_graphite_reel_lube Tibor Graphite Lube
Specially formulated lubricant for use on Tibor, TiborQC, and Billy Pate Reels.

tibor_shine Tibor Shine
Make your Tibor reel bright and shiney!
After your Tibor reel is dry and lubricated, apply 2-3 drops of TiborShine depending on the size of your reel. Use a Microfiber towel to buff and shine.

tibor_tiborlube TiborLube
TiborLube is a specially formulated lubricant for use on the Tibor Light ConstaLube Series.

simms_bounty_hunter_mesh_pouch_SM Simms Bounty Hunter Mesh Reel Pouch !
Innovative, Quick-drying pouches in three sizes.

simms_bountyhunter_reelcase_SM Simms Bounty Hunter Reel Case Large !
Premium case with maximized capacity for up to 10 reels

simms_bountyhunter_Mreelcase_SM Simms Bounty Hunter Reel Case Medium !
Compression-molded case for safely transferring 4 to 6 reels