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Simms Waders

Well-made, high performance waders are among the most importatnt pieces of equipment an angler can own. To ensure maximum performance, every pair of Simms waders is designed, manufactured, and tested in Bozeman, Montana. At least 22 different members of our production team are involved in making each pair of waders. And all Simms waders utilize advanced technologies and fabrics, providing the kind of durability, functionality, and comfort that have made them the choice of professional guides.



Simms now offers select adult wader models with:
custom stockingfoot sizes for $65
Relief Zip, Tippet Tender Pocket, G4Z Suspender Package, SImms Camo Chest/Hand Warmer Pocket
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simms_w_g4z.jpg Simms G4Z Stockingfoot Waders

Powered by the most feature-rich mix on the market, G4Zs include YKK® waterproof center-front zipper for easy access/optimal ventilation, plush handwarmer pockets to toast frozen digits fast, and everything you need for an evolved wader that goes way beyond the basic.
Color: Greystone
Customize: Stockingfoot Sizes, 5 extra sizes

simms_wg4_pro_2013.jpg Simms G4 Pro Stockingfoot Waders
From backyard boat ramp to AK tent camp, Simms’ G4 Pro wader is “lived in” by more professional guides than all others combined.
Color: Greystone
Customize: Stockingfoot Sizes

simms_wg3_2014.jpg Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders

The latest version of Simms top selling wader now with great new features.
Color: Greystone
Customize: Stockingfoot Sizes, extra sizes

simms_wg3guide_pant.jpg Simms G3 Guide Pant

From headwater boulder bouncing to casting from drift-boat decks—when the deep wade is a non-essential element, put a premium on comfort and slip into Simms’ G3 Guide Pants.
Color: Greystone
Customize: Stockingfoot Sizes

simms_w2015freestoneZ Simms Freestone Z Stockingfoot Waders

Spring marks the onset of erratic and sporadic from the headwaters of the Snake to the park beats of the mighty ’Stone. Wade confidently into the season with Simms’ cost-effective and award-winning Freestone® Z Stockingfoots.
Color: Smoke

simms_w_headwaters_pro_stockingfoot Simms Headwaters Pro Stockingfoot Waders !

Simms' new Headwaters™ Pro Stockingfoots are handcrafted from 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro fabric and powered by our industry-leading G3 Guide™ architecture
Color: Boulder

simms_w2015freestone.jpg Simms Freestone Stockingfoot Waders

Embrace the deep wade. Corner comfort. And access the untrammeled—unscathed—in Simms’ Freestone® Stockingfoots, powered by a Toray® QuadraLam™ perimeter that breathes easy, repels water, and bushwhacks with aplomb.
Color: Smoke

simms_w_freestone_pant.jpg Simms Freestone Pant

Say goodbye to chest-highs in your soon-to-be-favorite, full-time fishing pants. Simms’ new Freestones® Pant features a Toray® QuadraLam™ perimeter that breathes easy, bucks water, and bushwhacks with aplomb.
Color: Smoke

simms_w_headwater2014.jpg Simms - Headwaters Stockingfoot Waders
$349.95 $279.95 On Sale!

From mountain rivulet to brackish estuary your journey starts with Simms Headwaters™ Stockingfoots, combining primetime value with a heaping dose of in-river innovation
Color: Sage
simms_w_headwate_convertible.jpg Simms Headwaters Convertible Stockingfoot Waders

Optimized for absolute functionality across rivers of opportunity.
Color: Sage

simms_wwomensG3.jpg Simms Women's G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders

Sorry guys, when you’re wading chest deep through spring runoff, launching laser beam casts to 20-pound steelhead—size matters. Meaning the size that fits.
Color: Greystone
Customize: Stockingfoot Sizes, 3 extra sizes

simms_w_womens_freestone Simms Women's Freestone Stockingfoot Waders

Simms’ develops all its women’s waders with beta from the world’s best female guides. Enter the new Freestone® Stockingfoots, where articulated patterning in cahoots with center leg seams prioritize fit for appreciated fishing comfort.
Color: Smoke

simms_wkids.jpg Simms Kid's Gore-Tex Stockingfoot Waders

A Simms exclusive, these are the only GORE-TEX® waders on the market designed for children.
Sizes: S, M, L
Made in Bozeman Montana

Please Choose Size Below. See Size Guide for more information.
simms_w_blackfoot_12.jpg Simms - Blackfoot Stockingfoot Waders
$199.95 $179.95 On Sale!

The Simms Blackfoot is a value standout, providing a lightweight, puncture resistant package built to outlast several seasons of falls, thorns, storms, and big rewards.
Color: Mineral

Limited to Stock on Hand
Simms_ExStream_Wader_SM Simms G4 ExStream Boot Foot Wader !

Never forget your boots again with the NEW G4 Boot Foot wader from Simms!
Color: Dark Grey