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Winston Alpha+ Rods

The New Winston Alpha+
You’re going to need a bigger net.

Welcome to ALPHA+. A Winston rod series designed to up your game against the Alpha fish lurking in the shadows. Carnivorous trout, thrashing bass, toothy pike and musky, jungle species like peacock bass, golden dorado and arapaima, and huge saltwater species like giant trevally and Tarpon. Pure and simple, these rods are for any fish that require extra-large fishing tools no matter the water type.

With wicked fast action, ALPHA+ rods have been designed to cast aggressive rigs – including big flies, heavy lines, shooting heads and sinking tips. These rods will cast these big rigs further with minimal false casts and effort.

Built like none other. These game changing rods use unique features not found in any other series, like a designated grain window for each model to help anglers sort through the wide offering of over-weighted lines available on the market today. This helps eliminate the confusion associated with lines over-weighted by 1 or 2 line weights. Simply match a lines grain window to the appropriate Alpha model to suit your needs and fishing style.

ALPHA+ rods are extra reinforced in the ferrule for ultimate lifting power, to turn fish away from heavy cover, and support all-day casting with big flies and fly lines.

~ Highest performance boron/graphite composite materials
~ Exceptionally powerful, capable of generating high line speeds
~ Designed to cast big flies, heavy lines, shooting heads and sinking tips
~ Extra reinforced ferrules for ultimate lifting power
~ Designated grain windows for each rod model
~ Designed and Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, MT
~ Weights: 5 thru 12wt.
~ Action: Fast
~ Sections: 4
~ Guides: Hard chrome oversized snake ‘Shooting Guides’ with chrome nanolite stripping guides. Oversized tiptop.
~ Reel Seat: Uplocking, Anodized aluminum with double locking rings. Engraved with company signature logo.
~ Storage: Premium graphite rod tube with embroidered logo rod sock
Winston Alpha+ 5-weight 9'
160-200 grain lines
Our fastest 9’ 5 weight, this rod is capable of turning over large dry-dropper rigs, trout sized streamers, and larger indicator rigs. Doubles as an excellent boat rod for it’s ability to handle heavier headed fly lines when the wind kicks up and faster recovery rate is needed to effectively cover water.
Handle: Cigar w/Figured Maple OR Full Wells w/Fighting Butt

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Winston Alpha+ 6-weight 9'
200-240 grain lines
This rod was designed for meat eating trout and bass: think mice patterns in Kamchatka, full sink tips and double articulated bugs on the Yellowstone, fast pocket water in Patagonia, and poppers and divers in the mid-west. Also a great a choice for smaller Jungle species like piranha, payara, and others. If you’re a streamer junkie and searching for you next big bug stick, look no further than the ALPHA+ 6.
Handle: Cigar w/Figured Maple OR Full Wells w/Fighting Butt

Winston Alpha+ 7-weight 9'
240-280 grain lines
You might call them bucketmouths, keggers, and donkeys. If you understand these designations, you’re a big-bass angler. The ALPHA+ 7 has been designed to shoot the biggest bass bugs with over-sized lines into the thickest cover, and turn these lunkers back to the boat.
Handle: Full Wells w/Fighting Butt

Winston Alpha+ 8-weight 9'
280-330 grain lines.
From silver salmon in Alaska, Peacock Bass in the Jungle, Stripers in the Northeast, and many other species, this power 8 weight will cast and lift any aggressive sinking line to get your flies in front of your home water’s most powerful fish.
Handle: Full Wells w/Fighting Butt

Winston Alpha+ 9-weight 9'
330-380 grain lines.
Jaguars lurk in the shadows behind you. Howler Monkeys call from the canopy. Forget the term “teeth,” fish with fangs swim in these waters. Whatever and wherever your Jungle adventures go, our reinforced Alpha+ 9wt rods are built to cast oversized lines, humongous flies, and with extra power to pull these powerful fish away from leader snapping structure.
Handle: Full Wells w/Fighting Butt

Winston Alpha+ 10-weight 9'
380-430 grain lines.
We were thinking Musky and Peacock Bass when designing these powerful rods. Fish of 10,000 casts never comes easy. But our Alpha+ 10 weight has been designed for power, big bug turnover, and foot-long flies, while having the sensitivity for mandatory figure 8s, and at-the-boat eats.
Handle: Full Wells w/Fighting Butt

Winston Alpha+ 12-weight 9'
450-500 grain lines.
These rods are built for the fish with “Giant,” “King,” or “Monster” in the name. Think Giant Trevally, Monster Arapaima, and Silver Kings. If you’re a modern-day Beowulf, consider this fly rod your monster-slaying “Hilt.” Fear not what awaits in the abyss, just cast, strip, and hold on.
Handle: Full Wells w/Fighting Butt