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Winston Boron IIIx 5-piece Rods

Boron is five times as strong and twice as stiff as steel, yet lighter than aluminum; it lets us add 25% more strength to graphite while significantly reducing weight. Our Boron IIIx rods take full advantage of this material's amazing properties.

Adding to our industry-leading Boron IIIx series, for 2012 we are excited to introduce three new 5-piece Boron IIIx specialty rods..."the ultimate Boron IIIx 5-piece travel rod." These three new 9 foot rods in 4-weight, 5-weight and 6-weight models incorporate the same incredible versatility and smooth-casting fast action as our highest performance Boron IIIx rods. Moreover, these new Boron IIIx 5-piece rods pack into a tiny 24" long beautiful deep green graphite rod tube, 5" inches shorter than the tube that holds our 4-piece rods. All three rods in this series (490, 590 and 690) come with cigar grips, and a choice of either nickel silver reel seats with beautiful burled box elder inserts, or our lightweight anodized aluminum reel seats...all ready to pack into the overhead bin or slip into your bag. Let the adventures begin!

Rod Highlights
~ Arguably the finest fly rod series ever made

~ Built with advanced Boron III technology, resulting in a lightweight, fast action rod that is powerful, lively and capable of generating incredible line speed

~ Strong and dependable

~ Proprietary design that promotes effortless long casts, delicate presentations and reserved power for big flies and windy days

~ Responsive and deadly accurate

~ Ideal selection for almost any type of angling challenge

~ Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana USA

Reel Seat: Nickel Silver Uplock w/Burled Wood Insert
Grip: Cigar
Action: Fast
Sections: 5
Color: Winston green
Guides: Hard chrome snake ‘Shooting Guides’ with chrome nano-lite stripping guides
Storage: Premium graphite rod tube with logo tech rod sock

Winston Boron IIIx 5pc 4-weight 9'
Weight: 3 1/2 oz.
Ideal delicate and smooth casting rod for packing into remote spring creeks and other technical waters, yet the Boron III materials provides reserve power capable of generating faster line speeds and handling windy situations and larger rivers. Same broad casting range and an excellent all-around rod. Incredible portability and fishing versatility for a 4-weight.

Winston Boron IIIx 5pc 5-weight 9'
Weight: 3 5/8 oz.
Unquestionably the best, high-performance all-around ultra travel rod with an unbelievably wide casting range from 20-ft to 100+feet. Light, powerful, smooth, fun to cast. Has a responsive tip to cast in close with small flies, and yet has extra Boron III power capable of generating significant line speeds to punch into heavy winds or cover longer distances with larger flies without feeling stiff. Packing into remote, larger rivers you need one versatile rod that can do everything. Like a top-of-the-line ultra compact sports car, you can shoot line effortlessly and "feel" the power in your hands, all within your control.

Winston Boron IIIx 5pc 6-weight 9'
Weight: 4 oz.
A more powerful all-around ultra portable rod with extraordinarily broad casting range of 25-100+ feet. Traveling to big rivers, for big fish, in stronger winds, these rods will provide you everything you need without being too stiff. Although it has incredible Boron III power, can shoot line beautifully to generate very fast line speeds, these new rods are designed to give you incredible fishing versatility, even for a 6-weight. Outstanding for streamers, nymphs, big water, big winds, yet still versatile enough for gentle dry fly presentations up close.