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Gifts under 15 Dollars

These gifts make great stocking stuffers!!
rising_nippa_s.jpg Rising Nippa w/Clip
Great rubber coated nipper with hook eye cleaner.
Now comes with plastic clip!

dr_slick_gadget_magnetic_tool_keeper Dr. Slick Magnetic Tool Keeper
Awesome little magnet with dual carabiners that attaches to your vest or bag. Easily holds clamps, nippers, files, or any tool that needs to be at the ready. Comes with a 9" full-swivel bungee lanyard.

anglers_image_ez_ty_sm Anglers Image Ez-Ty Tool !
Put a handle on your hook to rid yourself of dropped flies and hooked fingers! The Ez Ty fly fishing gadget is an effortless way to tie flies, lures and hooks to your tippet or line. To ensure the tool is always handy, simply clip it to your chest pack, vest, lanyard or shirt pocket.

william_joseph_hemocuts William Joseph Hemocuts
Hemocuts. Hemostats and scissors finally meet. This handy tool is destined to become one of your favorite fly fishing tools.

rising_diamond_hook_file_sm Rising Diamond Hook File
Features a 4 inch long hook file to keep fly hooks sharp.
Lanyard included.
Rubber handle.
Flat sections for knife sharpening.
Double MD 600 grit grooves.
800 diamond grit groove on back.

dr_slick_clamp_5sm.jpg Dr. Slick Clamps - 5"
Half Smooth & Half Striated Jaws
Straight Tip

fishpond_piopod_sm Fishpond PioPod
Micro Trash Container.
Don't be that guy - "Pack It Out". And when you find someone else's trash along the river? Please pack that out too. Help keep our beloved waterways trash-free.

orvis_silver_sonic_waterproof_pocket_SM Orvis Silver Sonic Waterproof Pocket !
This waterproof pocket will keep your valuables dry when you're wading in deeper waters.
7.5" x 7.5" TPU pouch

vedavoo_pinch_pouch_small Vedavoo Pinch Pouch
Self-closing pouch for indicators, weight, and other small items, material and hooks at the bench, or great as a pocket pouch for everyday use.
4.5 x 5.5 x .25 in

denlogo_new_phase_waterproof1 New Phase / Bear's Den Double Sided Super Duty Waterproof Fly Boxes
Strong, durable, clarified ABS plastic boxes with positive snap tight latch and stainless steel hinge pins. High density, custom made, long lasting slit foam liner that will hold tons of flies. Rubber water tight gasket seals the box tight.
Bear's Den Logo by Pat Cohen printed on one side.

Bd_T_newlogoSM Bear's Den New Logo Signature Gildan T-Shirt !
Gildan T-shirt
New Logo on front
Classic Bears Den Logo print on back.
100% Cotton

simms_acc_retractor_blackout Simms Retractor
Dig less, fish more, and keep imperative tools primed for action via Simms’ new and improved injection molded Retractor®. Attachment stems from a stainless steel pin that’s compatible with all Simms waders and packs, while the rugged PE coil extends the reach of your nippers, pliers, and tippet spools to about two feet.
Dimensions - 3.75" x .625"

yeti_handle_SM Yeti Rambler Handles !
The Rambler Handles offer an alternative way to hold your 10 oz., 20 oz. and 30 oz. Tumblers to optimize portability.

spool_clip Spool Clip !
Spool Clips are a new way to carry your tippet spools. Their simple and compact design keeps your spools handy yet out of the way at the same time.

rio_wonder_cloth Rio Wonder Cloth !
A fly line gets dirty like anything else, and should be cleaned every few trips. RIO's new Wonder Cloth is a micro abrasive cleaning pad that strips out the deep-lying dirt without roughing the fly line.

simms_bounty_hunter_mesh_pouch_SM Simms Bounty Hunter Mesh Reel Pouch !
Innovative, Quick-drying pouches in three sizes.