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Stripers Forever Release A Breeder Club

About The Club
Welcome to the Stripers Forever Release A Breeder Club “RBC”. This program is designed by Stripers Forever to promote the release of large “breeding size” stripers which are mostly female fish. Current striped bass management practices have targeted large striped bass. The result has been a considerable decrease in the number of these large, old fish found in the population. Nature never intended it that way. Striped bass are the top predator in their inshore range, and historically it was not uncommon for individuals to live more than 20 years and spawn each year. This long spawning life is needed because conditions are often not suitable for the production of good year classes. The older fish produce many eggs, and when conditions are favorable to produce young stripers a robust spawning stock biomass insures that the waters will be well seeded with eggs. If conditions aren’t good the long lives of these fish and low natural mortality insure that there will be good spawning potential the next season. Unfortunately for the striped bass we have knocked this system seriously out of balance.

There are two membership categories. The first is for anglers who release a breeder while fishing with or without a guide/captain and displays the anglers name, image of the fish and location/length/date of the breeder released. The second category is for Guides/Charter boat captains who pledge to promote the release of breeders to their clients and displays a image, Captains name, location and a link to their website. JOINING THE CLUB IS FREE for both anglers and Guides/Charter boat captains. The rewards are a chance to win great prizes from out sponsors, a individualized membership package, recognition on the RBC membership pages of our website and the knowledge that you are doing your part to turn around the decline in striped bass.

Membership Requirements
THE MINIMUM SIZE FOR MEMBERSHIP IN THE RBC IS 36” TOTAL LENGTH. This is largely an honor system, though either a photograph of the fish or the name of a witness is required with the application. If a picture is supplied with the application we will publish it next to the name of the club member. The fish MUST BE RELEASED ALIVE AND IN GOOD HEALTH and either LEFT IN THE WATER or HELD OUT ONLY VERY BRIEFLY FOR A PICTURE. These large fish must be handled carefully due to their increased body weight and potential for carrying eggs.