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Airflo Two Hand Lines

Two hands are better than one!

There are few fly fishing trends that have helped the aver4age fly fisherman become more successful than the adoption of two hand rods. Modern two hand rods and today’s newest ly lines look radically different from the in ancestors of Great Britain. No longer is it necessary to pull out a 14 or 15 foot rod and a long belly line to call yourself a two handed rod fisherman.

The adoption of shorter rods and corresponding shorter lines has brought the concept of fishing with a two hande3d r4od to the masses. It has never been a better time to get into fishing with two hands. Airflo has a variety of lines and heads designed to fit just about every situation you will come across when fishing with a two hander.

Skagit style casting and fishing was first practiced in the Pacific Northwest and has become synonymous with casting large bulky flies and heavy sink tips. This series of Skagit shooting heads excels at getting the job done and makes it extremely easy to boot. Great for all skill levels.

Surface presentations with two handed rods have never been easier. This solid selection of lines easily fish all surface or near surface presentations.

airflo_sdswitch_sm Airflo Super Dri Switch Line
Finally...a taper formulated for switch and small spey rods with the same feeling and performance you'd expect from Airflo's family of spey products.

airflo_streamer_switch_sm Airflo Streamer Switch Line !
New to the two hand game, and aren't quite sure what to line that new switch rod with? We made it easy. An evolutionary step from our popular Skagit Switch design, the Super-DRI Streamer Switch features an aggressive front taper with a shorter, heavier head designed to make tip tossing a dream.
Specifically designed to easily load modern switch and short spey rods, the Streamer Switch will help anglers of any level of skill or experience cast more efficiently and effectively. 10' Fast Sink PolyLeader included.

airflo_skagit_switch Airflo Skagit Switch Line
The ultimate spey line for Switch rods. Able to fish heavy sink tips you thought impossible with your switch rod.
A sink tip head designed spedifically for Switch rods. An ultra short floating shooting head designed to cast sink tips, the Skagit Switch heads will balance with Switch rods of any length and stiffness. A shorter cousin of the popular Skagit compact heads, they will cast sink tips better than any other Switch line. They are designed for casters of all skill levels, and will throw heavy flies at th end of 10 to 12' of level T-14 sink tips. Match them with any of the Airflo Custom Cut tips and a 20 or 30# Ridge running line, and its the easiest casting Switch sink tip money can buy.

airflo_skagit_compact_g2 Airflo Skagit Compact G2 Line
Precisely toss tighter loops with the revolutionary next-generation in Skagit shooting head technology. Fish heavy tips and present flies deep in the water column, and do so with minimal effort.

airflo_skagit_fist Airflo Skagit F.I.S.T Head
Chrome chasers rejoice! The new Airflo Skagit F.I.S.T is here and ready to swing for the fences. Our field test team says that the new Skagit F.I.S.T (Floating, Intermediate, Sink-Three) really 'digs' and has gotten people into fish they couldn't get to with other lines.

airflo_skagit_compact_float Airflo Rage Compact Line
Too often we heard the cry for a line that cast like our Skagit Compact, but fishes as a straight floater. So, working with Tom Larimer, we developed the new Rage Compact. This new addition to the Skagit family keeps you in the "Floating" game under extremely windy and tight quarter casting situations. Its aggressive front taper gives ultimate power for driving casts into the strongest winds, the rear taper helps load quickly, giving you incredible control in tight casting conditions. Nine sizes from 360 to 600 grains, and lengths of 27' to 32' make matching the proper size to almost any two-handed rod easy and succinct. The front loop has the line size printed on it for easy recognition.

airflo_customtips Airflo Custom Cut Tips
"Like a Brick" probably best describes the sink rate of a custom cut tip - developed to meet demands from steelhead and striper fisherman, our tips are looped ready for you to customize.
20 ft
200 (T10), 330 (T16)
both ends
10 ft
T7, T10, T14, T18
one end
18 ft
T7, T10, T14, T18
one end

airflo_scandinavian_compact Airflo Scandinavian Compact Shooting Heads
A beautiful finesse line for floating line work with small flies. A great line for those who like long front tapers on their floating lines.
Designed to perform with modern shorter rods or where back cast room limits your "D" Loop - Scandi Compacts come in 11 sizes from the scant 240 grain to its larger brother the 540 grain, enabling you to create a perfectly balanced outfit.
These heads have made casting so easy it isn't fair to those who had to learn with a conventional long belly line. Whether it's steep banks or the tough winds ripping up the canyon, Scandi Compact helps anglers of skill level cast like a pro in no time.