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Royal Wulff Accessories

video_joan_wulff_sm DVD - Joan Wulff Dynamics of Fly Casting
Joan shows and explains the mechanics and techniques she has been developing, analyzing, and refining for more than 60 years. Learn the important elements of great casting, vital hand and arm movements, practice routines that will teach you how to make almost all kinds of casts. Solid Basics to Advanced Techniques. 90 min.

video_Lee_wulff_master_sm DVD - The Lee Wulff Master Collection
Fourteen of Lee's best films brought together for the first time on this 2 DVD set. Vintage films from the heyday of angling from America's pioneer fly fisherman. Freshwater, saltwater, trout, salmon and big game species -- it's all here! Makes a perfect gift, and a great addition to any sportsman's library. Approximately 5 hours of exciting footage!

royal_wulff_flycasting_kit_sm Royal Wulff Fly Casting Kit
The Royal Wulff Fly Casting Kit is everything you need to learn or improve your fly casting from one of the most trusted names in the industry.

royal_wulff_fly_o_rod_sm Royal Wulff Fly-O Practice Rod
The Fly-O practice rod from Wulff is a 3' rod with 15 feet of bulky yarn for casting practice. Requiring the same timing and nearly the same strength to push the yarn through the casting motions, it simulates fly tackle perfectly. For off-season or brush-ups. New instruction booklet by Joan Wulff included. Replacement yarn available. (note, yarn color varies)

royal_wulff_wristlok Royal Wulff Wristlok
An ingeniously simple device to improve casting ability. Prevents the caster from applying too much wrist on the backward stroke.