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Achieving excellence in fly reel performance has been the guiding criteria in the design and manufacture of this reel. You’ll also find that simplicity and reliability are important features designed into every reel we make. The result is a performance reel that requires little from you beyond your enthusiastic use on the water.

Follow these easy Maintenance Tips below-

Do NOT lubricate the drag, you may take the gland cap off and remove the roller clutch and rinse with water. Allow the drag parts to dry thoroughly prior to re-assembling the drag. No lubrication is necessary and it may even cause issues with the inner workings of your reel. A small amount of WD-40 may be applied to the handle in order to remove any dirt build up between the handle and the handle shaft. Make certain that your line stays clean and free of cracks and debris, this can cause frame/finish damage.
Important- IF the gland cap is removed for any reason, always make sure its back on tightly. And check it periodically even if it isn’t removed.

In Saltwater Environments-
Always be sure to rinse your reel under fresh running water after every use in a salt environment. Occasionally rinse the drag of the reel thoroughly by taking the following steps. These steps are not necessary at the end of every day of fishing, but at the end of each trip. Remove the spool.
Unscrew the gland cap and remove the red clutch assembly.
Rinse all of the components and inside the drag cylinder thoroughly with fresh running water.
Allow all of the components to completely dry.
Re-install all of the components.
*Use of salt water specific equipment-rinse such as Salt-Xฎ will not harm your reel or the drag system and can greatly increase the effectiveness of salt removal.*

For Spool Removal-
Hold the reel towards your body as shown below. Grasp the edges of the frame with your fingers and place your thumbs on the spool at the locations shown below. While pushing the frame towards your body with your fingers, push the spool away from the frame with your thumbs.