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Beulah Warranty

Thank you for choosing Beulah Fly Rods We stand behind our products and guarantee our fly rods against any defect in materials or workmanship. If your rod fails due to material or workman defect, please send it back to us and we will replace or repair the rods at our discretion. Rods have an original owner lifetime guarantee and must be registered with provided warranty card within 30 days of purchase. All defective products should be returned to Beulah Fly Rods. Beulah Fly Rods does not cover any type of damage resulting from neglect, normal wear and tear, the misuse of our products or lost parts. Rods that fail due to misuse, negligence, loss of part or normal wear-and-tear will be repaired or replaced at a reasonable cost. We reserves the right to repair or replace any rods covered by this warranty and the right to replace any discontinued models or parts with current models or parts when necessary. For repairs or warranty returns please fill out and return Warranty Repair Form with complete rod in tube.

For all return shipments within the U.S., the original owner will be responsible for a $65 fee for each repaired item to cover return shipping, insurance and processing. International customers will be charged additional international shipping and insurance costs, and will be responsible for all related customs and duty charges.

Thank you again for Fishing Beulah!

Warranty Return Procedure
Please return entire rod and parts in original tube and package in cardboard box for safe shipping. All warranty returns should be addressed to;

Beulah Fly Rods
1017 Reddy ave
Medford, OR 97504

Include a completed Warranty Repair Form along with a $65 check or credit card information for payment of shipping , insurance and handling. Rods received without proper contact information and payment will not be repaired or returned at our cost. If you are unable to open the Warranty Repair Form please just include a note with your name, contact information, shipping information, and $50 payment.