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Winston Action

Winston rods have long been recognized as the ultimate in smooth-casting fly rods. This is as true for our Trout rods as it is for Two-Handed models and for our Saltwater rods. How can this be the case with such different performance features? Because our design philosophy takes into consideration the simple fact that feeling the rod as it loads is critical to casting accurately and presenting the fly properly. This feeling is known as the “Winston Action,” and it’s why our rods are such a joy to cast.

Deflection is how a rod flexes. The slightly deeper bend of Winston rods protects light tippets, protects against unexpected runs of large fish, allows for improved presentation, and, of course, provides a better feel.


Rods have multiple characteristics that determine how they feel and what purpose they best serve. At Winston we strive to create rods that are a pleasure to cast with smooth efficient actions but also have the attributes to be the best fishing tools on the water. The Winston difference can best be defined as the marriage between where the rod flexes (deflection) and how quickly it recovers (recovery rate). Our rods have a slightly deeper bend, but also have a faster recovery rate. This combination is uniquely Winston and creates the ideal performance on the water. Our Trout rods can present small flies delicately in close, but can also launch a larger fly further to that fish that appears just out of range.

Recovery rate is the speed at which a rod returns to a straight position after a cast. This is an important characteristic for premium fly rods. The faster the recovery rate, the quicker a rod can respond to input and power from the caster. Faster recovery rates allow for more efficient casting, getting your fly to the fish quickly, and more line speed control.