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Dyna-King Specialty Vises

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dyna_king_tube_fly_2002_vise_sm.jpg Dyna-King Tube Fly Vise 2002
$349.00 Be the first one to write a review
Fully machined and fitted with precision ball bearings for smooth rotation. Complete with three sizes in mandrels and collets and a bonus sampling kit of HMH tubing.

dyna_king_ergonomic_supreme_sm.jpg Dyna-King Ergonomic Supreme Vise
$369.00 Be the first one to write a review
Offers exceptional access and the ability to be readily manipulated for position and attitude to aid those constructing monster flies. By adding extra length to both the vise body and to the hook-holding jaws, the “ERGONOMIC SUPREME” utilizes all the great features of the renowned “SUPREME” fly-tying vise.