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Bear's Den 19th Annual Fly Fishing Expo

Below is an overview of last years show. The 2018 show will feature a lot of the same great people and some new ones! Please check back soon as we will be updating the 2018 show info as we get closer to show time!!!


Thank you to all the friends who set up booths, and all the customers who came to visit.

Congratulations to our winners!!

Bob Popovics Bio
Popovics is the founder of the Atlantic Salt Water Flyrodders, advisory member of TFO rods, a member of the Renzetti Legacy Tying Team, associated with Tibor Reels, and a Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame and Catskill Fly Fishing Museum Hall of Fame inductee. He is the co-author of Pop Fleyes with Ed Jaworowski. He lives in Seaside Park, New Jersey.

Thanks to the support of so many companies for helping out with the raffles!

Joe Cordeiro
Bob Popovics
Pat Cohen
David Nelson
3:15 - 5:00
Catskills Presentation


Val Lamphere
I started my life in Colorado, and do not remember much of it as, we moved to Milton, Vermont when I was only three. My childhood and early high school , I was extremely interested in the outside world around me, and living in the country (and Vermont is a beautiful state) was inspiring.
I moved to Massachusetts in 2002, got remarried to my best friend and soulmate John, in 2015, and he and I love fly fishing out of kayaks, in both fresh and saltwater, and fly tying together.
I keep two day jobs to make ends meet... working as an aquarium maintenance technician at Aquavision Technologies LLC., and I am a master artist for Paint Nite, that's right! I can even teach you how to paint if you live in the Boston area.

Karen Talbot
Karen Talbot is an award-winning scientific illustrator and conservation artist known primarily for her work with fishes, birds and botanicals. Living on the rocky coast of midcoast Maine, Karen takes her inspiration from oceans, streams, canyons, and mountains where she regularly dives, fishes and climbs.
An ardent conservationist, she aims to educate through her art, and she donates a percentage of sales to help conserve wildlands (and waters) that inspire her. Karen works in a variety of media, including watercolor, pen & ink and acrylic. Collected by anglers, divers, birders, scientists, and anyone passionate about the beauty of the natural world, Karen's artwork can be found worldwide at art shows, galleries, retail stores, restaurants, trade shows, and fishing tournaments, as well as in books, magazines, hotels, and, of course, in clients’ homes.


John Field
Author of Fly-Casting Finesse
“John Field is a freelance member of the angling media, conservationist and fly-casting instructor. John has spent extensive time exploring the waters of the Northwest Territories in Canada with Canadian Sportfishing Magazine and the Amazonas in Venezuela and elsewhere, while working for Larry Dahlberg Productions. He has decades of experience flats fishing the Florida Keys and striped bass fishing in the Northeast. John also makes regular trips to fish in the Balkans of Europe and the Yellowstone region. He is past-president of the New York City Chapter of Trout Unlimited and past president of the American Casting Association. John is an IFFF Certified Master Casting Instructor and author of the book; Fly-Casting Finesse- A Complete Guide to Improving All Aspects of Your Casting, Skyhorse Publishing, 2014. John’s feature articles have been published in Fly Fisherman Magazine and many others and he has contributed to several books by other authors. John filmed and co-produced Hunt for Big Fish, which has aired on ESPN and other cable networks. John and his family live in Weston, Connecticut.”

Bob Popopvics
Author of Fleye Designs & Pop Fleyes
"The most innovative fly tier I have ever known." --Lefty Kreh on Bob Popovics. "Bob Popovics has brought more creative ideas to the table in the last two decades than any other tier out there." --Dan Blanton. These are the only books available on the tier whose techniques with epoxy and silicone revolutionized saltwater fly tying. The family of flies Bob Popovics developed over the last three decades have proven devastatingly effective for stripers, bluefish, false albacore, and many more species. These books goes beyond the basic recipe format to provide the thinking behind Popovics's pattern development, a guide to key tying techniques, and detailed notes on how to fish Pop Fleyes most effectively.

Division of Marine Fisheries Saltwater Permits

Ross Kessler
2017 Recreational saltwater fishing permits are now available and will be sold at the show! If you're 16 years or older, you need a recreational saltwater fishing permit to fish in Massachusetts. For ages 16-59, the cost of the permit is $10. Ages 60+ must still have a permit to fish in Massachusetts but the permit is free. Ross Kessler of the DMF will be in attendance to get you set up for the season and answer any questions you may have.

Rod Builders

Bernard Ramanauskas
Bear's Den is proud to offer some of the finest hand-made bamboo rods available. Individually crafted by Bernard Ramanauskas, each Eden Cane rod is a work of art. We are very excited to have Bernard at the show! Come down and say hi. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Dave Loren
Dave Loren is a rod builder and proud owner of East Bay Custom Fly Rods. He brings 15 years of custom rod building for both fresh and saltwater species and over 8 years as a saltwater fishing guide. Located on the east bay side of Narraganset Bay in Warren, Rhode Island. Each fly rod is custom built for a fly fisher by a fly fisherman.
His goal is to provide professional and personal service which will help guide you to the proper rod that will fish the way you do and provide many years of angling pleasure. As much as he enjoys casting a bamboo rod, he has decided to concentrate on graphite rods and the nuances that make them a valuable fishing tool. If you need help deciding on rod length, line weight, and special components he will be happy to assist and encourages you to have as much input into your rod as you would like.

Fly Tyers

Tommy Baranowski
My name is Tommy Baranowski I'm 30 years old and live in Collinsville Connecticut right on banks of the Farmington river. I've been fishing for most of my life and spent most of my time fishing with my father, who is an inspiring outdoorsman , on the Farmington and on Lake Ontario. In my late teens a close friend took me out and put a fly rod in my hand and it was all downhill from there. I've been tying flies for close to 10 years and have co-operated a guide service CTfishguides for around 6 years on the Farmington river. Although most of my time is spent on the Farmington chasing Browns, my favorite aspect of fishing is the adventure and putting a backpack on and disappearing miles into the woods to catch brook trout is something that will never get old to me. Swinging for steelhead, throwing big flies for pike, chasing false albacore, and rowing my drift boat take up the rest of the time! I've been involved with the Boy Scouts for most of my life and made Eagle Scout in my teens, in doing so conservation was instilled in me and I continue those ideals as Vice President and environmental director of the Farmington river anglers association or FRAA.

Dave Brandt
Dave Brandt is a Senior instructor and has been with the Wulff School of Fly fishing since 1987. A world famous Fly tyer, Dave also taught Fly Fishing at SUNY Oneonta and illustrated the Carmichael/Garrison book on Bamboo Rod making.

Shawn Britton
Located in N.W. Connecticut minutes from some of New England's premier Trout fisheries, Shawn has been at home on CT and surrounding rivers and waters since his youth. Tying flies and guiding since the late 1980's at his local fishing and fly shops to working as a saltwater deckhand on Long Island Sound, for years Shawn has enjoyed sharing his passion for the sport as a guide,freelance writer, published artist, show fly tyer, and these days kayak or wade fishing on his local waters testing out new fly patterns for any species of fish that will put a bend in the rod.
Come say hello at the Bears Den Fly Fishing Show ! Shawn can be contacted via email at bootroutman@gmail.com

Dick Brown
Dick is an innovative fly designer, tier, and authority on bonefish and permit patterns. He has created several signature flats flies including the Beady Crab, the Hare Trigger, the Strip Tease, the Phantom Crab, Rocket Man Mantis, Slinky Toad, Dick’s Squilly, and the Simko. He is also one of the foremost authorities on bonefish fly patterns and is the author of Bonefish Fly Patterns, 2nd Edition: Tying, Selecting, and Fishing All the Best Bonefish Flies from Today’s Best Tiers, with the most comprehensive collection of bonefish flies and tiers ever assembled in a single volume.
Dick is also the author of Fly Fishing for Bonefish, considered by many to be the bible on this great game fish, it has received high praise by reviewers, including Fly Fisherman’s John Randolph, who wrote of the first edition, “A classic … Dick Brown tells virtually everything a fly fisher needs to know about the sport … a superb book.”
Dick has stalked bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook, and other tropical saltwater species for over 40 years and he’s fished extensively for bones in the Bahamas, Caribbean, Pacific, South America, and Florida Keys. His articles have appeared in Fly Fisherman, American Angler, Fly Fishing in Saltwaters, and he is a regular contributor to Fly Tyer.
Learn more at: www.dickbrownbonefishing.com

Michael Brucato
Tier, Presenter & Soft-hackle fly addict.
While my family and I currently reside in Massachusetts, I grew up trout fishing with my father at a young age in both New Jersey and Rhode Island.
During my many fishing adventures in various locations I have learned from experience just how productive and enjoyable soft-hackle wet flies are when trout fishing.
I must admit, that I never get tired of seeing the expression on people’s faces or hearing the stories of how one of my hand tied soft-hackle flies helped a fisherman to fool a trout. Fish my soft-hackled wet flies with confidence and hold on as the strike is often vicious…

Joe Cordiero
Fly Tying is not just a hobby for this man it is a passion. Joe Cordeiro has been tying flies for over 25 years. The past 10 years focusing on teaching, presenting at shows and marketing salt water flies. Joe has been fishing his entire life growing up near Cape Cod. Fly-fishing has been his main focus for many years His salt-water fly patterns have been tested in waters for their imitation to the bait they mimic. Many of his patterns are lifelike imitations. The materials used are natural and add to the authenticity of the product. Joe’s style and tying technique have caught the attention and admiration of many seasoned fly tiers and his passion for the art is evident.

Armand J. Courchaine
Armand J. Courchaine born in Fall River, MA. Life long fly tyer, fly fisherman, photographer and instructor currently residing in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Life member of United Fly Tyers, Rhody Fly Rodders. Founder of Crossroads Anglers.
At nine years old, while looking through the window of E.F. Cornell Sporting Goods Store. Armand was approached by the owner and asked if he had a job such as selling newspapers. The answer was no. Mr. Cornell than ask if he would like the opportunity to make money. Armand, asked “Doing what?” The owner said “Tying flies?” Armand’s reply “Do you hold them by the wings?” Thus was the beginning of Armand’s career of tying flies commercially.
1980 He wrote a column called “Fishing Time” for Somerset Spectator which was a weekly newspaper until 1996. He wrote articles for My Father’s Canoe, New England Fisherman, and On the Water Magazine. A member of New England Outdoor Writers from 1980 to 2004.
1997, Armand Courchaine received the prestigious “Lifetime Achievement Award” by United Fly Tyers and Federation of Fly Fishers.
Armand’s Fly Patterns have appeared; Ken Bay’s book, Salt water Flies, Jack Gartside’s Salt Water Patterns; Dick Surette, Fly Tyer; Ray Bondorew’s Stripers and Streamers; Lefty Kreh’ Salt Water Flies; Angelo Peluso’s Saltwater Flies of the Northeast. Peter Nielsen’s Rhody Fly Rodders, 50 Years.
Armand shares his tying experience with monthly classes at United Fly Tyers, New England Fly Tyers, Crossroads Anglers and Rhody Fly Rodders. He is past president of United Fly Tyers, the oldest fly tying organization in America. Also Past president of Rhody Fly Rodders, the oldest saltwater fly fishing organization in America. In November 2013 Armand completed his first book entitled “Bugs over Bass”, A book on tying bugs with deer body hair. He has tied for sixty years.

Pat Cohen
My name is Pat Cohen. I live in upstate New York where there is an abundance of warm water streams, lakes, and farm ponds to fish; although most anything with gills is fair game. I was always a terrible fisherman with spin and casting gear, but I began fly fishing in 2008 and since then I have caught more fish than I can count. I have been tying flies since January of 2009. Fly fishing and tying have become an essential part of my life.
I specialize in deer hair bass bugs, but I tie everything from streamers to nymphs. The artistic freedom that fly tying offers is what drew me to it. All of my flies are meant to be fished with the exception of the display offerings. Every piece of each bug - be it the hair, feathers, or weed guards - has a purpose. The final product is a fish catching fly and a miniature sculpture all in one. To my way of thinking, there is nothing like watching a five pound bucketmouth or an 18 inch smallie erupting from the water to crush one of my bugs as it's drawn across the surface.

Rich Connors
Richard lives in southeast Massachusetts and his interest in fly fishing started around the age of 12 after reading Ernie Schwiebert’s “Remembrances of Rivers Past”. A couple years later he started tying flies, a lifelong quest that started over 30 years ago. His interest in streamers really took off after watching Mike Martinek tie at Orvis Boston back in 1999. Richard spends most of his angling days at the local bass ponds or fishing the salt with his son.

Steve Cook
I began fly fishing/tying in the salt when I was 10 years old... working for an old functioning alcoholic who owned a bait and tackle store, and who had a design for a saltwater fly reel. Now, as it happened, my father was an early saltwater fly master... who wanted me to expand my horizons! We're talking... 1956... hey, I was just a kid!
Well, long story short (the long version is a great romanticized story)... I started fly fishing in the salt at the Narragansett and South County beaches, and along Long Island, where others surf casted. I was flying before I was Surf casting... and I fell in love... with saltwater fly fishing!
Lots of water on the beaches and tides since those days...
Some of you may know me as a retail counterman, instructor, fly tyer, and corny joke teller... and all-around fly guy. I'm all those things and a commercial fly tyer, guide, instructor, and granfather... probably my most important accomplishment.

Capt. Mark Dysinger
I suppose that I'm one of the fortunate few who can honestly say that I've been fishing for as long as I can remember. Growing up in the state of Maine afforded me multiple opportunities to pursue many species of fish in fresh and salt water.
I'm told that my first fish was a catfish caught from a small pond in New Hampshire, and that it scared the daylights out of me. Fortunately, the experience didn't scar me enough to keep me from developing a great love for the sport. My fascination grew by leaps and bounds a few years later when I received a flyrod for my birthday.
I'll never cease to be amazed at the variety that the New England states have to offer in the way of angling opportunities. One could spend a few lifetimes sampling them. Although most of my years have been spent in Maine, I have also been fortunate enough to live and fish in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Since early 2000, my years have been spent in central Connecticut, where I have been able to explore and learn some wonderful waters. Bass, pike, panfish, and trout in the lakes, rivers, and ponds... and striped bass, bluefish, weakfish, albacore, bonito, and shad in Long Island Sound... there's plenty to fish for here.
I owe a debt of gratitude to my father for instilling the love of this sport in me. He taught me the importance of the environment and how integral each of its components are. He also taught me about the respect that the outdoors deserves. I'm also indebted to my mother and two brothers, who tolerated my passion for fishing and occasionally shared in my escapades. Lastly, I need to thank my wife, Anne. She is very accommodating to my hobby, and has started to become quite a fly tyer and fisher herself.

Dave Flint
I grew up fishing the small streams of Mass, and upper New England. Our family would go tenting each year in Maine and New Hampshire. As my brother was climbing mountains, you’d find me hopping rocks along the mountain streams with fishing gear. I’ve been fishing since I was a young kid but didn’t start fly fishing until I was about the age of 13.
My first fly fishing experience was in the early 70’s on the Roach River in Maine. Our family tented each year in the area and I became friends with the local camp owner in Kokadjo. One morning I watched him fly fishing, carefully maneuvering a fly in and around the currents. After successfully catching a few fish he handed me the rod and said,” give it a try”. He showed me the type of fly he used and how to fish it. I followed his instructions and soon felt a sharp tug. Before I knew it, the line was screaming off the reel – this was no small brook trout! After a couple of leaps and with help from my new friend, my prize was brought to net. Not only had I caught my first Salmon but it was also my first time fly fishing. The following spring I spent all of my time hopping rocks in the clear mountain streams, learning to read the water. Armed with my new fly rod, I’d dip flies in the small pools; sometimes missing a rock along the way and putting myself in the pool instead. Since then I’ve been a hopeless fanatic about the sport.
I started dressing flies in the 80’s after joining a local club; the New England Fly Tyers.
Through the years I’ve contributed flies for the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (receiving certificate of Master Flytyer), Miramichi salmon Association, Wounded Warriors project, and the NEFT Youth Outreach, among others. I’ve also supplied flies for some well-known books such as Rare and Unusual Fly Tying Materials Vol. 1 & 2, Forgotten Flies and The Art of Angling Journals, along with Bonefish Fly Patterns. It’s a joy tying/demonstrating at local shows/events, passing on my experiences and expertise to others. I’ve also taught at local clubs, NEFT and co-produced the NEFT Video Manual of Fly Tying.
All flies are a joy to dress but my favorites are Atlantic salmon flies, soft hackles and streamers run close seconds. Since then my passion for fly dressing has become a full-blown obsession. I’ve dressed almost every type of pattern there is, started my company Misty Morning Flies, and done everything from commercial fly tying for noted New England shops, to selling custom framed artwork with display flys.
These days my focus leans toward designing specialty framed art pieces for people, dressing and fishing full dressed salmon flies, and working new ideas into old world proven patterns.
I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the most important person in the world to me, my lovely wife and partner, Jean. Her encouragement, enthusiasm and patience with my obsession (even when I track feather through the house) are undying. She truly is an angel.
I’ve also had the good fortune to know Bill Wilbur, one of New England’s best salmon fly designers/tiers. He’s been an influential mentor and good friend for many years. I’m grateful for his expertise, guidance and friendship. (Thanks Bill).
Share your knowledge and experiences with others, so they may enjoy them also. Especially share with the children, for they are the sportsmen of tomorrow.

Bob Greco
Bob Greco, Warwick, RI, is a dry fly addict. For more than forty years, he has been chasing the elusive trout. His quest has taken him from his nearby Farmington River in Connecticut to Canada’s Miramichi River and out west to Montana. Among Bob’s favorite locales are the West Branch of the Deleware, the Willowemoc and the numerous “secret spots” hidden in the Catskills.Bob is a life member of Trout Unlimited and a founding member of United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island. UFTRI was established and grew out of Bob’s and many other determined individuals’, thirst for knowledge. Over the years he has worn many hats and held every conceivable position. Most notably, Bob has become a teacher and mentor sharing his vast knowledge of materials and techniques with ease and not for money but for the love of the art.
If you get a chance to see one of Bob’s favorite “Rube Cross” dry flies tied in the Catskills tradition, you’ll think you’re back in the 20’s or 30’s……..absolute perfection.Bob’s a humble guy who doesn’t like to toot his own horn but I can’t remember the last time he got skunked. It seems like every time out, when others come up short, he always manages to hook one…….or two……..or three.
Over the years, Bob has turned out thousands of flies on his HMH Vises. If you’re fortunate enough to share conversation and a cup of coffee with Bob and he hands you a small clear plastic box with a few of his “trout teaser” flies, you know you’ll have a great day on the river.A few years ago, Scott asked me if I could convince Bob to tie at the show. After some trickery, we finally succeeded and we’re all the better for it. As you can guess, I’m a long time fishing buddy of Bob’s having spent many an hour in the river with him chasing the elusive trout.

Rob Lewis
Rob is a professional fly tier, river guide, lecturer and fly tying instructor. He is one of the foremost fly pattern designers in the country and his Realistic Series has been touted as the future of fly design. He has been featured in magazines such as Fish & Fly, Fly Fishing New England and Fly Tyer.
While Rob describes himself as “a pair of pants away from a caveman”, the best description was written by one of the hundreds of clients Rob has guided on rivers for trout in Montana and New York

Bob Mead
Bob Mead of Scotia New York has been tying realistic flies since 1966. The Praying Mantis, Walking Stick, and Water Scorpion are just 3 of many unusual patterns he originated and have been published along with articles and interviews in books, magazines, and newspapers around the world. Recently he was sought out to tie two realistic black widow spiders as props for the TV show Royal Pains.

Rich Murphy
Rich Murphy is a Professional Civil Engineer in Massachusetts, a published author, a professional fly designer, a salt water fly fishing junky, and a pretty good husband to a lovely wife.
Murphy taught himself to fly cast and tie simple fresh water flies over the winter of his eighth year. He caught his first trout on a fly that next spring using a mayfly spinner pattern copied from an old Field and Stream.
He started tying saltwater flies commercially over 20 years ago. In the winter of 1995, Murphy entered a fly designing contract with Umpqua Feather Merchants. To date, Umpqua has accepted eight of his fly patterns for their catalog: the Conomo Special, Steep Hill Special, RM Shortfin Squid, RM Flatside, RM Needlefish, RM Rattlesnake, RM Spitfire and the Pamet Special.
Murphy has written feature articles for fly fishing periodicals that include Saltwater Flyfishing, Fish and Fly Magazine , and Fly Tyer . His first book, Fly Fishing for Striped Bass, went to print in July 2007, and is presently available in most major retail and internet book retail outlets.He lives in Georgetown, Massachusetts, with Lucy, his wife and most cogent critic, and their faithful bad dog, Tahoe.

David Nelson
I live near Kensico Reservoir in White Plains, NY with my wonderful wife three children, who are up-and-coming fly-tiers in their own right. I grew up in Manhattan and Westchester, and spent many summers fishing in Mahopac, NY, and Lake Sunapee, NH. I have spent time in Arcata, CA, as well as Big Pine Key, FL, and Brazil.
My grandmother instilled in me a deep love for the outdoors from a young age, and when I was five-years-old, my uncle taught me how to fish--although he'll tell you he "just brought me to the water." My passion for fishing quickly emerged, and ever since I have seldom been found without a fishing rod. To this day, my family recalls how I would fish whenever or wherever I could, or even "cast into a puddle," and somehow have the best luck of anyone they had even known. I started fly-fishing at age 26, and complete and total immersion into this new world was rapid, and I have focused on it ever since. Given my fishing prowess with bait and spin gear, the transition to the fly was enjoyable, and I found success in a relatively short time.

Ted Patlen
Winner of seven fly-tying world championships, has demonstrated at fly-fishing venues from the rocky shores of the Pacific coast, across the states as well as Canada, from a 12th century convent in Italy, north to Scandinavia, to the heart of Great Britain……as well as on a hot dusty parking lot in Roscoe, New York.

Mike Rice
In the words of the Dog himself: "I came to fly fishing late in life at the age of 33 and I’ve tried to make up for those lost years before the fly rod ever since. My first cast was at sunset on Missouri Key en route to Key West. It was an instant addiction. Shortly after that I caught my first striped bass on a fly that I tied myself and fly fishing took over nearly every thought and free minute. I started tying flies commercially in 2000 with my black lab, Jack at my side. It began with a few guides I knew, then a few local shops and eventually an online store. From the beginning the objective has been to turn out simple flies that are proven to catch fish, be durable and hopefully be part of someone’s fishing stories. The greatest rewards in all of this has been hearing back from customers about their catches on my flies and watching students in the classes I teach tie their first fly and then go out and catch a fish on it. I’ve had the opportunity to fish in a lot of beautiful places for a lot of different species with some amazing people but my favorite water is my home water on the North and South Rivers in Marshfield, MA. In fly tying and in my own fishing it has never been about the number of catches or the size of the fish…it is the stories, the experiences, the places, the people, and the fish themselves that keep me doing this."

Page Rogers
Page began fly fishing at the age of 8 on the tiny streams of central Connecticut under the watchful eye of her Dad. She landed her first trout a little over a year later on the Couginchaug River. While in her teens she and her father began to pursue stripers and blues on the fly in the waters around Martha’s Vineyard and Long Island Sound. Completely self-taught, she began fly tying in the the early 1980’s and soon was creating her own patterns to match the sand eels and silversides common in the waters of southern New England. In 1994 she became the first woman tier signed by UMPQUA Feather Merchants into their royalty fly tier program. In 1995 she received the Harry & Elsie Darbee Award from IFFF. Her flies and techniques are documented in numerous books, articles and videos (Hooked on a Fly Tying series). Her flies are commercially produced by Umpqua Feather Merchants, and are available, or can be ordered, at any UMPQUA dealer.
Page continues to enjoy tying at fly fishing trade shows and at club meetings, and sharing her knowledge of saltwater fly fishing on the east coast. She currently is on the Pro-Staff at: Abel, Tibor, Patagonia, Simms, Action Optics, LL Bean, Ross and Scientific Anglers.

Bill Wilbur
I’ve been making flies for over 55 years, from midge trout flies to sailfish and marlin flies. But my specialty is Atlantic salmon flies. My greatest pattern design for Atlantic salmon has been the “Green Machine” Probable my next greatest pattern would be the “Pearl Herron” spey fly. I’ve tied flies for Ducks Unlimited, Basin Mills, Miramichi Salmon Association and North Atlantic Salmon Fund. From the North Atlantic Salmon Fund I received a certificate of Master Fly Tyer.

Dale Mathews wil also be in attendance