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dvd_a_backyard_in_nowhere.jpg DVD - A Backyard in Nowhere
New film A backyard in Nowhere represents, according to the interwebs, "The birth of the flyfishing Western." But don't expect cameos from a double-hauling Clint Eastwood or a San Juan shuffling John Wayne. This home on the range is exclusive to mega AK pike. Giddy-up.
over 50 min.
Dec 2011

dvd_a_kids_guide_to_flyfishing.jpg DVD - A Kids Guide to Fly Fishing by Tyler Befus
Learning the sport of Flyfishing is fast, easy, and fun with this instructional DVD

dvd_a_love_affair_with_angling.jpg DVD - A Love Affair with Angling: Disk 2 The Love Deepens
$24.95 $17.95 On Sale!
Unique DVD, 'A Love Affair with Angling,' Explores why Fishermen Fish, Interviewing 15 Master Anglers with 600 Years Experience - And it Dares Ask, 'Are They Nuts?'
It's is not your usual fishing video. This unique DVD explores the love that 15 Master Anglers with 600 years of experience have for fishing, including folklore, philosophy, motivations, secrets, tips, techniques, and the mystique of waters. It confronts the question, "Are anglers nuts?" Or is their quest a noble one? Or both?
108 minutes

dvd_advanced_classic_wet_flies.jpg DVD - Advanced Classic Wet Flies
by Don Bastian
In Advanced Classic Wet Flies, part of The New Hooked On Fly Tying Series, Don Bastian introduces his prorietary and unique method of material handling to simplify the assembly and construction of the married wing trout flies. His new technique eliminates the confusion and difficulty often associated with handling wing quill and tail slips.
one-hour 52 minutes

dvd_basic_fly_tying_sm.jpg DVD - Basic Fly Tying - 2DVD set
Look over the shoulder of award-winning tier Marvin Nolte as he demonstrates his expert technique. More than two hours of user friendly instruction.
Approx 138 minutes

dvd_black_tailed_devils.jpg DVD - Black Tailed Devils
A decade in the making, Black Tailed Devils is a one of a kind fly fishing movie; the first dedicated to capturing the pursuit of permit on film. The producers of Getting Guided and Into the Backing, the only company hardcore and hellbent enough to target this befuddling species full time, travel to the outer regions of the Florida Keys with tournament-winning guides and their clients to score never before seen footage of the flats’ most elusive fish. With an array of reel-searing runs, cursing anglers, pole-throwing guides, and a lifetime’s worth of tailing permit, Black Tailed Devils, like no film before it, captures the insanity and exhilaration of chasing permit on the fly.
27 min.

dvd_bonefish_a_fly_fishing_odyssey.jpg DVD - Bonefish - a fishing oddyssey
“IT IS LIKE A DRUG. I think that’s what it is. What is it about Belize bonefish? You know every fisherman asks themselves, ‘If I could give up everything, for one fish, in one place, what would it be?’ And the more I go, the more I’m sure it would be a big bonefish in Belize.”
54 min.

dvd_connect.jpg DVD - Connect
From Confluence Films - the makers of Rise & Drift
CONNECT is the latest film project from Confluence Films. The film a multi-segment collection of individual stories shot around the world and includes locations in Japan, Maine, Cuba, Alaska, Yellowstone National Park, and Tanzania, Africa.
93 min.
Nov 2011

dvd_czech_nymphing.jpg DVD - Czech Nymphing 101
This DVD is the culmination of over 12 years of research and experience through competitions and resources here in the United States and abroad. Steve has brought all of these elements together in this DVD that is sure to become an incredible reference for European Nymphing Methods.
146 min.

dvd_tenkara.jpg DVD - Discovering Tenkara
Join the Discover Tenkara Team together with Japan’s foremost tenkara expert – Dr Hisao Ishigaki – for a look at the fundamental elements of this beautiful and effective fly fishing tradition. Born in the mountain streams of Japan, tenkara is now a global pastime attracting novices and seasoned fly anglers alike.

dvd_drift.jpg DVD - Drift
A stunning visual journey, DRIFT combines the highest quality film production, world class flyfishing and an eclectic group of anglers to create the most definitive film about the sport to date.
65 min.
Oct 2008

dvd_eastern_rises.jpg DVD - Eastern Rises
Ben Knight's cynical, snarky narration pulls you along on this humorous and intriguing tale of fishing Far East Russia. The cinematography is superb, the storytelling excellent, and the angling aspirational. Felt Soul may have made better film festival-ey movies, but they've never produced a better flyfishing movie." – Tom Bie, The Drake
Running Time: 38min
Apr 2010

dvd_european_nymphing_techniques.jpg DVD - European Nymphing Techniques
Shot and edited in stunning high definition, European Nymphing Techniques and Fly Tying with Aaron Jasper. This instructional video is the culmination of over three years of research, practical testing, and instruction both on the stream and in the class room. Full of tips and techniques that you can’t find anywhere else.

DVD_rio_Favorite_Fly_fishing_knots DVD - Favorite Fly Fishing Knots from Rio
RIO's Favorite Fly Fishing Knots DVD is the ultimate instructional guide to the most popular and useful fly fishing knots. Each knot is tied in thick, highly visible material, with a contrasting background that makes very easy to see the detail of each knot tied.

video_fish_bum DVD - Fish Bum Volume I: Mongolia
AEG Media’s third feature film, Fish Bum I: Mongolia An AEG Adventure Film is packed with extraordinary footage with never before seen river systems hidden deep within the remote reaches of inner Mongolia. AEG Fish Bums: Chris Owens, Thad Robison, Justin Crump and Brian Jill embark on an adventure covering unexplored territory on horseback, camel, bush vehicles and hiking boots all in the search for the largest known trout in the world, the Taimen; a fish of legendary myths and proportions.

dvd_fish_bum_II_Metalhead.jpg DVD - Fish Bum Volume II: Metalhead
Metalhead chronicles the epic journey of five fish bums and their friends as they travel to remote Northwestern wilderness in search of legendary steelhead; the hottest freshwater fish you can catch on a fly rod and also a fish whose survival hangs in the balance.
109 min.
Feb 2010

dvd_flies_that_catch_fish_volume_1.jpg DVD - Flies that Catch Fish Volume One: Dry Flies and Emergers
Bob Wyatt Presents "What Trout Want"
A great Fly Tying DVD featuring 11 proven fly designs from the vise of Bob Wyatt.
Wyatt regards these flies as 'Trout Ammo' - His style in unconventional and yet extremely effective. Each fly is designed to be highly robust and simple to tie while presenting the essential triggers.
1 hr 36 mins
On the Fly Productions

dvd_flies_that_catch_fish_volume_2.jpg DVD - Flies that Catch Fish Volume Two: Nymphs and Wet Flies
Bob Wyatt Presents "What Trout Want"
A great Fly Tying DVD featuring 9 proven fly designs from the vise of Bob Wyatt.
Wyatt regards these flies as 'Trout Ammo' - His style in unconventional and yet extremely effective. Each fly is designed to be highly robust and simple to tie while presenting the essential triggers.
1 hr 30 mins
On the Fly Productions

dvd_fftv_bugs_for_beginners.jpg DVD - Fly Fish TV: Bugs for Beginners
Discover the basic entomology of five of the most prominent bugs trout feed on and their importance to the angler. Stoneflies, Caddisflies, Mayflies, Damselflies & Dragonflies, Scuds & Leeches
60 min.

dvd_fftv_henrys_fork.jpg DVD - Fly Fish TV: Henry's Fork w/ Mike Lawson
Discover the 3 water types of the Henry's Fork and the techniques to fish them with the river's most noted angler.
120 min.

dvd_fly_fish_tv_nymphing_by_the_numbers.jpg DVD - Fly Fish TV: Nymphing by the Numbers
Breaking dow all the parts of a complete nymphing system and explaining them in detail is just the start of this production. Kelly Galloup takes you step-by-step from the rigging board to the water, and gives you concise and repeated demonstrations that you will be able to remember and apply. He also includes tips that can make the difference between an average and exceptional day on the water.
120 min.

dvd_wet_fly_tying_davy_wotton.jpg DVD - Fly Fish TV: Wet Fly Tying with Davy Wotton
Five technical lessons in Wet Fly constructin and six patterns crafted to perfection.
3 hours - 2DVD Set

dvd_stripers_on_the_flats_of_cape_cod_sm.jpg DVD - Fly Fishing Adventure: Massachusetts Cape Cod Stripers
SAME GREAT VIDEO - NEW COVER (Stripers of the Flats of Cape Cod)
The Ultimate In Fly Fishing Style...
World class Cape Cod... Now, not only can you pursue fish on the flats in tropical climates, but also in Cape Cod. Sight fishing for stripers was introduced to the area about 5 years ago by a couple of innovative, inquisitive and forward thinking boat captains, Bob & Rich Benson.
The Bensons... had Florida Keys style flats boats and sought to explore their local saltwater flats. What they discovered were Striped Bass in the shallows that eat the fly with gusto and get up to sizes in the 36" to over 40" class.
Fly Tying... Jamie Dickinson shows how to tie the ubiquitous Clouser Minnow from his Hooked On Fly Tying video, Basic Saltwater Fly Tying.
Sept 2007

dvd_geofish.jpg DVD - Geofish: Mexico Vol 1
The Expedition Begins by Motiv Fishing
Fish, Drive, Survive - The Geofish concept was simple. A small group of anglers, 1 vehicle and a fly fishing exploration from the Pacific Northwest to the tip of South America.
102 min
Nov 2012

dvd_heart_of_the_driftless.jpg DVD - Heart of the Driftless
Another extremely beautiful video from Robert Thompson. Driftless has nothing to do with the drift of a fly, but with glacial traces - glacial drift - in this case in southwestern Wisconsin. The DVD also features the portrait of a punk band that has a common passion: fly-fishing in the form of the video Reverb. The DVD is chuck full of great footage, close to three hours altogether.
150+ min

dvd_hookedonFT_deer_hair_bass_bugs_sm.JPG DVD - Hooked on Fly Tying - Deer Hair Bass Bugs
Chris Helm – aka Deer hair Guru
Chris has spent a lot of time perfecting his techniques using deer hair. In this DVD, he shows you how to tie these effective deer hair bass bugs.
Deer Hair Sunfish & Deer Hair Popper

dvd_itus_bones.jpg DVD - Itu's Bones: A Story about Bonefish
Kia Orana! Welcome to the Island of Aitutaki. The beautiful Aitutaki lagoon is home to some of the worlds largest Bonefish. For fly fishermen seeking the challenge of a lifetime the ‘ghost of the flats’ presents one of the most thrilling fly fishing opportunities available.
90 min.

video_joan_wulff_sm DVD - Joan Wulff Dynamics of Fly Casting
Joan shows and explains the mechanics and techniques she has been developing, analyzing, and refining for more than 60 years. Learn the important elements of great casting, vital hand and arm movements, practice routines that will teach you how to make almost all kinds of casts. Solid Basics to Advanced Techniques. 90 min.

dvd_lefty_kreh_on_fly_casting_sm.jpg DVD - Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting
In this DVD, Lefty will help you understand how the cast works, and provide you with a number of specific aids and exercises to help you become a good fly caster. Then you'll go through a variety of casts that will help you in certain fishing situations.
Approx 68 minutes

dvd_modern_spey_casting.jpg DVD - Modern Spey Casting - by RIO
The most comprehensive film on spey casting techniques ever made.
George Cook, Simon Gawesworth, Mike McCune, Scott O’Donnell, Dana Sturn and Ed Ward
3 DVD discs in each sleeve and with 4 hours of footage

dvd_nervous_waters.jpg DVD - Nervous Water
See the making of an amazing journey that has taken RA Beattie to the ends of the earth. He has never released full length media to the public - until now. 4 featured films and 10 short films, along with the "fishporn" cut.
150 min.
Jul 2009

dvd_night_of_the_hex.jpg DVD - Night of the Hex
As June arrives in the Midwest, it ushers in the emergence of the Michigan mayfly, Hexagenia Limbata. This prolific hatch comes off at night and with it brings out the biggest trout to gorge on these bugs.

dvd_off_the_grid.jpg DVD - Off the Grid
Off the Grid. For every well known hatch, river and run of fish, there are countless others that go virtually unnoticed. So when we began filming at the beginning of last year, we decided to look for people, places and fish a little bit more, out of the ordinary.
Shot in Mexico, Alaska, British Columbia, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Florida, Northwest Territories, and a few surprise locations, this collection of films is about places that are off the beaten path. It is about people that live the fly fishing lifestyle, not to be a name, but because fly fishing is part of their soul. It is about unspoken hatches, unknown fish, and rivers that will go unnamed. 27 min.
Oct 2011

dvd_once_in_a_blue_moon.jpg DVD - Once in a Blue Moon - The flyfishing adventureof a lifetime
The incredible story of a once in a lifetime event. Set amongst the spectacular scenery of southern New Zealand, a most strange and bizarre tale unfolds. The stuff of folklore, ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ unravels the mystery of an event that occurs briefly once a decade. This strange and unreal journey takes us into some of the most remote and beautiful parts of New Zealand as we follow one anglers quest to document and unravel a childhood mystery and catch the fish of a lifetime.
Jun 2009

dvd_panfish_bass_sm.jpg DVD - Panfish & Bass w/ Larry Dahlberg - by Scientific Anglers
Larry Dahlberg takes the mystery out of warmwater fly fishing with a fun, fast approach that stresses how easy it is to catch fish on flies.
Approx 58 minutes

dvd_predator.jpg DVD - Predator
Gin-Clear Media's PREDATOR is the follow-up to the highly acclaimed HATCH. Fly fishermen have always lusted after big fish, those large predators that dominate the rivers, lakes and oceans in which they preside. PREDATOR explores the globe for the largest and most powerful fish that can be taken with a fly rod. These large predators employ all sorts of techniques to maximise their chance of catching prey. Some, like the queenfish, use pure speed to outrun and crush their prey in the surface film. Pike lay in ambush, ready to explode on their prey in the chalkstreams of England. Others, like the mighty barramundi of Australia's North, use brute power to get a feed. Regardless of the species, a film about fishing for the world's greatest predators is guaranteed to be a visual extravaganza.
70 min.

dvd_raising_the_ghost.jpg DVD - Raising the Ghost
Fly Boys pushed the envelope of steelhead fly-fishing in this film as they catch steelhead, with dead drift dry flies. The adventure is interwoven with steelhead education, conservation, & a historical perspective, & educates the viewer about the current state of wild steelhead.
Dry Fly Steelhead fishing line NEVER seen before
5% profit from DVD sales goes to Wild Steelhead Conservation.
67 minutes + bonus footage

dvd_redfish_cant_jump.jpg DVD - Red Fish Can't Jump
Redfish Can't Jump is an action packed 41-minute movie/documentary on the North Carolina Redfish. It was filmed in high definition with interviews and fishing footage up and down the Cape Fear Coast. The movie highlights the incredible inshore fishery that North Carolina has to offer and the troubles it faces.
Running Time: 41 min. (plus 15min BONUS features)

dvd_redgold.jpg DVD - Red Gold
Price includes $5 donation to TU AK
At the headwaters of the Kvichak and the Nushagak Rivers in Bristol Bay Alaska — the two largest remaining sockeye salmon runs on the planet — mining companies Northern Dynasty and Anglo American have proposed to extract what may prove to be the richest deposit of gold and copper in the world. Red Gold is a portrait of a unique way of life that would not exist if the salmon didn't return with Bristol Bay's tide.
The DVD includes a 60-page booklet with additonal information on Red Gold.
55 min
Nov 2008

dvd_rise.jpg DVD - Rise
From the makers of DRIFT and Raising the Ghost comes RISE. A six segment collection of individual stories shot around the world; stories that together truly reflect the attraction that flyfishing has for all of us. Shot on location in the Florida Keys, Argentina, Idaho, New Orleans, Venezuela, and Alaska. RISE is a stunning full-length film, photographed entirely on 16mm film and mastered in HD.
80 min.
Oct 2009

dvd_rivers_of_a_lost_coast.jpg DVD - Rivers of a Lost Coast
Pick up your copy of the film that has critics raving "Rivers of a Lost Coast is a must see" (Seattle Times), "Two thumbs up" (Napa County Register), "Profound and Moving" (Santa Cruz Sentinel).
Rivers of a Lost Coast follows California’s coastal fly fishing community through the rise and collapse of one of the world’s most magical fisheries. To some, this is a story about time and place, about a California that was. To others, it is a story about who we are, what we need and where we are going.
approx 86 min.

dvd_saltwater_flycasting.jpg DVD - Saltwater Flycasting w/George Roberts
This two-part video details the basic essentials of distance fly casting, then presents 10 comprehensive lessons to teach you to cast longer and more powerfully.
Comes with a 41-page manual.
over 90 min.
And don't let the title fool you - there are great tools and techniquest for both salt and freshwater casting!

DVD_the_stacked_deer_hair_diver.jpg DVD - SF The Stacked Deer Hair Diver
From Pat Cohen: In my opinion the most comprehensive deer hair stacking technique video on the market today. Watch me step by step as I explain everything I do to put deer hair on a hook and make a bass bug. This video covers materials, tools, application, trimming and finishing teaching you how to make the most durable bass bug possible.

dvd_sf_baby_merganser.jpg DVD - SF Tying the Merganser and Hott Butt Toad
This video teaches you in high definition how to tie two of my signature deer hair bass bug patterns...The Hott Butt Toad and the Baby Merganser.

dvd_sf_mouse_crank.jpg DVD - SF Tying the SF Mouse and The Crank
This video in high definition teaches step by step how to tie two of my signature deer hair bass bug patterns....The SF Mouse and The Crank

dvd_soulfish.jpg DVD - Soulfish
If you're not into pure fly-fishing entertainment, find another film.
Soulfish is packed with exciting footage and great music, showcasing the finest fly-fishing destinations around the globe.
Join Mikey and friends on this fly-fishing adventure to the furthermost corners of the globe as they chase Trout, Redfish, Peacock Bass, Tarpon, Bonefish and more. Explore Mongolia, Brazilian Amazon, Florida Keys, Gulf of Mexico and Christmas Island with Mikey Wier and friends in their global wandering.
over 90 min.
Feb 2008

dvd_soulfish2_fishmore.jpg DVD - Soulfish 2: Fishmode
After 3 years in the making, SoulFish 2, Fish Mode is ready. It’s been an amazing journey that has taken us all around the world and allowed me the fortune of spending time with some of the most dedicated anglers on this planet. It’s a privilege to finally share these stories in our latest feature-length flyfishing travel documentary.
90 min.
Apr 2011

dvd_cohen_combo.jpg DVD - Superfly Pat Cohen Combos
Want to buy a few of Pat's DVDs or tools? Save a few bucks with a combo...

dvd_tapam.jpg DVD - Tapam : a flyfishing journey
With fly rods and float tubes in hand, the cast of ''TAPAM: A Fly Fishing Journey'' travels to a very remote and pristine location in Central America to chase trophy tarpon. This extraordinary film features incredibly crazy footage of big tarpon being hooked and landed from dangerously small float tubes, as well as camp life, rain forest wildlife and interaction with indigenous people in beautiful surroundings. 30 minutes.
30 min.

dvd_tarpon.jpg DVD - Tarpon
with authors: Richard Brautigan, Jim Harrison, Thomas McGuane
original music written & performed by Jimmy Buffett
over 53 min.
"Like the fish itself, this is a work of art..." —Carl Hiaasen

dvd_the_art_of_tying_the_bass_fly.jpg DVD - The Art of Tying the Bass Fly: Flies for Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, and Pan Fish
Basic Fly Tying may be the clearest, most thorough video instruction for beginners ever produced. Based on the highly praised book of the same name, this two-disc set provides detailed, crystal-clear instruction on seven essential patterns, including dry flies, streamers, and nymphs. From bare hook to finished fly, nothing is left out. Even advanced tiers say they learn from watching master tier Marvin Nolte perform and narrate each step in his expert yet easy-going style. You can spend $200 on a week of tying lessons, or you can own this permanent, convenient reference.
Included are separate segments on Basic Tools, Hackle, Whip-Finish (by hand and with tool), and Dubbing, as well as start-to-finish instruction for: Woolly Bugger ~ Gold-Ribbed Hare's Ear ~ Pheasant Tail Nymph ~ Elk Hair Caddis ~ Compara Dun/Sparkle Dun ~ Adams ~ Marabou Muddler

dvd_best_of_leftys_tips_sm.jpg DVD - The Best of Lefty's Tips, Tactics & Techniques for Fly Fishing
This DVD brings together all of Lefty's best tips for fly fishing with an easy-to-use menu to choose and review that will make your next fishing trip more productive.
Approx 90 minutes

dvd_the_essence_of_flycasting_sm.jpg DVD - The Essence of Flycasting
From the basics of good hand position to the complexities of presentation and the double haul – this modern manual has it all. Fishing sequences in the Bahamas, Oregon, Florida, and Alaska add to the excitement. The result is teaching at its best.
Approx 80 minutes

dvd_essence_essence_sm.jpg DVD - The Essence of Flycasting II & The Essence of Spey Casting
Two disc set
A sophisticated reference for intermediate and advanced flycasters.
A step-by-step guide to Spey casting with single and double handed fly rods. Filmed in Iceland.
Approx 100 minutes

dvd_the_good_life.jpg DVD - The Good Life - by Gray Ghost Productions
All along the Atlantic seaboard from north to south lies some of the most mind-blowing sections of fish-able water. This project takes a long hard look at the sport of fly fishing along the eastern side of the Mississippi. They all share an incredible thirst to cast a fly to a fish. This saga tours the better part of the East from Labrador to the Florida Keys & everything in-between.
70 min
Apr 2010

dvd_hunt_big_fish.jpg DVD - The Hunt for Big Fish
12 amazing adventures, world-wide, as Larry hunts for the ever challenging "big fish." Sturgeon in Kazaskstan, marlin in Africa, giant jungle catfish in Venezuela, dorado in Argentina, & many more. Watch Larry work his magic. It will inspire ideas you can apply to your favorite species. If you can't go there this year, you can live vicariously through Larry's film.
2 DVD's, 4 hrs.
Jun 2008

video_Lee_wulff_master_sm DVD - The Lee Wulff Master Collection
Fourteen of Lee's best films brought together for the first time on this 2 DVD set. Vintage films from the heyday of angling from America's pioneer fly fisherman. Freshwater, saltwater, trout, salmon and big game species -- it's all here! Makes a perfect gift, and a great addition to any sportsman's library. Approximately 5 hours of exciting footage!

dvd_the_lost_world_of_mr_hardy_lg DVD - The Lost World of Mr. Hardy
Once upon a time, two brothers from a tiny town in the far north of England, set out to capture the hearts and minds of fishing maharajahs, film stars and royalty the world over.
The astonishing story of how a passion for angling and a love of craftsmanship created one of the most interesting, quirky and best loved British companies ever.
approx 98 min
Jul 2008

dvd_the_one.jpg DVD - The One - by Gray Ghost Productions
This adventure takes you to far away places like Anegada BVI in search of the elusive Pitbull of the Sea. Join the infamous Bosedoes as they travel behind closed gates in remote Maine for trophy squaretails. Head off the grid with Luke Gray to untouched water, or hear the scream of the reel as he hunts for warm water treasures with Mike Jones. From Canada's wilderness to island living, and of course the North East at it's best, life on the road has never been so thrilling. Between high water, paddle jumpers, purple haze, remote locales, conservation, big bugs, and generous grins, this film goes on forever, and the party never ends. Join these fly fishing addicts on their quest for the endless drift with a heading of "East by North East".
Approx 70 minutes
Apr 2009

video_trout_bum_diaries_sm DVD - The Trout Bum Diaries Volume 1: Patagonia
Experience the journey, adventure, and life-style of four trout bums on an epic five month fly fishing expedition across Patagonia. Does 5 pound brook trout in a creepy forest appeal to you? Broken windows and snapped axles? Uniquely colored brown trout from a windswept spring creek? Stripping mice for big rainbows with the ghosts of Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid? Horse-packing into remote rivers? Tierra Del Fuego and the sea-run browns of the south? Enter a new breed of fly fishing entertainment.
High Density DVD, 139 minute feature length with an hour of bonus tracks!
Sept 2005

video_trout_bum_diaries_kamo DVD - The Trout Bum Diaries Volume 2: Kiwi Camo
Prepare yourself for 75 minutes of pure fly fishing insanity with Trout Bum Diaries Vol 2: Kiwi Camo. In this installment, the usual suspects of the Angling Exploration Group take you on a hair-curling 4 month expedition into New Zealand's shadowland as they attempt to seduce the world's largest & most elusive backcountry brown trout. In addition to the non-stop trials & triumphs of these angling addicts, Kiwi Camo delivers a behind the scenes look into what drives the seemingly crazy trout-bum lifestyle. If you enjoyed TBD v1: Patagonia, this one is sure to hook you instantly.
Region-Free DVD, 75 minutes, Dolby Digital
Feb 2007

dvd_the_underwater_world_of_trout_discovery.jpg DVD - The Underwater World of Trout Vol. 1: Discovery
To truly know trout, you must see the world through their eyes. We see a stream is alive not only with trout, but all sorts of living things. "Discovery" explores a trout's world through the lens of a video camera, opening your eyes to a new appreciation of trout and their living world.

dvd_the_underwater_world_of_trout_feeding_lies.jpg DVD - The Underwater World of Trout Vol. 2: Feeding Lies
Experience the journey, adventure, and life-style of four trout bums on an epic five month fly fishing expedition across Patagonia. Does 5 pound brook trout in a creepy forest appeal to you? Broken windows and snapped axles? Uniquely colored brown trout from a windswept spring creek? Stripping mice for big rainbows with the ghosts of Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid? Horse-packing into remote rivers? Tierra Del Fuego and the sea-run browns of the south? Enter a new breed of fly fishing entertainment.
A 62 minute narrated DVD journey into the underwater world of trout

dvd_trout_grass_sm.jpg DVD - Trout Grass
This unique film documents the transformation of bamboo from a hardy species of grass into a meticulously crafted split-cane fly rod. Shot on location in the lush forests of Southern China and the majestic rivers of Montana, Trout Grass captures the allure of craftsmanship and rivers as well as the notion that fishing is about much more than catching fish.
Approx 47 minutes

dvd_turning_tail.jpg DVD - Turning Tail - by Gray Ghost Productions
Throughout the east coast of North America, from Long Island Sound to the northern most point of Labrador if you look closely, you will find the chrome beauty known as Salmo Salar. For a fly fisherman it may mean the best fresh water game fish there is, to a biologist it may be a long history of research, and the conversationalist in many cases it is the one to save.
70 min

dvd_tying_realistic_trout_flies_sm.gif DVD - Tying Realistic Trout Flies
Learn to tie 4 Realistic fly patterns with Rob on this DVD shot in digital video; Stonefly Nymph, Caddis Pupa, Isonychia and a bonus fly, the Pseudo Stimulator. Also includes the short film "Beaverkill" with soundtrack by G. Love and Special Sauce, Frank Bueti, The Nailknots.
Over a year in production and getting rave reviews from beginner to professional fly tyers across the nation.
Approx 65 minutes

dvd_waypoints.jpg DVD - Waypoints
From Confluence Films - the makers of Rise, Drift, Connect
Shot around the world in both fresh and saltwater, locations include flats fishing St. Brandon’s Atoll in the Indian Ocean, trout fishing the wilds of Patagonian Chile, coastal Southeast Alaska for Steelhead, the Himalayan rivers of India for Golden Mahseer, and the jungles of Venezuela for saber-toothed payara.
86 min.
Dec 2013

norvice_dvd_tying_flies_with_Norm DVD - Tying Flies with Norm Norlander
Over an hour and a half of fly tying instruction by Norm Norlander.