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Gifts under 50 Dollars

Great gifts for your favorite fly guy or gal!!
yeti_rambler_tumbler20_SM Yeti Rambler Tumbler 20oz
With the Rambler™ 20 oz. Tumbler, your beverages will stay ice cold or piping hot longer.

simms_guide_nipper Simms Guide Nipper
USA Made Machined-Aluminium Nipper with razor-sharp stainless steel jaw.

Hatch_knottenstionTool_SM Hatch Knot Tension Tool
A knot tensioner, bottle opener & ass kicking device all rolled into one.
Each Knot Tension Tool comes with a Paracord wrist lanyard.

cortland_catch_and_release_net.jpg Cortland Catch & Release Net
This Cortland net features a combination bamboo / wood frame and a clear rubber net bag. Teardrop trout net with great features that won't break the bank.
16" x 10" Hoop
24" overall Length
Elastic lanyard cord.

denlogo_new_phase_big_daddy1 New Phase / Bear's Den Polycarb Big Daddy Tough Box
The big daddy of fly boxes, this rugged, water tight box is a must have for those who need to pack a "full arsenal" of flies. Updated this year with a new slit foam liner. Built for abuse, it is constructed out of tough ABS plastic and utilizes stainless steel pins and snap tight latches. This is a well built, quality box that will hold up to the rigors of everyday fishing for years. It is sure to become your favorite fly box. With its double sided swingleaf this box will hold hundreds of your favorite patters, nymphs, emergers, cripples, spinners, ants, hoppers, and all kinds of still water patterns.
Bear's Den Logo by Pat Cohen printed on one side.

tiemco_debarb_pliers.jpg Tiemco De-barb Pliers
Palm sized, smooth-nose pliers. The back part of the jaws cut the heaviest monos. Stainless steel with comfortable plastic handles.

simms_acc_waterproof_wader_pouch.jpg Simms Waterproof Wader Pouch
Smartphones and full submersion don’t mix well. That’s why Simms designed its Waterproof Wader Pocket so you can stay connected in a deluge or after an impromptu dunking. Featuring a touch-screen compatible window, pockets conveniently interface with Simms’ Tipper Tender™ zip-in system—available in Simms’ Waders.
9.5” x 6.5”

fishpond_sweetwater_reel_case Fishpond Sweetwater Reel Case
Reels, tools, more reels, extra spools. You can let all that gear jostle around in your bag, getting misplaced and dinged as you rifle through looking for it. Or, you can use the Sweetwater Reel and Gear Cases to keep all that kit organized and safe - the padded sides and Fishpond signature molded tops and bottoms make sure of that. Your call, but we a going all-in on the latter method, before our buddies poach our favorite fishing holes.
9.75” x 4.5” x 4.5” (Holds four larger-sized reels)

tacky_Predator_fly_box_SM Tacky Predator Fly Box
While the Big Bug Box is great for smaller streamers, sometimes you just need something bigger. The Predator Box is exactly what it sounds like, a box for the BIG stuff!
11″ x 6″ x 1.5“ - 21 oz

tenkara_usa_kit_SM Tenkara USA Kit
Just add a tenkara rod, fishing license and water!
Kit includes 11'6" Nylon Tapered Line, keeper, flies, tippet, forceps & nippers. Rod Not included.

Collectible Pin - Brown Trout

Collectible Pin - False Albacore

Collectible Pin - Rainbow Trout

Collectible Pin - Striped Bass