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Griffin Fly Tying Vises

We feel our vises are years ahead of the competition. From function and design to durability and affordability, the technology in these vises provides a tying tool that will perform flawlessly for years to come. We are so confident in the quality of our vises that all of them, with the exception of the Superior 1A vise, carry a lifetime guarantee. The Superior 1A vise, our entry model, carries a one-year guarantee. All jaws with the exception of the Patriot Cam and the 2A Fine Point and Odyssey Cam are constructed of high quality, heat treated steel. Our 2A Fine Point, Patriot and Odyssey Cam jaws are stainless steel. The newly designed c-clamp is aluminum and provides for positive gripping. From the professional to the beginner, we have the perfect vise for you.
griffinmontanasm.JPG Griffin Montana Pro II Vise
This new addition to the Griffin line of quality vises has been expertly designed for ease of operation and quickness of the cam lever hook release. The cam lever can be locked in a forward or backward position, allowing more clearance while tying. Ideal for pro tyers and beginners. The tempered steel jaws will firmly grip hooks ranging form #22-7/0's. Lifetime warranty. Made in the USA.
Includes Pedestal Base - NOT c-clamp as pictured
Available with a kit of 8 tools as well

griffinsuperior1sm.JPG Griffin Superior 1A VIse
The 1A vise features a fixed head and a solid 3/8" shaft with c-clamp. Easy to use hooks ranging from 4/0 - 28's. This is our entry model, perfect for beginner and the experienced tyer. Great quality for the price.

griffinsuperior2sm.jpg Griffin Superior 2A Vise
Without a doubt, this vise will hold hooks as securely as vises costing three or four times as much.

griffinodysseysm.JPG Griffin Odyssey Cam Vise
The design of this 360 degree true rotating vise offers the distinct advantage of a cam lever. A single screw is used in the adjustment of the stainless steel jaws, making one-handed adjustments easy. This vise will hold hooks ranging from 6/0 to #22's. This superb vise will help you create more professional looking flies.

griffinodysseyspidersm.JPG Griffin Odyssey Spider Vise
This vise is our entry-level model to our family of true rotating vises. It meets our high standard of quality. The jaw capacity is #28 to 4/0. We believe it to be the only USA made true rotary vise under $86