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TFO Rods - Bluewater

These Temple Fork Fly Rods will survive the battle.

Fulls Wells + Foregrip optional on LD and Baby

Lifting power is the name of the game on the offshore grounds, and TFO’s hybrid S-glass sticks in combination with IM6 graphite are built to do battle. If you’re chasing brutes like billfish, tuna, trevally and sharks, these are the sticks you want to have in your arsenal. Of course, getting the fly to the fish is a vital part of the game, and you’ll find that this series can deliver the goods from pint-sized poppers to feather duster-like streamers.

To provide increased power and durability, we put our blue water blanks through the TiCr coating process twice. The top-quality components include up locking reel seats, Flor grade cork, a full wells grip with a fore grip and a unique blue granite finish. The Baby and Light Duty rods utilize snake and titanium oxide stripping guides. Our Medium Duty and battlewagon Heavy Duty rods have aluminum oxide inserts on all guides including tip tops. Both of these rods now feature a continuous composite cork handle for greater comfort and durability.

For 2013, the Heavy Duty is now a 4-piece rod utilizing a revolutionary new reverse-ferrule design. In big game fishing where second-rate gear is quickly relegated to the junk pile, it’s all-important to equip yourself with the right stuff. Get into the contest with rods that truly live up to their name: TFO’s Bluewater series.

  • Fast action
  • Proprietary Hybrid S-Glass/Graphite technology for improved strength and durability
  • Cryogenically treated TiCr2 Coating
  • Precision Blank Over Ferrule Technology
  • Blue granite finish with silver trim
  • Machined and anodized channel-locking aluminum reel seat
  • 'AA' grade Portugese cork
  • Colour-coded alignment dots for easy assembly
  • Baby Bluewater and Light Duty rods have oversized titanium oxide stripping guides and hard chrome stainless steel snake guides with oversized tip top
  • Medium Duty and Heavy Duty rods have oversized aluminum oxide inserts on all guides
  • tfo_rod_bluewater_seat_ld
    TFO Bluewater TF BW Baby
    Line Weight : 8-10
    Rod Length : 9'0"
    Pieces : 4
    Rod Weight : 7.7 oz.
    Rating : 300-400 grain

    Shipping offer on standard grip only.
    TFO Bluewater TF BW LD
    Line Weight : 10-12
    Rod Length : 9'0"
    Pieces : 4
    Rod Weight : 7.9 oz.
    Rating : 400-500 grain

    TFO Bluewater TF BW MD
    Line Weight : 13-15
    Rod Length : 8'6"
    Pieces : 4
    Rod Weight : 8.0 oz.
    Printed Rating : 500-600 grain
    TFO advertised Rating : 500-650 grain

    TFO Bluewater TF BW HD
    Line Weight : 16+
    Rod Length : 8'6"
    Pieces : 4
    Rod Weight : 8.1 oz.
    Printed Rating : 600-1000 grain
    TFO advertised Rating : 700-1000 grain

    TFO Lefty Kreh Bluewater rods use a hybrid of S-Glass for strength and IM6 graphite for performance. Here's how the idea came about:

    The Problem
    Modern graphite fly rods have come a long way in their ability to be used for fishing for saltwater species. With super fast actions, saltwater rods can develop blazing line speeds and cast big flies long distances with good accuracy. The problem, however, is not casting to fish and hooking them... it's landing them. Graphite fly rods run into trouble when the fish gets to the boat; graphite as a material simply isn't that efficient at vertically lifting heavy weight, something that's necessary when trying to land a 150lb tarpon.

    The Solution
    We approached our rod designer with this problem and he came back to us with the revolutionary Bluewater design. Bluewater rods use an S-Glass butt section to provide the strength needed to vertically lift the largest saltwater species. S-Glass is a highly specialized variant of fibreglass with a tensile strength of over 1.5 times that of carbon fiber (graphite). Unfortunately, what you gain in strength from S-Glass you lose in castability. Therefore, the remaining sections of the Bluewater rods use IM6 graphite to create a fast action, smooth casting rod. Essentially, this combination of materials delivers all of the benefits of S-Glass without sacrificing the true feel of a fly rod.

    TiCr2 technology was developed for saltwater enthusiasts who need the strongest rod possible when fighting big saltwater fish. All rods using this technology are bathed in our proprietary coating not once but twice. The first coating is cured before applying a second coating which is cryogenically treated, a process which reduces residual stresses that are inherent in the manufacturing process of any product. The cryogenic treatment tightens the molecular structure of the rod, making it stronger when playing fish and even more resistant to breakage from errant flies and other potential hazards.