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For thirty years the Norlander Company has been manufacturing the highest quality fly tying tools. Developed by professional research engineer and fly tier Norm Norlander, the Nor-Vise and Automatic Bobbin are truly innovative tools. Unlike other "Rotary Vises" that rotate only to position the hook, the Nor-Vise is designed to turn the hook to apply material. With the hook shank held in perfect alignment with the axis of rotation (on centerline) it works like a lathe and provides for better thread tension control and more precise material placement.

Lots of other body materials such as lead, wire, tinsel, floss, chenille, plastics, etc. can also be "spun on" very quickly and smoothly. Another unique technique with the Nor-Vise is to use its spinning capability to "reinforce" materials such as herl and hackle with the working thread.

Like any new technology it takes a bit of practice to master, but you can, and you will then wonder how you ever did without it. The Nor-Vise and Automatic Bobbin will indeed "Tie Better Flies Faster".

norvise_standard.jpg NorVise Adjustable Vise
The new “Adjustable” NorVise is identical to the “Standard Version” except both the Vise and Thread Post may be raised (up to 5”) and rotated (360°) which is very useful for detail and intricate work, especially for woven or braided bodies.
Although the Adjustable version of the NorVise is normally provided with “Small In-Line Jaws”, all the other Jaw Designs (Conversions) will work just fine with it.

norvise_autobobbin.jpg NorVise Automatic Bobbin
An amazing innovation, it automatically retracts instantly to the correct tying position yet will remain suspended from the hook where released. The Automatic Bobbin is the perfect thread management tool. Whether you are using a NOR-VISE or any other vise this bobbin will improve, simplify, and speed up your fly tying.

norvise_autobobbinkit.jpg NorVise Auto Bobbin Kit
The Automatic Bobbin Kit is your best way to get started, it includes an Automatic Bobbin (w/ceramic tube), three additional machined aluminum spools (four including the one on the Bobbin) a spooling Arbor to load your thread onto the aluminum spool and instructions.
Includes Bobbin, 3 extra spools, arbor

norvise_bobbin_spool_10.jpg NorVise Bobbin Spools - 10 pack
These precision machined aluminum bobbin spools fit the Norlander Automatic Bobbin. Many fly tiers using a variety of working threads find it economic to simply change spools rather than have a separate bobbin for each thread. These spools will hold from 50 to 500 yards of thread, depending on its size (diameter), it is best not to "overfill them. Winding in a set direction is not critical as the spools can be "turned around" on the bobbin. A marking pen can be used on the side of the spool to identify the thread type or size. A rubber band around the thread on the spool can be used to keep it from unraveling when stored.
10 pack