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Edge Fly Rods by Gary Loomis

We’re proud to announce Edge fly rods by Gary Loomis. The four-piece sticks (fresh and salt water) are all about performance, and since weight robs speed, the graphite blanks are left sanded and unfinished, sleek as liquid smoke. Snake guides built of graduated wire and knurled aluminum in the real seats are part of the speed-shop vibe.

This New series incorporates two actions: A moderate in the Freshwater series, and a fast action in the saltwater series. All models are four-piece, eight and a half to nine foot, and ship with premium fabric sock and carbon-fiber rod tube. Rods are adorned with premium cork grips, XN titanium ALPS stripping guides and the impressive Snake Brand snake guides by Mike McCoy.
The moderate action rods are fitted with an alloy threaded, up-locking natural, Buckeye hardwood spacer, aluminum seat, locking nuts and hook keeper.
The fast action saltwater family also features XN titanium ALPS stripping guides and Snake brand snake guides. Each rod is finished with an ALPS machined anodized aluminum reel seat and is fitted with a premium Portuguese cork full wells grip with appropriately sized fighting butt.

What does all this mean? Gary's design has significantly reduced weight, allowing for optimal performance from the material. Mike's Snake Brand guides have a concave foot that adheres to the blank reducing thread, epoxy, and most importantly - weight. Weight is further reduced by our natural, smooth, naked graphite blanks. Combining these features creates incredible recover, resulting in longer, more accurate, more efficient casting.

Currently, we employ two different levels of carbon fiber, either individually or as blends:

IM: The core material at Edge. Our IM provides a performance level that “punches above its weight,” while still having “everyday” fishing toughness. IM is a great choice for a wide range of blanks.

HM: When even our IM isn't good enough. This is a high-modulus, Paper Carbon Scrim (PCS) material that creates a truly exceptional blank. Want the best possible performance from your blank? Here you go.

"Raw Carbon". All of our blanks come in what we call raw carbon—no added color, coating or weight. Our blanks are sanded with a 15-micron grit and then smoothly buffed. We feel that such a pure, unadulterated finish allows our blanks to perform at their unencumbered best.

Gary Loomis' Story
Almost three decades ago, Gary Loomis founded G.Loomis® and quickly attracted the attention and admiration of the world's most discerning anglers. Throughout the evolution of carbon fiber rod design, Gary distinguished himself as the master. Using leading-edge technology and engineering, he designed tools that have defined high performance in rods.

After selling G.Loomis® in 1997 Gary dedicated his efforts into protecting and rehabilitating the fisheries of the Pacific Northwest. His devotion to the fishery helped establish Fish First, where he serves as President, and the Coastal Conservation Association Pacific Northwest, where he serves as the Chairman for Washington State.

Although Gary is no longer affiliated with G.Loomis®, his desire to “build the best rods available” remains. He has agreed to share his unparalleled design skills and understanding of modern technology and materials with Dallas, TX, based Temple Fork Outfitters to develop a new generation of affordable high-performance rods. Gary is fully committed to increasing the participation in fishing and protecting our natural resources for future generations. He believes that TFO’s affordable, high-performance approach forms a great base for this growth.

Take one (or more) of Gary’s Signature Series TFO rods fishing with you...bend it often and write a story of your own.

Company Bio:
One morning in 1974, Gary stood outside Boeing Headquarters, in Seattle, WA, and asked everyone that came through the gate if they knew anything about carbon fiber. He eventually found someone who would sit down and talk.

Tens of thousands of rods later, Gary was inducted into the IGFA Hall of Fame for his contributions to the fishing rod industry. Few people know as much about building fishing rods as Gary.

But Gary will also tell you that he didn't build a single rod himself. Instead, he worked alongside the best guides, dealers and craftsmen the world over.

Edge Rods continues that legacy today. Gary, and many top guides, dealers, and craftsmen have signed on to bring you another round of exceptional fishing tools.

So here’s to the past, the present, and the future. Fish on!