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Scott F2 Series Fly Rods

If you want top performance and maximum fun from your small stream fishing, F2 high performance glass rods are the choice.

These aren't about nostalgia or being retro. F2 rods are about getting the most from your small stream fishing by using the right tools for the job.

These rods form precise accurate casts with just a few feet of line and the leader, are great for underhand and bow and arrow casts, and load deeply under the pull of small fish, transmitting tons of feel.

Improve your success and enjoyment on small water with the new Scott F2.

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scott_grip_F2_D.jpg Scott F2 653/3 Fly Rod
3 Weight
3 Piece
1.7 oz.
This rod is a great choice for high performance small stream fishing that requires every trick in the bag. From bow and arrow casts, to roll casts, to laser tight loops, this little rod executes them all with ease and precision. This rod might be the most fun you'll ever have fishing for the little ones.

scott_grip_F2_E.jpg Scott F2 774/3 Fly Rod
4 Weight
3 Piece
2.3 oz.
The choice for an all around high performance small stream rod. If you need to switch between dries and nymphs and even cast small streamers, this rod handles variety with ease. With the added length, it's also a great choice for anglers who fish creeks up to their source and then fish the lakes, or who enjoy fishing glass on larger streams for bigger fish.

Grip and Reel Seat Configurations:

  • D Standard grip with finish cork. REC machined aluminum down-locking slide band over cork spacer. Scott engraved butt cap.

  • E Trout Western grip with finish cork. REC machined aluminum up-locking reel seat with cork spacer. Scott engraved butt cap.
  • Read about Scott's LIFETIME WARRANTY