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Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Specialty Lines

royalwulff_bass.jpg Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Bass Line
Designed to load quickly and punch out big, wind-resistant flies and poppers, these Triangle Tapers are built for high-speed deliveries to lily pads or old stumps, wherever big bass are found. And they can be fished right back to the boat, then redelivered with a minimum of false casts.
Floating BTF
Length: 90'
Taper Length: 27'
Running Line: 63'
Welded Loop

royalwulff_steelhead_sm.jpg Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Steelhead Line
Developed with the assistance of Pacific NW Steelhead Pro Al Bhur, our new Steelhead line has been revised for better performance and handling. New features include a longer running line now 55’, our J3 coating, welded loop for easy leader attachment and Joan’s 2 color system for ease of pick up and casting.
Floating TTSTF
Color: Ivory/Willow
Length: 105'
Taper Length: 50'
Running Line: 55'

royalwulff_predator.jpg Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Predator Clear Sink Tip Line
Use stealth to your advantage and catch more fish. This newest Triangle Taper features a clear, intermediate 10'-12' tip built onto a floating Triangle Taper line, creating an excellent line for stealthy presentations. Excellent turnover and super-delicate presentation make the Predator perfect for emergers, nymphs, and midges in lakes and streams. Mono core allows tip to be perfectly clear, and provides supple handling.
Floating/Intermediate tip TTSKC
Colors: White belly / Clear Head
Length: 90'
Taper Length: 36' (5wt), 40' (6-8wt)
Running Line: 54' (5wt), 50' (6-8wt)
Tip Length: 10' (5wt), 12' (6-8wt)

royalwulff_longbelly.jpg Royal Wulff Long Belly Line
Being rediscovered by bamboo and slower-action rod aficionados, the Wulff Long Belly combines the best features of double taper and weight forward fly lines. It is like a double taper for the first 30+ feet, with a varying belly length according to the line weight, followed by a back taper and shooting line. The longer belly is advantageous for roll casts and mending line.
Floating LBWF
Color: Ivory
Length: 100'
Taper Length: 40'
Running Line: 60'
Welded Loop

royalwulff_nymph_indicator.jpg Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Nymph/Indicator Line
Combine the easy casting of a Triangle Taper with an ultra-bright finish and you've got the new Nymph/Indicator line. With a quick-loading head, this brilliant yellow floating line signals every twitch, pause, and stop, giving you a better chance to hook-up with delicately feeding fish. Tip may be cut back if you frequently use larger, heavier nymphs.
Floating TTNF
Color: Yellow
Length: 90'
Taper Length: 27'
Running Line: 63'
Welded Loop