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TFO Gary Loomis Tactical Series Travel Rods

Lighter. More Sensitive. Affordable.

Airline travel is more difficult than ever. Airline travel with gear is even more so. The Carry-On family of Magnum action, fast/stiff rods are easy to travel with and cover a wide range of fishing conditions: from light surf to jetties, bass in the Northeast to salmon in the Northwest. These rods are finished with a full grip and fore grip made from a combination of burl and premium cork and GTS guides.

By utilizing a new proprietary scrim in conjunction with TFO’s high modulus carbon fiber blank material, Gary was able to save weight and increase sensitivity without sacrificing strength. GTS blanks are tastefully finished; simply polished, with a thin layer of matte clear coat to enhance the natural luster of the fibers, TFO’s trademark Color ID Split grip is further complemented by a two-piece reel seat and a natural cork ring split grip.

GTS rods are topped with TFO’s proprietary Tactical Series guides, machined stainless steel inserts are super-hard chrome anodized then swaged into chromium impregnated stainless frame. What does this all mean? Super hard, super slick, saltwater safe and no more lost fishing time due to lost inserts...and they’re 30% lighter than standard SiC guides.

Magnum actions are actually two powers heavier than their corresponding power. For example, if a rod was a Mag Medium, it would not be the same as a normal Medium power "4" rod. Instead it would actually be equivalent to a rod two powers heavier—a "6" or Heavy action rod. In addition to having more power, Magnum rods are stiffer and faster than Gary's traditional actions.