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Dyna-King Vise Accessories

dyna_king_x_clamps_sm.jpg Dyna-King C-Clamp
Two sizes available. The clamps open to fit any bench or table (3" wide or less). Machined with solid aluminum. With or without outrigger (to stabilize heavy tying on rotary vises).
~ Small Clamp or Large Clamp
~ with Outrigger (for rotary) or without Outrigger (for non-rotary)

dyna_king_x_pedestal_base.jpg Dyna-King Pedestal Base
Machined with solid steel and covered with a very thick and durable powder coating.
Starting April 15, 2015, the shaft is no longer included with the pedestal base, but is available as an option.

dyna_king_x_jaws.jpg Dyna-King Jaws
Dyna-King vises come with standard jaws installed. (Shown with the 2 grooves and serrated tip to accomodate hooks from 8/0 to 24)
Spare Standard Jaws are available.
The midge jaw is available for all Dyna-King vises and are used for tying those tiny flies. The midge jaw is not grooved like the standard jaw, but rather comes to a fine point and are flat to accommodate the tiniest hooks, 32 up to 8 comfortably.

dyna_king_x_90_degree_handle.jpg Dyna-King 90 degree Handle Extension
An optional addition to the Barracuda vises providing convenience when rotary tying.

There are 2 sizes depending on the model of your Barracuda. Please indicate which vise you have to ensure proper fit.

dyna_king_x_travel_pouch.jpg Dyna-King Travel Pouch
Convenient nylon pouches with 2 compartments lined in felt. Lightly padded for protection. Zippered closure.

dyna_king_x_profile_plate.jpg Dyna-King Profile Plate
Helpful to reduce glare and clutter. Plate set ($39) is fully adjustable and can fit any standard 3/8" shaft. Swings out of the way when not in use. Extra plates also available ($24).

dyna_king_x_swing_arm_bobbin_hanger.jpg Dyna-King Bobbin Hanger Swing Arm
Machined from stainless steel and full adjustable. Swing Arm bobbin hanger conveniently holds bobbin out of the way to allow winding of tinsels, chenille, etc. Mounts on most vises having 3/8 inch shafts.
Different sizes depends on type of base.

dyna_king_x_adjustable_vise_extension.jpg Dyna-King Adjustable Vise Extension
Holds the top part of the vise away from the tying table or bench, with the adjustable feature that allows up to 8" away from the desk. It may be inserted into the column of the clamp base. This extention also provides for height adjustment. Stainless steel constuction.

dyna_king_x_L_vise_extension.jpg Dyna-King L-Shaped Vise Extension
Holds the top part of the vise away from the tying table or bench at a set 4"away. It may be inserted into the column of the clamp base. The "L" extention also provides for height or lower adjustment changes. Stainless steel constuction.

dyna_king_x_gallows_tool_sm.jpg Dyna-King Gallows Tool
A perfect third hand for tying "parachute" flies. Constructed of stainless steel and black delrin. Fully adjustable, and complete with mounting bracket.

dyna_king_x_material_clip.jpg Dyna-King Material Clip
The Add-On Material Clip gives you a greater height and can be easily adjusted. Locks in position anywhere on the vise body.

dyna_king_x_trim_bag.jpg Dyna-King Trim Bag
Centers directly below the hook to catch all waste. Made from soil resistant nylon, and easily removable for convenient emptying.

dyna_king_x_tool_carousel.jpg Dyna-King Tool Carousel
A multi-tool holder with a built in, adjustable bobbin rest. It also has 360 rotation which can lock into position and has a adjustable height. Available in pedestal model only.

dyna_king_x_cement_reservoir.jpg Dyna-King Cement Reservoir
The Dyna-King Cement Reservoir is designed to give you a lifetime of service while preventing unnecessary evaporation and all but eliminating nasty spills. It also has an air tight seal. Precision craftsmanship!

Dyna-King Shaft / Stem
Two sizes available. 7" for pedestal bases or 9" for C-Clamps.

dyna_king_centering_gauge.jpg Dyna-King Centering Gauge
Designed for rotary vises to help center the hook for smooth rotary tying.