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Bear's Den Founder

Walk into the Bear's Den and you are greeted with a smile and one of the largest selection of Fly Fishing Rods, Reels, Lines, Flies, Tying Materials and Gear New England has to offer!
From It's humble beginnings in a small basement to the spacious retail store and indoor casting area, the Bear's Den has been family owned and operated since 1989.

It all started out with a passion.

Robert "Doc" Wessels is an avid outdoorsman and travel enthusiast. His passion for Fly fishing and marksmanship on the gun range inspired him to open the Bears Den over 30 years ago. Originally founded in the basement of his veterinary practice located in Taunton MA, Wessels had an impressive selection of firearms and fly fishing gear any one man could fit into a small basement.

Before we opened, it was hard for Massachusetts residents to locally find quality Fly fishing gear at fair prices. It was even harder to find a business with knowledgable staff. The best you could do was go to a giant chain store and hope the person in the fishing and hunting department happened to cast flies! Thus the Bears Den was born!

After retiring,Doc passed down the business to his son Scott, who had been working in the shop since it began.
Scotts passion for Fly fishing started at a very young age. Since his early years he has traveled fishing for exotic species and having amazing experiences around the world. Although we no longer carry firearms, the Bears Den has been one of the best resource for Fly Fishing in the New England Area since 1989. Not only for our impressive selection of gear and materials but also for our friendly and extremely knowledgable staff. All of the folks here at the Den have been, or are avid Fly Fishers. We pride ourselves on our extensive product knowledge, selection, variety and above all, great customer service. Come down today and see for yourself!!

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our experiences and expertise.