Aquatic invasive species (AIS) threaten the resources we all rely on. Simms has been the leader in angler education and awareness about the spread of AIS. It is no much more widely recognized that anglers can take simple actions to inspect, clean, and dry their gear after each fishing outing to help protect our fisheries.

At Simms, we speak with anglers from around the world every day. We understand that anglers want choices in their gear as much as they do in the types of waters they fish. That is why we are re-introducing felt soles into the 2012 wading boot line. This does not change the science – reports clearly demonstrate that certain materials hold debris more than others and we know that rubber soles clean easier and dry faster than any other sole materials. We are asking anglers to take the knowledge of AIS and make the smart choice to follow clean angling practices, limit felt sole boots to single watersheds and help us keep these vital resources healthy.

Felt Soles: Research has shown that felt soles hold significantly more dirt and debris than rubber soles. And most fisherman will tell you they hold on to you better too. So if you choose Felt Soles, Simms asks that you practice clean angling techniques. And take the Clean Angling Pledge (

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