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Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics

Our Skagit system represents the culmination of decades of study and dedication to the Skagit technique by Ed Ward and Jerry French. An extremely slick, memory-free running line is crucial in optimum distance and efficiency in Skagit casting. Paired with the right Skagit head, out Lazar Line running line will absolutely knock your socks off.

OPST_commando_smooth_SM OPST Commando Smooth (Integrated) Line
Commando Head and a thin, slick coated running line integrated into one with a smooth, gradual taper.

opst_lazar_line OPST Pure Skagit Lazar Line
OPST Pure Skagit Lazar Line epitomizes everything people love about monofilament running lines: slickness, easy shooting, and thinness. Even better, it lacks memory, the main drawback common in mono.

opst_skagit_comando_head_SM OPST Pure Skagit Commando Heads
Designed to expand the capabilities of shorter spey rods, switch rods and single hand rods beyond that of normal.

opst_micro_skagit_floating_tip_sm OPST Micro Skagit Commando Floating Tips !
Lazer-sharp loops and delicate presentations are now possible with a Commando Head, with our new floating Commando Tips in 5, 7.5 and 10 foot lengths.

opst_micro_tip_5 OPST Micro Tip - 5 feet !
On the short end of the spectrum, the tip our trout fishing friends have been waiting for. 5 feet, 40 grains, and three different sink rates: S2, S4 and S6.
Best on 6-9' rods, but will work up to 10'.
From 2wt to 6wt

opst_micro_tip_75 OPST Micro Tip - 7.5 feet !
Following up to the 5' Micros, these really optimize the 9' rods, plus or minus a foot or 2 (so 7' to 11').
From 3wt to 7wt

opst_comando_tip_SM OPST Commando Tips - 10 feet
Best on 10' to 12' rods
3 different weights, identical to industry standard sink tips.
80gr for 2wt to 6wt Spey rods, optimized for Switch, but for single hand too!
110gr for 6wt to 8wt switch
140gr for 7wt switch up to 9-10wt spey

opst_comando_tip_SM OPST Commando Tips - 12 feet
The 12' rounds out the sink tip selection.
Best on 10-14' rods.
These are dual density - the back sinks 1ips slower than the front.
96gr for 4wt-6wt spey
132gr for 6wt spey to 8wt switch
168gr for 7wt to 9wt spey

OPST_shank_chuck_tool_SM OPST Shank Chuck Tool
The shank will hold shanks down to our Micro Shanks, which are 0.90mm in diameter. Tube adaptor inner diameter: 2mm.