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Beulah Platinum Switch Rods

The last five years has brought us through the next evolution of graphite technology that can now be experienced with any of our Platinum series fly rods. The Platinum series was, until recently, only a concept developed to build lighter, more enjoyable Spey rods. What we found was that the construction lent itself to higher performance rods all around. You can now enjoy the Platinum technology in single hand, switch and Spey rods.

Platinum series construction is based on a carbon scrim process which puts our Single hand, Switch and Spey rods amongst the lightest in the industry. Beulahfs Platinum series does not start and end with just a carbon scrim process, we also employ a controlled 28% (lower than past generations) resin count, and extremely high blank rolling pressure to achieve unparalleled consistency and feel from blank to blank. Fine tuning and timing our Platinum rods is essential and achieved through modulus blending and boron stringers to define overall flex characteristics, recovery and tracking ability. Long story short, we are eager to push the envelope of technology, and proud to unveil the next step in the evolution of Beulah Fly Rods!

The Beulah Platinum Switch rods are incredibly versatile. This series is light enough to perform highly when cat overhead but powerful enough to spey cast all day long. Each Platinum Switch Rod was designed individually to excel in the specific applications it will be used for. These rodfs lengths and actions change dramatically from the faster action 10Œ 5 weight to the medium regressive flex of the 11f8 weight. The Beulah Platinum Switch rods are constructed using a blend of high modulus graphite that keeps the weight of the blank down and allows us to tailor the action of each rod. The Beulah Platinum Switch rods are classically appointed with four color thread wraps, custom-anodized reel seats, and hand selected Portuguese cork burls. From single hand fishing on trout streams, to casting tips and intruders on your favorite steelhead river, the Beulah Platinum Switch Series is truly one of a kind!


Sock & Tube included
Slate Gray Blank

Beulah Platinum Switch Rod - 10'0" 5wt
Fast Action; Progressive Flex
4.7 oz
The Beulah Platinum Switch rod 5 wt will impress even the most discerning trout fly fisherman. Designed to excel with traditional overhead or nymphing techniques and with excellent Spey casting ability.

Beulah Platinum Switch Rod - 10'4" 6wt
Medium-Fast Action; Progressive Flex
5.2 oz
Our new Platinum 10'4" 6 weight Switch rod will set the bar for Switch fly rod versatility. Perfect for swinging streamers with a sink tip or casting hoppers to the bank against a hot summer breeze with a dry line.

Beulah Platinum Switch Rod - 10'8" 7wt
Medium Action; Slightly Regressed Flex
5.4 oz
Our quintessential summer steelhead Switch Fly rod. This fly rods deceptive lightness will have you thinking you are fishing a 9' 5 wt until you load it up and fire a 80' laser cast across the river with ease.

Beulah Platinum Switch Rod - 11'0" 8wt
Medium Action; Regressive Flex
5.6 oz
The 11' 8 wt Platinum switch can easily be considered a short Spey rod that is light enough to single hand cast, or nymph all day long. This rod is just about as fun as it gets with a two hand rod, possessing the power of most Spey rods and lightness and feel in hand of a single hand rod.