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Mystic M-Series Spey Rods

Spey casting and spey fishing requires a dedication to spending countless hours on the water, often times to come up empty handed or with just a few takes. They say the tug is the drug. When that tug comes, you need a rod that can handle the task. The M-series Spey is that rod. By utilizing a uniquely designed blank similar to the ever popular M-series Switch Rods, the M-Spey blank is constructed with a high modulus carbon fiber materiel that will allow you enough lifting power to conquer those tough to reach places yet provide enough cushion to absorb the shock of a charging trout or salmon. The upper and lower grip are constructed of premium grade Portuguese cork in natural rings. The reel seat is titanium TiCH colored and features an extended barrel and down locking rings to allow your prized vintage reel the necessary space to secure tightly. Mystic’s heritage of delivering value and performance continues with the M-Spey rods.

Single spey? Double spey? Skagit? Or, a dynamic Snap T? Whatever your casting preference the Mystic M-Spey is the spey rod of choice. Spey rod fishing began with salmon fly rods in Scotland but it’s a great technique for battling trout and steelhead too. Cast after cast, hour after hour, and then comes the tug. Do you have the rod to handle it? This is when you can rely on the performance of Mystic spey casting rods in the M-Spey series. Although spey casting can be done with a single handed rod, control of the dynamic roll cast when you are changing direction to loop the fly line across the water is better accomplished with double handed spey rods. The Mystic team designed rods to meet the challenges of river spey fishing. The latest technology, premium materials, superb craftsmanship and thorough field testing proved the worth of the M-Spey series of rods.

  • Perfectly balanced blank constructed from a high modulus carbon fiber
  • Upper and lower grip constructed of premium grade Portuguese cork in natural rings
  • 7-weight line on 12’3” rod or 8-weight line on 13’3” rod
  • Medium to fast action
  • Titanium reel seat with an extended barrel and down locking rings
  • Titanium stripping guides
  • Lightweight stainless steel snake guides
  • Alignment dots
  • Benefits
  • Exceptional, reliable lifting power to reach those difficult spots
  • Sufficient cushion to absorb the shock of a large charging trout or salmon
  • Covers a great expanse of water, at any depth, both upstream and downstream
  • Makes for easy fishing in places with overhangs or brushy banks
  • Smooth line flow through stripping and snake guides
  • Length of rod is more effective for mending the line and controlling the fly on the swing in currents
  • Safer for the angler in a strong wind as the fly can be positioned in front and on the downwind side
  • Able to use vintage reels in the unique down locking reel seat with extended body
  • Able to accommodate personal preference for line weight and size of flies on the one rod
  • Mystic M-Series Spey Rod 12'3 7wt
    Line Weight: 7
    Length: 12'3"
    Sections: 4
    Action: Medium Fast

    Mystic M-Series Spey Rod 13'3 8wt
    Line Weight: 8
    Length: 13'3"
    Sections: 4
    Action: Medium Fast