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Royal Wulff Fly Lines

Tapering of the fly line is the key to gentle presentation. It's the reason we don't use level lines for trout fishing. The front end of the Triangle Taper can be customized by the individual by cutting off some of the taper. If you never fish with 6X tippet and size 20-24 flies, but instead use weighted nymphs or streamers, you might cut off 12" or so of the fly line and still have delicacy of presentation. The heavier line weights have larger diameter line at the beginning of the taper but, here again, if you are a bass fisherman or saltwater angler and find that cutting back the taper improves the turnover of you flies, you can do it with this line and always have a taper. Always go slowly on this process, cutting off a foot to begin with, then trying the leader and fly combination to see the effect. If it is still not perfect, cut only inches at a time from then on.

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