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Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Ambush Lines

The Ambush Neutralizer is the latest fly line to join the much-celebrated family of Ambush fly lines. With a floating, clear, intermediate tip, shooting heads, and now, the suspending Ambush Neutralizer, there’s an Ambush line for any application.

royal_wulff_ambush.jpg Royal Wulff Ambush Line
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The wildly popular Ambush line features a short head and a thinner running line for incredible shooting distance. Great for single-handed casting as well as Spey, Skagit, Scangi, and switch styles.
Color: Lime Green / Blue
Length: 90'
Taper Length: 20-29'
Running Line: 70-61'
Welded Loop; Tri-D

royal_wulff_ambush_short_SM Royal Wulff Ambush Short Fly Line
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Ambush Shorts are available in full length floaters in 175-325 grains in 25 grain increments. The shorts compliment the standard Ambush by adding shorter heads for tighter fishing conditions. Thinner running lines allow for less drag in the guides and better shooting ability. They also allow smaller D loops for double and single spey.
Core Strength All 28lb.

royal_wulff_ambush_clear_head.jpg Royal Wulff Ambush Clear Head Line
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The Ambush Clear Head adds a new dimension to Ambush lines – stealth. Now a fly fisherman can enjoy all the roll casting, Spey, Skagit, switch and Scandi style casting advantages of the ambush floating fly line with the added benefit of a clear, 20' intermediate sinking head.
Intermediate sink rate 1.25 to 1.75 ips. The Ambush just got sneakier!
Lime Green / Clear Head
Length: 90'
Taper Length: 20'
Running Line: 70'

royal_wulff_ambush_neutralizer.jpg Royal Wulff Ambush Neutralizer Line
$94.95 Be the first one to write a review
Ambush Neutralizer Floating/intermediate line Neutralize defensive trout and salmon with this easy-casting, super-sneaky suspending line. Head is a slow-sinking intermediate that presents emergers, wets, soft-hackles and nymphs just below the film.
Color: Lime Green / Blue Green
Length: 90'
Welded Loop; Tri-D