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Accessories - Floatants & Weights

flyagra_floatant Flyagra Floatant
Hottest new fly floatant available! Dip and let dry. Keeps flies up all day! 2 oz

rumpf_gherke_gink_sm Gehrke's Gink
The world's most popular fly line dressing Gink keeps it up. Guaranteed to satisfy. Will not absorb water. Floats flies, leaders, tippets, and fly lines.
Sold as 1 Bottle

froggs_fanny_floatant Frogg's Fanny
Powdered floatant best for delicate dry flies. Won’t mat hackle or hair. Keeps small drys floating longer. Also traps air bubbles on nymphs for realistic appearance.
1.5 oz.

loon_f_top_ride_sm Loon Top Ride™
World-class guides call it “Shake and Bake”. Desicant & powder floatant - Simply place soaked flies with leaders attached into the container and shake. Out comes your dried fly coated in a floatant powder, all in one easy step.
2 oz

loon_f_loon_dust_sm Loon - Loon Dust™
Powder floatant w/sparkle attractor acts as a floatant, gives nymphs a realistic air bubble effect, and can be worked into your line to allow for easier pick-up and accelerated casting speed and distance.
1 oz.

loon_f_lochsa_sm Loon Lochsa™
Premium all-around gel floatant that even works on CDC. It won't mat dry flies made with CDC and is perfect for treating any type of feathers, hair, hackle, or yarn.
1/2 oz.

loon_f_aquel_sm Loon Aquel™
Say ahh kwel premium gel, the French formula! Loon's biggest seller. Premium gel floatant for long lasting dry-fly floats.
1/2 oz

loon_f_royal_gel_sm Loon Royal Gel™
A gel floatant that adds a little shimmer to flies. It is silicone based and won't leave any slick on the surface, while adding an iridescent reflection that mimics clear wings.
1/2 oz.

loon_f_payette_paste_sm Loon Payette Paste Fly & Fly Line Floatant™
An outstanding floatant in paste form. Gives hackles and leaders a silky-smooth, water-resistant coating. Softens when warm, but won't run or leak.
1/4 oz.

loon_f_flyspritz2_sm Loon Fly Spritz II™
Loon's earth friendly alternative to our original Fly Spritz™. This is the WORLD'S ONLY water-based spray floatant! Finally, a spray floatant which is safe for the environment. Try one today!
1 oz.

loon_f_hydrostop_sm1 Loon Hydrostop
Hydrostop permanently treats new flies with a floatant. Coming in a conveniently large container hundreds of flies can be treated, dozens at a time.
2 fluid oz

loon_f_easy_dry_sm Loon Easy Dry™
Intended for drying flies saturated from use. Just place flies with leaders still attached into the container and shake. Water will be sucked from the fly and leave it ready for floatant.
2 oz.

tiemco_dry_magic_sm Tiemco Dry Magic
A unique silicone floatant that works wonders on all dry flies, including CDC.

hcla_watershed_smm Watershed
Permanent waterproof coating on flies, materials, dubbing, yarns, nylon leaders, braided loops and fly lines. Dries in 24 hours.

rio_agentx_dressing_sm RIO AgentX Fly Line Dressing
Formulated to enhance the performance of all modern fly lines. Treated lines will cast farther, remain clean longer and float higher than untreated lines.
One oz bottle. OR bottle + Wondercloth
Contains floating additive

ai_floatant_holder_sm Lightning Strike Floatant Holder
Holds most major brands of fly floatant - Gink, Xink, Loon Aquel, Henry's Sinket...

dr_slick_floatant_holder_sm Dr. Slick Floatant Holder
Rubber caps designed to hold your floatant or sunscreen. Two per pack with “D” rings. A must have for your vest, bag or necklace.

loon_caddy_small_sm Loon Small Caddy
New and improved with the “Secure-Top” design, the Small Caddy guarantees you will never lose a bottle of floatant. Your floatant will be hanging upside down, always ready to use.
Holds: 1/2 oz. bottle of Aquel, Royal Gel, or Henry’s Sinket.

loon_caddy_bottomsup_sm Loon Bottoms Up Caddy
Rubber suction cup with snap fastener and chain.
Holds: 1/2 oz. bottle of Aquel, Royal Gel, or Henry’s Sinket

loon_caddy_large_sm Loon Large Caddy
A combination of the Small Caddy and the Medium Caddy to carry 2 necessities.
Holds: both Aquel and Top Ride. Or Royal Gel and Blue Ribbon. Or Aquel and Easy Dry. You get the idea.
With new and improved “Secure-Top” design.

loon_caddy_medium_sm Loon Medium Caddy
Elastic loop on nylon web backing with attachment clip.
Holds: Loon’s Top Ride, Blue Ribbon, or Easy Dry.

loon_caddy_aluminum_sm Loon - Aluminum Caddy
Holds with secure easy-clip or ball-chain fasteners. Light enough to attach to a zinger.
Holds: 1/2 oz. bottle of Aquel, Royal Gel, or Henry’s Sinket

hardy_acces_leather_gink_holder_sm Hardy Leather Gink Holder
Beautiful Argentinian leather.
Stylish way to hold your floatant/sinket ready to dispense.

hardy_acces_leather_powder_holder_sm Hardy Leather Powder Holder
Beautiful Argentinian leather.
For the slightly wider bottles that you store cap-up.

rumpf_gherke_xink_sm Gehrke's Xink
World's only patented fly sink. Phenomenal - Xink puts it down.
Sold as 1 Bottle

loon_w_henrys_sinket Loon Henry's Sinket Wetting Agent™
Flies treated with Henry’s Sinket quickly break surface tension and rapidly sink where they roll along the bottom as naturally dislodged nymphs would.
1/2 oz.

loon_w_snake_river_mud Loon Snake River Mud™
A multi-purpose sink paste for leaders and flies. On pristine spring creeks, apply to your leader and the wary fish won’t get spooked. When applied to your fly, it helps to sink it faster when going deep. This biodegradable paste won’t harm the environment, or discolor your leader.
1/4 oz.

loon_w_brass_head_sm Loon Brass Head Soft Weight™
Just like Deep Soft Weight, this sinket is a Tungsten-based alternative to toxic lead-based products. Make your own bead head nymphs right on-stream.
20 grams

hare_ttw_tungsten_tacky_weight Tungsten Tacky Weight
You can roll thisi product for your desired shape. Soft and Malleable in cold or warm weather. Heavier than Lead.

orvis_heavy_metal_extra_sink_putty_sm Orvis Heavy Metal Extra Sink Putty
Add extra weight to your fishing line with our heavy sink putty.

froghair_quick_shot Frog Hair Quick-Shot Split Shot Dispenser
Allows for quick and easy access when fishing split shot weights.

ai_split_shot_lead_sm Anchor Double Cut Round Lead Split Shot
Anchor soft lead round split-shot. Double cut for ease of use!
compartment styles or 1 shot pot

ai_superdoux_shot_sm Lead Super Doux Nymph Split Shot Selection
This handy six compartment dispenser is packed full of lead split shot in assorted.

ai_non_toxic_shot Anchor Non-Toxic Football Shot Selection
Features ANCHOR’s patented double cut process which overcomes reduced malleability of non-toxic metals. So basically it is easier to remove and even reuse.
4 or 6 compartment