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Echo Rods

The take. The moment of truth. Where all things unconsciously melt away from our minds like a cube of ice in a pot of boiling water. Work, bills, the opposite sex, and all of life's other road bumps are smoothed out and completely forgotten the instant a fish takes our fly. We stand there on the water with wide eyes, caught in a battle stance with an idea of confidence and hope like a Samurai armed with a graphite sword. Stand tall practiced warrior, Tim Rajeff made Echo Rods just for you.

Tim isn't just your average rod designer. He happens to be one of the best fly casters to ever roam this planet (don't tell him we said that), he's a dedicated fly angler, and he understands every technical aspect of rod design. Tim designed Echo Rods to be the best fly rods you can buy. They're not just good starter sticks--they're designed for hardcore anglers from all walks of life, at a price everyone can afford. We hear it every day. "I would have paid twice as much for this rod."

Our response is always the same. "Well, buy another." We sell a lot of rods that way.

SINGLE HAND RODS: Whether powering casts on windy saltwater flats, turning over bass and pike flies in tight target zones, or making that perfect presentation to mister selective, one of the following Echo Single handed rods will fill the bill.
ECHO3: Lightweight, smooth, and beautiful best describe the ECHO3 series of rods. With eleven freshwater and seven saltwater single hand rods available there is a model for any angling situation.
ECHO3 FreshWater

ECHO3 SaltWater
EPR: Some things are just faster than others: Usain Bolt. ECHO E.P.R.. Designed by Pat Ehlers, this new stick has a super fast tip to load easily at short distances and the most powerful bottom half of any ECHO rod we have ever made to insure you will never run out of gas when casting into the wind. Going after fish that weigh more than you do? The E.P.R. is ready to tip the scales.

TRIP: The ECHO TRIP is our answer to folks looking for an ultra-compact rod for backpacking, travel, or the backseat. With a smooth blend of action and power these rods will handle all fishing conditions. The TRIP’s 8-piece construction fits nicely into a backpack or briefcase for those “important meetings” you can miss.

BOOST: Achieve maximum line speed with minimal effort. The culmination of Tim's relentless tweaking, the ECHO BOOST is built for anglers searching for the ultimate balance of power and precision. With a sexy slim profile, stealthy matte finish, and all-metal reel seat, we can't decide which is faster... the cosmetics or the action. Choose from 13 different FreshWater and Saltwater models.
BOOST FreshWater

BOOST SaltWater
CARBON XL:All but a few of these rods have smooth Medium Fast actions and possess power that would be considered close to "average or normal" for each line rating. So you get no surprises when choosing an ECHO CARBON rod. Available in various lengths from 2 to 6 weight.

ION XL: Saltwater-grade rods in this price category are usually better utilized as a coat hanger than a fishing tool. The Ion XL series does not fit that mold. Featuring a remarkably low swing-weight and a more forgiving action, the Ion XL is equally at home stripping flesh flies as it is dropping a merkin to a tailing permit. All models feature salt corrosion-resistant componentry.
GLASS:We finally did it, made it super easy on the pocket book to experience the true benefit of Fiberglass and the incredible casting feel you get from it. Once you fish one you won't go back, period. Four models from a true 2 weight up to a 5 weight.
SHADOW II:Designed by Tim and Team USA's Pete Erickson, these powerful, moderate- to faster-action "long-light" European-style nymphing rods deliver critical feel and line control with an added bonus: They'll actually cast a dry fly when your feeling dirty. Two models for any situation.
BASE: Progressive actions allow anglers of all skill levels to fish effectively in varying conditions. Durable, no-nonsense construction ensures years of fishing pleasure without having to touch your inheritance.
DRY: When flawless fly presentation is the name of the game, the new ECHO DRY is your rod. True to size, the DRY balances perfectly with a standard-weight line and loads easily at ‘real’ fishing distances. Finicky trout will never see you coming.
GECKO: The first serious fly rod designed with kids in mind. Cool looking on the outside and pure fish catching mojo on the inside. This is the rod all of wish we started with.
BAD ASS GLASS QUICKSHOT : The ECHO Bad Ass Glass is a glimpse into the future of fiberglass rod design: faster, lighter, and more powerful than ‘glass has ever been. NEW FOR 2018 the 8’0” QuickShot model helps casters come through their stroke quicker and allows lighting-fast shots to moving fish. Available in #6 through #10, there is a Bad Ass Glass QuickShot to fit your big fish situation. “Slow” and “Glass” are no longer one-in-the-same.

DOUBLE HAND RODS: Two-handed and Switch rods have become the "go to" weapon of Steelhead & Salmon anglers for many years, but fisherman of all species are seeing the advantages in casting and line control that these effective tools give you. Add in the choice of lines designed for the "Long Rod" and there is hardly a fishing situation that they don't make easier. We have covered the bases with this extensive array of series and models.

BOOST BEACH: The Boost Beach was designed for overhead casting to surf-dwelling species on both coasts. Halibut, perch, stripers and SRCs beware: the Boost Beach allows anglers to hit bigger casts with less effort than ever before. Designed to load at 230 grain lines (6wt), 265 grain lines (7wt), and 300 grains lines (8wt).

OHS: The ultimate in versatility. The missing link between one hand rods and spey rods. Combined with a short Skagit head, these rods allow you to add a double haul to your spey cast. High modulus graphite makes the rod more efficient while casting and is light in the hand. The rod comes with a traditional fighting butt and a 2 ½” spey rear grip in case you want to give your casting hand a rest. Longer lengths provide additional leverage when fish are hiding in the next zip code.

ECHO3 2 HAND: Hanging out with a focused group of spey casting and steelhead bums puts you in a great environment for the evolutionary development of spey rods. Thus, these ECHO3 Two-handers were designed to fit the largest range of casting styles and be equally comfortable using Skagit style shooting heads or long belly floating lines.

ECHO3 SWITCH: True "Switch" rods, with our smooth actions and light high modulus blanks these can comfortably be fished either single or two-handed. Available in three line sizes, 6 to 8 weight, and all in eleven foot length. There is no water, big or small these rods cannot handle.

KING: King Salmon, arguably the strongest, hardest fighting anadromous salmonid on the planet. A rod was needed to match not only the tenacity of these fish, but the anglers that pursue them. Big flies, big water, heavy lines are no problem, but the real advantage of these rods is their smooth, easy casting ability. Jetty bound Striper anglers have also gravitated to this rod. You will not be disappointed.

TIM RAJEFF: Tim’s faster action “rebuttal” to Dec’s smoother casting DH rod. Built with a slightly beefier butt section for those abrupt, botom-hand power aplications. Touch and go to Skagit casting, floating lines to big sink tips. It’s dialed.

GLASS SPEY: Tim's no stranger to the two hand glass game. It's what he used in distance casting competitions when bell bottom jeans and mood rings were "the thing". With action affectionately coined "glass-fast", these rods produce smooth casts and modest line speed... perfect for launching heavy sink tips or beefy nymph rigs.

GLASS SWITCH: Classic retro vibe, with that magic action you've been looking for. At $279.99 (MSRP), picking up a new ECHO GLASS Switch will leave enough cash in the bank to fill up your tank.

SR: Fast actions and versatile sizes make the SR series the best stick for two-handed bug slingers that prefer a shorter rod. The #3-5 models are ideal for trout (and smallmouth!) everywhere, while the #6-8 handle larger anadromous fish with authority. Slick cosmetics and bombproof componentry help solidify the SR as the fishiest switch rod on the water.

CLASSIC: The best value in a two-handed fishing tool available. The classic ECHO green color, responsive yet forgiving faster-action feel while casting, solid performance for all casting levels, and of course the ECHO warranty. We strongly feel when you take a close look at this rod, you will be as convinced as we are on the value. Great as a first rod to get started in the two-hand game, or a solid back up that very well may become your full-time stick.

OTHER RODS: The following special purpose rods open up the world of fly casting for several different demographics of anglers. From our super fun Micro Practice Rod (MPR) and it's spey adapter, to the new Pin rod, we are always looking to make participation in this great sport easier and fun.

MPR: What could be more fun than sitting on your living room couch and practicing fly casting and presentation? Anywhere becomes your own personal casting pond!
MPR SPEY: Spey casting practice indoors, are you kidding me! Yep, its now possible. Add the MPR Spey Adaptor to your MPR and your "Snap-T, Snake Roll, and Double Spey" take on a whole new dynamic.


PIN: Centerpin fishing in the Pacific Northwest has become popular with many anglers. The ECHO Pin rod was designed to help these anglers make the longest "in-the-zone" drifts possible while maintaining control of their offering. There is no better "Centerpin" rod available at this price.

From RIO:
The "A" rating is for more experienced casters, or for casters that like to cast off the tip of the rod. It is also a good choice for longer rods and wider rivers where the caster can carry the whole head length of the line outside the rod (55 feet in the case of most WindCutters). The "B" rating is for less experienced casters, and for casters that like to feel a deeper load in the rod. It is also a good choice for coping with tough winds, or using larger flies.