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Flies - Tied Locally by Hidden Hook Flies

Hidden Hook is your source for premium flies. Each fly that leaves our shop is spun with top of line materials and components. At Hidden Hook were proud of each fly which has been rigorously tested.

Each fly is hand tied by Rudy Babikian. Rudy was given his first tying vice when he was five years old by his dad, an avid fly fisherman. Rudy’s dad, George Babikian taught him how to tie simple patterns and through the passion of fishing and tying has become an accomplished tyer.

hidden_hook_clacking_clouser_blurple.jpg Hidden Hook Flies Clacking Minnow - Black
A new spin to an old favorite.

hidden_hook_clacking_clouser_Olive.jpg Hidden Hook Flies Clacking Minnow - Olive
A new spin to an old favorite.

hidden_hook_protein_shake_parrot.jpg Hidden Hook Flies Protein Shake - Parrot
Because of the bulky head and a tapered tail consisting three joints, this fly swims like a real baitfish.