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3-TAND V-Series Reels

The new Vikn (pronounced vixen) Reel takes another step forward in fly Reels. The 3 Tand "V" Series is a brand new model that boasts a v-shaped arbor and narrow spool for faster line retrieval. All 3 Tand reels are designed and machined with the angler in mind. That said, these new reels and spools will match the needs of the freshwater and salt water angler.

3tand_Vseries_1 3-TAND V-50 Reel
Line Weights: 5-6
Color: Titanium Gray
Weighs: 4.9oz
Arbor: Ultra Large

3tand_Vseries_1 3-TAND V-80 Reel
Line Weights: 8-10
Color: Titanium Gray
Weighs: 7.7oz
Arbor: Ultra Large
Capacity: 300yds 30#